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BusinessComputers and Technology

Technical Translation Professional specialist translation

The rapid development of modern technologies, the integration of German business into the world economy, the appearance of foreign goods on the domestic market and the promotion of Germans abroad – all this contributes to the high demand for translation services for technical texts.

The demand for technical translation is constantly growing. Therefore, the number of companies providing such services is also increasing. However, very few of them can offer their clients a really high-quality translation of technical texts. The reason is the complexity of this work. Our services

PROFI Translation Professional specialist translation  performs translations of technical texts and documentation at a high professional level. 

You can order translation of texts of any complexity and focus. Our specialists translate from German,English, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, as well as other European and Eastern languages, and perform technical translation from German into foreign languages.

The main topics with which we work:

Aviation, space, military, automotive, oil and gas, chemical, light, food, agricultural, electrical, woodworking and mining industries;

machine building, machine tool building, shipbuilding, heat supply, instrument making, metallurgy, construction, design, energy, road transport and railway industries;

computer technology, information technology, nanotechnology, telecommunications;

electrical engineering, electronics, household and climatic equipment;

This list is incomplete, if you are interested in technical translation of text on other topics, please contact us, we will definitely help you. Our service of Übersetzung Profi Fachübersetzung provide you high level service. 

Types of technical translations performed by PROFI Translation:

Written translations

Various types of texts can be classified as technical. We carry out

  • Translation of technical and scientific-technical specialized articles and documentation;
  • Translation of project documentation;oil and gas translation;
  • Translations of technical literature;
  • Translation of technical documents;
  • Translations of research papers;
  • Translation of instructions, technical descriptions, manuals for setting up, installation and operation of equipment, household, computer, electronic and other equipment, user manuals;
  • Translation of scientific papers, dissertations, abstracts, teaching aids, reference books;
  • Translations of specifications and technical descriptions;
  • Translation of diagrams, drawings, texts of AutoCad drawings;
  • Translations of patent documents;
  • Translation of standards – Russian and international, regulatory and technical documents;
  • Translations of safety and hygiene regulations;
  • Translation of software adaptation;
  • Translations of agreements and contracts;
  • Translation of other technical texts.

Oral translations

To participate in international exhibitions, symposia, conferences, business negotiations with foreign partners, you will need the services of a technical interpreter, consecutive or simultaneous. Our company employs some of the best interpreters in Germany. We will select for you a specialist who is fluent in the topic and terminology of the upcoming event, with extensive experience in oral technical translations in the industry you are interested in.

Features of technical translation

Technical translations is considered one of the most difficult. When performing it, maximum accuracy is required. Texts of technical content usually have a complex structure of sentences, they contain many special terms, abbreviations, abbreviations, the misuse of which can completely distort the meaning of the original.

The style of presentation of the translation is of great importance. Free interpretations and creative interpretations in technical translation are unacceptable. The text of the translation should be unambiguous, stated clearly and logically, strictly adhered to in a scientific and business style. The design of translated texts and documents must comply with established standards.

When translating technical texts, a specialist requires not only excellent command of a foreign language, but also deep knowledge in a specific technical area, the ability to clearly express one’s thoughts, the presence of a solid terminological base in the vocabulary, and the ability to use it correctly and accurately. The translator should always be up to date with the latest technical news, well versed in modern technologies.

The requirements for technical translators are very high and the responsibility they bear is great. There are very few specialists of a really high professional level. This determines the great demand for such services, as well as their high cost.

Technical translations at PROFI Translation

Translation of technical texts is the main specialization of our company. We carry out a careful selection of our employees, the company employs translators of the highest level with linguistic and technical education, who have deep knowledge of their specialization and great practical experience.

A well-coordinated team of professional specialists will work on your order. The completed translations are checked by proofreaders and profile editors. In difficult cases, we consult with experts, narrow technical specialists.

Technical translators of PROFI Translation are constantly improving their professional level, attending training, seminars, and continuing education courses. The company creates for its employees all conditions for effective work: glossaries on various topics have been developed and are constantly updated, specialists are provided with reference books, software, methodological recommendations.

The cost of the work of technical translators of our company is high and corresponds to their professional level. A lot depends on the quality of technical translations – both in the scientific and technicals sphere and in business, therefore the cost of technicals translation at PROFI Translation is an absolutely justified and profitable investment.

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