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Computers and Technology

Tips To Connect Bros trend AC1200 Extender With Google Home Mini

There are tons of devices in the market that extend the wireless coverage range by connecting to the existing modem or router. The Brostrend AC1200 extender is also the one that provides a speed of 1.2GBps. It’s a dual-band range extender capable of spreading the range over a broad area. You can use it wired or wireless also. For a wired connection, You have to use an ethernet cable. A task like a movie streaming, online gaming, etc can be done easily using this device. It spread the range at every corner of the building by connecting to the router.

The wall-plug design allows you to plug directly into the socket without any need for the extra hardware equipment. Its compatibility with maximum WiFi communication standards allows this device to connect easily with any type of router. You can connect the gaming console, smart TVs, system device, by inserting the ethernet cable to the port, it can even work as an access point mode.

The setup of this device is like plug-and-play. Just insert this device into the socket and visit re.nextbox.home to complete it. The LEd light will help you to find the perfect location. No, we tell you the operation to connect your extender to the Google home mini.

Tips To Connect Your Brostrend AC1200 Extender To The Google Home Mini

To set up your range extender to the Google Home Mini device, you need Google Home App with the latest version. You can easily download it from the store. A google account, a smartphone, and a wireless internet connection with a security code. Now follow these steps to connect Google Home Mini with your range extender.

Download The App

Firstly, open the downloaded Google Home Mini app on your tablet or mobile phone. Now enter the google ID details to ON the Bluetooth if demanded by the app. The app will detect the Google device. Select the device and hit Next. The sound will be played from the device. Tap on the yes option if you hear a sound.

Choose Location and Name

Select the spot where you placed the google device. Now give the name to your Google device. The next interface will show you to choose the network. Choose the Brostrend network and move to the Next option. After entering the Brostrend network details, your extender is successfully connected to the Google Home Mini device. Now we tell you the best solution for extending the range of the Brostrend device.

Easy Tips to Boosts the Range of Brostrend AC1200 Extender

After unboxing the extender device, it is recommended to read all the info mentioned in the user guide. The user guide will tell you to install and set up your extender in an easy way. Following tips should be followed to boost the range and speed of the extender device.

Firstly, note that your Brostrend device and the router are not at a large distance. The distance between them should be close. Avoid placing the device within 3 feet of the ground level or ceiling. Do not place the extender where there are too many concrete walls and metal objects. Confirm that the LED light on the Brostrend device is showing at least 2 bars and is working properly. Move the extender by judging the LED light to spot the perfect location for the best signal. Confirm that the name and passcode of the router you are connecting with the Brostrend device are the same. Reset the extender device if the range is still not enough. Maybe the router is creating trouble to get the best range, confirm that your route is working well.

Review On Brostrend AC1200 Extender

I purchased this device last year from Walmart. It works pretty well in the first few months, but after that, it disconnects to the router. I reset the device but it doesn’t work. After a few days of disconnecting, I checked the firmware. The update is available. I downloaded the firmware and now it works very well. The Brostrend AC1200 setup is simple and done easily by thumbing down the WPS button. The two external antennas are enough to spread the signal over every corner of the building. And the wall-plug design offers a direct plug to the socket and is to be place even in open space. It saves hardware equipment money required to install the device. Overall, a perfect device for your home and office. I suggest all the buyers willing to purchase should go for it.

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