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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Hard Drive – Get Instant Solution

Is there any reliable solution to retrieve deleted pictures in JPEG format from a hard drive? I accidentally removed a folder with important photos about a month ago and now only I realized it. How do I recover pictures deleted images from computer hard drive in Windows 7 OS easily?”

The above user’s query is taken from one of the forum sites. There are many related queries where a normal user searches for a better solution to recover deleted photos from computer hard drive in the Windows operating system.

In this era, where almost all people have a multimedia phone and other cameras to capture their wonderful moments. The fact is pictured brings back the memories. That is photos can be either personal memories or professionally essential. So losing it is really mournful and extremely bothersome. The important question is, whether there is any solution available to recover deleted pictures from a computer.

Methods to Recover Pictures Deleted From the Computer

The best method is to use reliable software which helps to recover photos from computer hard drive efficiently without any damage. There are few manual methods to restore your deleted photos back, but it does not gives any guarantee for recovery, and can end up losing your data from the drive permanently.

Addressing one of the most common problems faced by many users, this article shares the best solutions to recover deleted pictures from Windows PC.

How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Computer with Reliable Method

Here we will describe one of the best applications to recover deleted photos from a computer hard drive easily. The SoftwarePro Hard Drive Recovery Software is the trustable application that provides 100% guarantees for the repair and recovery of data stored in hard drive devices.

So, the best point is that you can try the free version and check whether your deleted data is recovered by the software. If it does, then you can buy it without any confusion. Download the free demo version of the Hard drive deleted photos recovery software.

This application can retrieve deleted pictures, documents, audio, videos, files, folders, etc. without any data loss. The utility can easily retrieve hard deleted files from NTFS and FAT file systems.

To know more about the software download its demo version for free and check the features. The trial version can fix and recover entire deleted or corrupted data from a hard drive. And it previews all the retrieved data in its preview panel, but it does not provide an option to save them.

To know more about this Hard drive data recovery utility, go through the software page. And for proper steps with screenshots, you can visit the guide page of the software from its main page.

How do I recover pictures I deleted off my computer manually? Basically, there are 3 methods available to retrieve the data from a hard drive. But, three of them are not reliable and do not provide any safety and guarantee. But still, you can try it once if you have not cleared your recycle bin, or you have a proper backup of your deleted data or you have enabled the Previous version option in your system. If you lack all these three, then go for the above-discussed third-party tool.

Recover Photos Deleted from Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin is a folder in Windows OS, which stores files and folders deleted by you from any of the folders in your system. So if you have accidentally deleted pictures from your computer hard drive, to will be available in your Recycle Bin unless you delete them. That is, if your photos are not permanently deleted, then you can restore deleted pictures from the recycle bin back to your personal folders.

  • Open Recycle Bin, and search for images that are deleted
    recycle bin
  • Right-click on the file and press the ‘Restore’ button to move it back to the original location. recover deleted data from recycle bin

Recover Deleted Pictures from Backup

Many users face accidental deletion of their important data from the system. And many of them search for ‘ How do I recover pictures I deleted off my computer?’ in Google. Are there many evident ways to fix this issue? Yes, if you having the backup of your hard drive, then lost photos can be easily retrieved from it.

Therefore always Backup provides an exceptional rescue when you accidentally lost your photos. The photos saved in the hard drive can be lost due to various factors, for example, accidental deletion, corruption, and the formatting of the data stored in hard drive.

You can recover pictures you deleted off from your computer if you are having a backup folder in an external drive, SD card, or Cloud.

Recover Picture from the Previous Version

To recover deleted pictures from computer using the previous version, then it should be enabled on your computer. It makes a copy of the files in the external drive or media attached to your PC automatically if the feature is enabled. Perform the following steps to recover pictures deleted from the computer.

  • Open the folder which contains deleted photos and right-click on it.
  • Now click on the Restore Previous Versions option. A list of photos files or folders appears that are available in previous versions.
  • After that click on the photo or folder that is to be restored.
  • Now Drag and drop the required pictures or the folder to a new location.


The best solution to the user query ‘how to recover deleted photos from hard drive’ is efficiently described in the above article. Everyone needs a reliable and trustable solution to retrieve deleted pictures from computer hard drive without any data damage. This blog introduces the best software so that users can easily resolve their queries in a few simple steps.

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