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Top 5 Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) Tips for Sellers

The ability to master the PPC strategy is essential for the success of an Amazon seller. When you are launching a brand new product, it is essential to present your product in the eyes of customers since it is not ranked at first.

The best method for doing this is by using PPC. PPC system. This means that you can reach users while looking for a specific keyword you want to target. PPC isn’t just for beginners.

Controlling and adjusting the PPC strategy is an essential and ongoing aspect in managing and adapting your Amazon business. There are new ways to increase sales. It’s about finding these.

Another reason amazon’s PPC is so crucial is the power of its system. All PPC systems work the same way (Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram etc ..).

When you create a campaign that you would like to promote is delivered, and when someone clicks, you’re paid for it.

PPC Campaigns can be difficult, however they’re a great way to determine the performance and success of an Amazon business. There are two essential elements that make a great Amazon PPC campaign

It is possible to use Amazon PPC management software to make sure that your campaigns yield the greatest ROI.

Though they all have the same idea, which of these platforms has the audience that has the desire to spend money? Amazon.

Broad > Phrase > Exact

This is a simple method that is implemented by identifying key terms and placing them into an overall campaign based on broad match types. 

Let the campaign run. It’s recommended to pick keywords that are short-tailed (one or two words) as you wish to provide the campaign with enough space to produce as many new keywords as you can.

A vast campaign will likely take place on multiple long-tailed terms that you could take in your report.

Choose a few phrases that have brought in sales and place them in a campaign using the phrase that matches the to type.

After the campaign has run for a while, select the most effective results and then set them up using a specific match to the type.

How you arrange your campaigns and the duration they run is entirely up to you. Make sure you have distinct campaigns per type of match and let them run in a continuous manner.

Keywords that are removed into negative keywords since they can take some time for certain keywords to appear.

This will speed up the process. Long-tailed keywords are less likely to receive a number of searches. This is the reason it’s important to keep broad and phrase campaigns going.

If you’re a brand first-time seller may be thinking about what is a negative keyword.

They are an element of PPC management that is frequently ignored, with novice sellers who aren’t aware of the nature of what they are and how they work.

It’s easy, add negative keywords to your campaign in order they don’t get included in them. More on these later.

Keep an Auto Campaign Running

Contrary to manual campaigns campaigns are based on a vast selection of terms that are based on the standards created using Amazon’s algorithms A9.

The auto-campaign should be initiated as soon as you sell, regardless of the other things you had planned to use for your PPC.

Auto-campaigns are similar in the way they work to a broad match type, with the exception of not being based on keywords, rather by general clusters of information created through your listings.

There are also particular differences that auto offers when compared to manual campaigns. It is the first to become more intelligent over time.

The longer an auto-campaign is running the more it adapts to the most effective keywords.

This can be very useful for an aspiring seller trying to find your feet. It’s not going to complete the task for you however, once you have enough data, you can develop effective manual campaigns.

One way to determine whether you’ve got the hang of PPC(to an extent) is to determine whether you are able to out-maneuver your auto-marketing campaign.

A campaign that is auto-generated should serve as a source for fresh keywords to be included in manual campaigns.

This is the reason why having an auto campaign continuous operation is a good idea. Be sure to add keywords that you find as negatives into the auto-campaign. Make the most of its potential to explore.

Manage Your Bids Wisely

The management of your bids is a crucial aspect of PPC management. One of the main objectives is the efficiency of your amazon budget. You’re trying to get as much profit as you can get.

It’s not as simple as it sounds finding a good ACOS(Advertising Cost of Sale) for your campaigns requires the result of a lot of trial and trial and. When you are adjusting your campaigns, it is an important factor to be efficient when it comes to your bids.

If you’re first using high volume keywords or high-bid (most probably exact match kind of) keywords, it is recommended to begin with a low-cost bid, then gradually increase until it works with your budget.

In this way, you’re reducing the chance of taking up your entire budget in a short period of time. Of course , it’s useless losing every bidding war and not spending all of your budgets.

The goal is to raise your offer to the point that your budget is used up but lasts for all day.

Another important Bidding Strategy 

Another strategy for bidding is to bid higher than all other bidders in order in order to achieve the highest result for a specific keyword.

It is important to consider this when you’re trying to get Amazon’s preferred badge, or if you think of the possibility of ranking high(or as the top result) for certain keywords important.

The most appealing aspect of this method can be that it doesn’t need to worry about paying too much for an auction. Amazon will charge you just over the amount of money that is more than the other bidders.

As an example, the bid for a keyword is $1.50 and the next most expensive price is $1.23. Amazon will be charging $1.24/click and not $1.50/click.)

Don’t Forget Negative Keywords

Negative keywords, as previously indicated, can help your efforts succeed. However, sellers do not always know how to use them.

You identify negative keywords and employ them in various ways for various purposes. When running auto campaigns or wide or term manual campaigns, this is one explanation.

Determine which keywords are not performing well after reviewing your report. Those are the keywords on which you have spent money, received a lot of impressions, but have yet to produce a sale.

Another reason to use negative keywords is to prevent yourself from bidding against oneself.

If you convert a broad match type keyword to a phrase or exact match type, be sure that the same keyword is used as a negative keyword in a campaign with the original broad match type keyword.

Because the new phrase (or precise) keyword is embedded in the original broad match type keyword, it will compete with it.

You’d be bidding against yourself and spending more money each click than you should, so be extra cautious.

Download Reports Regularly

Much of what has been addressed in this article assumes that advertising reports are extracted and studied on a regular basis. If you’re not doing this, you’re almost certainly not getting the most out of your PPC campaign.

Because advertising reports only collect data for 45 days, it’s critical to save them in order to gain historical insight about your PPC.

They can be obtained as an excel file from seller central by selecting “REPORTS” from the drop down menu and selecting “Advertising reports.”

This will take you to a screen where you can enter a range for the last 45 days. Then, create and download a report.

These reports are also an excellent resource for uncovering new strategies to boost sales. It’s where you’ll discover nice surprises like links to terms you never expected to generate a sale.

The core of your PPC strategy should be insights from reports. It’s an important component of using PPC correctly, as well as being an Amazon seller.

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