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Computers and Technology

Monitor Cable Types – All You Need To Know

The Definition of Cable

Cables are pretty a not unusualplace sight withinside the contemporary-day world. You use it to recharge your Smartphone or tablet, or laptop, use it to attach a couple of gadgets, and whole different works.

Technologically speaking, a cable is a thick twine or a collection of wires banded collectively interior an insulator overlaying like rubber or plastic. A screen cable is a special cable that serves the cause of connecting the CPU parts. If you need to installation a PC or need to attach extraordinary gadgets together along with your laptop. Here, you may discover a certain manual on screen cables and the way to use them.

Monitor Cable Types

There are extraordinary varieties of screen cables- HDMI cables, RJ45 USB Cables etc. Each of those screen cables has extraordinary functions and are similarly critical for putting in place the entire workstation.

1. VGA Cable

The acronym VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. It is a cable this is to ship video alerts from a tool to some other. The VGA cable works as a connection among the screen and your PC display screen and sends video waves. This AV cable turns into first determining and patent via way of means of IBM in 1987.

At present, VGA cables are discovering for video streaming of various resolutions- 1080p, 480p etc. This cable can acquire analogue RGB alerts and transmit the video alerts after the RGB one.

Please observe that VGA cables are most effective capable of transmit movies. They can not transmit audio alerts.


A VGA cable comes with ends, a small pin stop and some other in a 15-pin D-sub port which looks as if a square-fashioned pin with 15 houses in it.

Since each ends have extraordinary ports, it’s miles referring to as a male-lady screen cable. Its extraordinary ends are essential for transmitting alerts in most effective a manner. The D-fashion plug is outfitting withinside the display screen whilst the pointed area is outfitting in a plug factor of the screen. You will locate maximum of the VGA cables are available in blue or lower back colour.


The VGA cable facilitates to transmit video alerts in a unmarried direction. With the assist of the VGA cable, you could play movies to your PC.

2. USB Cables

Universal Serial Bus cables or USB cables at the moment are extraordinarily not unusualplace. These are for connecting gadgets of a PC, for charging gadgets and so on. Moreover, USB cables also are to attach peripheral gadgets like printers, mouses, cameras etc.

You can locate extraordinary varieties of USB cables withinside the marketplace which can be for extraordinary functions.

Types of USB Cable Connector

a. USB 2.0 Type A

USB A cables are one-manner cables and are broadly. One manner of this cable is a smaller pin, with some other one having a bigger pin. Since it’s miles a one-manner cable, it’s going to most effective pass into the port one manner. The facet with the USB image or USB phrase is you want to connect with your PC. It typically works at the host controller of the tool.

The USB A cable is discovered in lots of types. The USB 2.0 port is frequently in mouse, telecellsmartphone chargers etc.

On the opposite hand, the USB 3.0 Type-A comes with an extra pin. Hence, it’s miles wider with small pins sticking out on each aspects of a normal 2.0 port. It is normally used for shifting facts with a bandwidth of five GHz.


Provides a downstream connection
It prevents wrong connections.


It is a bigger-sized cable and isn’t always appropriate for cellular and smaller gadgets.

b. USB Type B

The USB Type B cables are typically in peripheral gadgets like printers, porting gadgets, scanners, which can be larger. It gives a steady connection among the tool and the PC. But, the USB B kind is the older sort of cable, which isn’t always used broadly at present.

c. USB kind C

At present, kind C cables are broadly for charging gadgets and as a connector for mobiles with a PC. It is a smaller square port that may be utilizing in upstream sockets and host controller ports of a tool.

The Type C cable can transmit the facts at a velocity of 10 GBPS. It is likewise capable of transmit each audio and video alerts.

You will locate Type C Ports with USB 2,zero port, three.zero port, three.1 gen port and Gen 2 ports.

d. USB Mini B

It is likewise some other port this is for peripheral gadgets. USB Mini B is a smaller plug with dive pins and an additional ID pin for helping the OTG gadgets. It consequently lets in the cellular gadgets to paintings as a warm and presents an electrical connection to the smartphones. Type Mini B cables are pretty not unusualplace in older Smartphone models.

e. USB Micro B

USB Micro B is some other connector slimmer than Mini B however gives quicker facts and power transmission velocity. It additionally comes with five pins and is well suited with smartphones, DSLRs and plenty of different peripheral gadgets.

3. HD 15 Monitor Cable

The HD 15 Monitor Cable is a kind DB fashion not unusualplace connector. It is typically utilizing in computer systems for audio or video transmission and facts programs.

An HD15 Monitor cable is a lady to male cable. It comes with 15 pins organizing in 5 pins in 3 rows. It is a sort of excessive-density DB-Style connector. HD 15 Monitor Cable is typically used for a video interface however also can be for an audio interface.

The most effective con of this screen cable is that it most effective helps the decision of 680p*480p and isn’t always appropriate for brand spanking new and extra current gadgets.

4. DVI Cable

The DVI cables or the Digital Visual Interface cables are a unique sort of virtual video interface. It turned into patenting via way of means of the Digital Display Working Group or DDWG. This screen cable helps analog video alerts and virtual video alerts. Hence, in case you use a DVI cable, you most effective want one cable for all types of video transmission.

It is likewise a male-lady cable with extraordinary ports at each ends.

The DVI cable seems pretty just like VGA cables however has longer flat pins.

DVI cables include a cable period of at least five meters and may be coupling with extenders additionally.

Types of DVI Monitor Cable Connectors

Here are not unusualplace DVI cables and port types-

DVI-D Single Link

It is an AVI connection which most effective presents virtual-most effective presentations of decision as much as 1920p and 1080p. It’s one stop comes with ten pins, with a complete of six rows of 3 diagonal pins and an extra pin.

DVI-D Dual Link

DVI-D Dual Link cables come with facts hyperlink features and gives video transmission of resolutions like 2048p. Its factor has a complete of 25 pins, with a unmarried pin and 3 rows of 8 diagonally positioned pins collectively for excessive price video transmission.

It first collects video alerts from the video card of the tool and modifications them into analog alerts. The cables then transmit the sign to the favorite tool. At the output port, the sign modifications to a virtual sign for show at the screen.

DVI- I Single Link

The DVI-I unmarried hyperlink cables can transmit each virtual and analog alerts simultaneously. It is frequently utilizing in analog show, virtual-to-virtual sign, or analog-to-analog sign. It has a complete of 23 pins.

DVI-Dual Link

DVI-Dual hyperlink cables additionally include an additional facts hyperlink for lacking alerts for excessive-decision movies. It combines each virtual and analogue alerts thru a unmarried cable. It has 29 pins.

Mini DVI

The Mini DVI cables help each virtual and analogue alerts. It is a compact and smaller sized cable, which makes it correct for laptops. Mini DVI is typically in Apple gadgets.

5. HDMI Cable

HDMI is the acronym of High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is broadly in current and contemporary-day computer systems for connecting peripherals and different gadgets. A normal HDMI cable comes with 4 shielded twisting pairs of pins withinside the socket. It facilitates withinside the transmission of uncompression and decompression audio and video alerts to the display screen or projector.

HDMI cables had been first delivering in April 2002. The designers desire to offer a connecting cable that has all of the functions just like the DVI.

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