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How to advertise on Facebook – The top 5 ads options which will be best for your business!

Are you a business owner who is looking for ways to market your products and services?

It can be difficult these days with so many options available.

The good news is that Facebook advertising offers five different types of ads that are all designed for different purposes.

In this interactive guide, we will explore the top 5 Facebook advertising options and how they work!

Facebook has an amazing tool called “Ads Manager” which allows you to become familiar with its features easily.

Facebook has helped many businesses to advertise their product to the right people.

Advertising on Facebook is very similar to advertising with Google Ads.

You can choose between different campaigns options:

Reach people near your business or target by demographics – Targeting option for post engagement and app installs.

There are many types of ads available in Facebook ads manager to grow your business.

Choosing the right ad type can be difficult but we will take you through all of them!

Learn more about the top five Facebook advertising options.

Facebook offers advertisers a variety of different types of ads to choose from so you can select what works best for your business.

Here are some examples:

1) Lead Generation

So this is an amazing option on Facebook if you are looking for leads for your business. It is a very popular option among digital marketers.

The 1 step is to create your ad, 2 is you can customize your ad where you get two options in lead generation.

First is you can create and customize your own lead form in which you will more details from the client and understand what is the exact requirement of the client.

This is the best way for lead generation.

The second one you can use is the Facebook default form in which you have a default form option provided by FB in which you get basic information of your client like contact number, name, surname, and email id.

2) Traffic

This is the best option if you want your customer to visit, inquire, and purchase from your website, app, messenger, Whatsapp.

In this procedure, you can choose your target audience and locations.

This is the best option for affiliate marketing, e-commerce website, online business owners because you have to promote products or services on FB by driving traffic from Facebook to your site where they will purchase products.

These type of ads are usually clicks based so that means if someone click then it will be counted.

3) Engagement

This option benefits our Facebook posts when we have less audience and want our posts to be seen.

We have to promote our post as an ad and it will be shown in the newsfeed.

In this option, we can choose between reach or engagement options.

In Reach Option, you have to pay for every 1000 people reached by your posts but if you go with Engagement then you need to pay when someone actually clicks.

4) Brand Awareness:

Facebook’s brand awareness adoption helps you to reach out to the whole world and put your brand in front of everyone.

This option is good for businesses, products, or services that need maximum exposure like if you are a new company then you can go with this option as it will help you to create awareness among people about your product or service.

Facebook brand awareness is helpful for big brands or businesses that need awareness among people about their product or service.

5) Video Views

Video ads are helpful for businesses that want their videos to reach out to a maximum audience.

They can create a huge fan base if they run this adoption on Facebook.

As it will help you to show your product or services in form of video to a maximum audience.

Facebook ads are better than other social media ads because people are already on Facebook and if you create a good enough ad people will see it.

You can also target your audience really well with Facebook ads.

Facebook advertising will be the best option for your business if you wish to target a specific audience.

How much time does it take for Facebook advertising takes to appear on your newsfeed?

Facebook advertisers need not wait long as their ads will be seen in the next 24 hours.

The top five ads options will be best for your business!

If you wish to target a specific audience then Facebook advertising will be the best option for your business.

Also Facebook have a inbuild option to promote your web, app at Instagram.

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