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Computers and Technology

4 Band 5 Band Resistor Color Code Calculator

The four band Resistor Color code calculator is employed to calculate the resistance of 4 band color coded resistors. Choose the bands to search out the resistance value.

The values of resistance and therefore the electrical power rating of huge power resistors are imprinted on their bodies. The resistance of little carbon and metal film resistors isn’t labelled on their bodies. Instead, numerous coloured bands are graven radially on the bodies of carbon resistors. So, one will scan the colour bands to find the worth of resistors. A color-coded resistor may contain 4, 5, or vi bands. Meanwhile, 4 Band resistors are the foremost common kind of coloured resistors they’re wide utilized in electronics, hobbyists, and college projects.

The way to scan a four Band resistor color code

Firstly, the primary band from the left represents the first significant digit (digit) of resistance. Secondly, the second band represents the second significant digit of resistance. Thirdly, the third band is that the multiplier. Forthly, the fourth band represents the tolerance price to that a resistance can vary. Finally, the fourth band is sometimes silver or golden in color.

As mentioned antecedently the most vital rule which ought to be followed for reading the resistors is to start out from the primary band (which is on the left aspect). So, there are 2 ways that to spot the first band from the left side.

The primary band is relatively graven nearer to the leg as compared to fourth.
So,  the fourth band is exclusive since it’s silver or golden, each these colours don’t seem to be employed in the first band.

Associate illustration of four Band resistor color code Color writing

Let’s take into account a resistor with whose bands from the left side is Brown, Black, Red, Gold.

Brown color indicates that 1st figure is one, whereas black indicates the second significant digit is 0. Red color indicates a number of a hundred Ω. Therefore the right golden band indicates a tolerance of 5%. So, a Brown, Black, Red, Gold coloured electrical device is decoded as 10*100Ω ±5% or 1 kΩ ± 5%.

Most importantly, the list of most commonly used resistors and their bands are indicated below:

Resistance 1st band 2nd Band 3rd band 4th Band
100 Ω ±5% Brown Black Brown Gold
470 Ω ±5% Yellow Violet Brown Gold
1 kΩ ±5% Brown Black Red Gold
2.2 kΩ ±5% Red Red Red Gold
10 kΩ ±5% Brown Black Orange Gold
22 kΩ ±10% Red Red Orange Silver
1 MΩ ±5% Brown Black Green Gold

Example issues

For example,  # 1: A twelve V battery connects to a resistor whose beads are Yellow, Violet, Brown, and Gold. Calculate the expected current that flows through the circuit.

Solution: The resistor is decoded to be 470 ohms. From Ohm’s law, we calculate this:

I = V/R = twelve V / 470 Ω = 25.53 Amps


For example,  # 2: A Brown, Black, Green, Gold bead electrical device connects to a relay which needs one0 mA activating current. a ten V supply connects to the circuit. Comment the standing of the relay.

Solution: From the bands, the resistance is scan as 1 MΩ. during this condition the current flowing through the circuit is:

I = V/R = 10 V/1 MΩ = 10 µA

The relay needs ten mA current for operation. In present case this through circuit is just too lower. thence the relay won’t operate.

5 Band Resistor Color code calculator

5 Band Resistor Color code calculator is employed to search out the worth five} band resistors. it’s a helpful electrical tool for your physical science and DIY projects.

That is to say, the resistance of SMD’s and power resistors are merely labelled on their bodies and one will determine the resistor by wanting its label. just in case of small-sized resistors, an alternate strategy is employed. Here we’ve got 4, 5 or six bands lapidarian on the bodies of resistors.

The way to scan 5 Band resistor color code

Firstly, the first, second, and third band from left represent the first, second and third digit of resistance. Secondly, the fourth band could be a multiplier. Finally, the last band represents the potential tolerance of value. The five Band electrical device color writing chart is employed to decipher 5 band resistors.

AN Illustration of Brown inexperienced Black Black Brown resistor color code

Lets’ contemplate a resistor having Brown inexperienced Black Black Brown bands on it.As we have a tendency to know, a resistor is scan from the left facet. however the way to determine that side is left. The left side is that the one nearer to the end. Here the green band is in shut proximity to brown.

Therefore, let’s currently decipher our resistor color code. For example, Brown indicates the primary digit as one. inexperienced indicates five and black indicate 0. Finally, we’ve got 3 important digits one hundred fifty. The fourth multiplier factor band is 1. Therefore 150 * 1 = 150 Ω. Finally, the brown tolerance indicator indicates ±1. that the resistor could be a 150 Ω ±1.

Above all, the table below indicates most commonly available 5 band resistors.

Value First Second Third Fourth Fifth
33 Ω ± 1 Orange Orange Black Black Brown
68 Ω ± 1 Black Blue Grey Black Brown
100 Ω ± 1 Brown Black Black Black Brown
150 Ω ± 1 Brown Green Black Black Brown
220 Ω ± 1 Red Red Black Black Brown
270 Ω ± 1 Red Violet Black Black Brown
330 Ω ± 1 Orange Orange Black Black Gold
470 Ω ± 1 Yellow Violet Black Black Brown
1 kΩ ± 1 Brown Black Black Brown Brown
2 kΩ ± 1 Red Black Black Brown Brown
2.2 kΩ ± 1 Red Red Black Brown Brown
3.3 kΩ ± 1 Orange Orange Black Brown Brown
4.7 kΩ ± 1 Yellow Violet Black Brown Brown
10 kΩ ± 1 Brown Black Black Red Brown
100 kΩ ± 1 Brown Black Black Orange Brown



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