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What are the reasons to update the latest iOS version on the iPhone App?

Updating the iOS operating system on your iPhone consumes both your time and storage space. As a result, the user interface on your iPhone may also get changed by updates. It’s far more convenient to tap Later and disregard the notification. However, Apple is taking a more passive approach than it has in the past when new OS updates were forced on customers. It is not an unreasonable question, how much we all rely on our iPhones. Initial releases, such as iOS 13, have proven bumpy. There’s no reason to be concerned this year, and there are plenty of opportunities. We have noticed that agencies hire iOS developer to make their applications reliable for the latest iOS update.

To be fair enough, there are a few minor glitches to iron out, such as the customers not being able to enable the option to unlock the iPhone using the Apple ID. But how important is it to update your iPhone’s iOS? It turns out that it’s crucial. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should update your iPhone to the most recent iOS version.

Key Reasons to Update the iPhone with the latest version of iOS

We should continuously update our iPhones whenever the latest version becomes available. Apple introduces security vulnerabilities and features in new updates. And if we refrain from updating, we are making our device open to attack. Entrepreneurs have contacted iPhone app development company to fix the flaws in their applications after the new update of iOS.

Bug Fixes 

The term “bug” is used in the IT sector to describe an error that causes the software to crash or create unexpected consequences. iPhone bugs can appear out of nowhere and disrupt your daily routine. Most of the time, we noticed that the users are unable to unlock the iWatch. So, they reach a professional iOS developer to fix the bug. You might also have discovered that your cellular data isn’t working. Both issues are pushed by out-of-date software and encountered by some iPhone users.  Bug patches are frequently included in the most recent iOS release to address these prevalent user complaints. So, you must update the latest iOS, or you will need to hire iOS developer for your iPhone. 

Updates on security

Each iOS version contains security upgrades that protect your iPhone by patching numerous vulnerabilities. One of the reasons you don’t need antivirus software or apps on your iPhone is this.  You may believe that you don’t need to update because you don’t click on suspicious links. Perhaps, you use your antivirus-protected desktop computer to complete banking activities. However, it is too late because your iPhone gets hacked, and your data is stolen. It is advisable to avoid the trouble and update your iOS. When the users don’t update the iPhone, they face problems in using the applications. So, the iPhone app development company should assure the app developed is already running on the latest version.

New Functions

Over the previous decade, the major iOS updates have launched many new and exciting features. With iOS 9, Apple introduced Low Power Mode, which extends the life of your device’s remaining battery power. In iOS 12, Screen Time is a new feature that keeps track of how much time you spend on your iPhone and allows you to set app usage limitations. Widgets were introduced in iOS 14, giving you more options for customizing your iPhone’s Home Screen. Live text in iOS 15 even allows you to scan the text in a picture.

App Compatibility

Some iOS apps are only compatible with newer versions of the operating system. For example, if you want to download Reddit, a prominent social media app, or Canva, a popular graphic design application, your iPhone must be running at least iOS 13. Do you know that when you purchase a new device from Apple, it offers iOS updates for at least five years? Even if you have an older phone, you can use all the apps as long as the device is up to date. Many business owners hire iOS app developers to make their business applications compatible with the latest software.

New Emojis

When our iPhone is not up-to-date with the latest version, you will see a square emoji with a question mark. It is because your device is not up-to-date, and it is running on the older iOS. So, to enjoy the use of the new emojis during the messages, you need to keep your device regularly updated


We hope this blog helped with the best reason why there is a need to update the iPhone or other Apple devices regularly. Perhaps, a business owner hire iOS developer to develop their company apps in the latest version because they also do not want to get in any trouble.

Deniel Jackson

Daniel jackson is a prolific content creator working with The Brihaspati Infotech for the past 4 years. He's an expert in all things related to web development and loves finding new technology enhancements that could transform a business. When he's not writing blogs you can find him exploring Himalayas and engaging with yoga.

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