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Lists That Will Simplify Your Life and Make Everything Easier

Making multiple lists of different subjects and areas, we can split (and hopefully, conquer) the tasks. The lists let you divide, prioritize and organize tasks, making it easier all around.

A lot of us have a hard time balancing one to-do agenda, so, why do we want to have multiple? There are two excellent reasons.

All my list items are kept in a well-organized planner for the year and I’m always aware of exactly where I can find them.

The to-do list

Everyone has a to-do list. However, we put everything on the list as it comes to us, and we aren’t sure which items to put on top or split into small chunks we can manage.

In the event that you’re carrying a to-do list such as that, you’re fine. Maintain it. Start moving things off of it and onto another list. When it’s on a different list, you can cross it off of your main list in the same way as if you had actually completed it. 

There’s no way to collapse the world when you complete this. You’ve moved this task to another, more rational and organized list. The task will be completed.

The daily action list

This is where you record the things you have to complete today. Ideally, it should be three or five items. You can go further than that, but only in the case of smaller 10-minute tasks. However, always keep this list concise and focused. We often underestimate what we can accomplish in a single day.

The birthday list

You should keep a list of every person who you must purchase birthday presents and cards for. It is possible to divide it into months, however, you should keep your list for the entire year together in one spot. You can leave a space for every person’s hobbies, interests, or life goals. You could even write down their preferred color, flower, or animal here.

Be aware of the actual conversations that you are having with them and what they share via social media. Comments and likes on social media could provide some fantastic gift ideas.

This list will assist you in buying a thoughtful present when you are looking for it even if the birthday celebration is only several months from now. This list can take the pressure from gift-giving and make you appear like the most thoughtful gift-giver ever.

The wish-list

It’s where you can put everything you’d like to purchase for your home, yourself or family members, as well as items that others recommend and that you’d like to study more. It could be a written list, or you could create an online wish list on Amazon. You can also publish your list and see if someone buys you a gift they love.

The grocery list

A lot of us aren’t very enthusiastic about shopping for food especially when we have children. This can be an excellent thing. A weekly list of grocery items can be printed and used again each week. It’s easy to add extra items manually and more efficient than making your list every week. You can download customized grocery lists in a pre-formatted format on the internet.

The checklist

I’m a big fan of checklists for any regular task, whether it’s an annual project like cleaning up the house or preparing the Thanksgiving meal or a day-to-day job like packing your preschoolers backpack. If you’re undertaking something that involves multiple steps that you’re sure you’ll need to repeat often It’s worth putting together an easy checklist written down.

The to-read list

My list of readings is lengthy and I always include something new each week. For quite a while I noted books I was planning to check off on my overall to-read list, then read them slowly each time I read them as the need to read a new book isn’t an urgent task.

Today, I’ve got a read-to-read agenda in my notebook which I can access whenever I’m at a book shop or in a library or thinking about what to download for my Kindle.

The to-watch list

Friends will always recommend documentaries, films, and other shows to watch. And maybe you keep a record of a few of them but can you pinpoint where the notes are when browsing Netflix or deciding on which film to borrow or buy?

The to-go list

I am a lover of travel. My list of things to do has some exotic locations on it. However, it also includes every local attraction and excursions others have suggested and many of them are not well-known or hidden gems I’d eventually overlook in the event that I didn’t note them down.

This list can be useful if you’re hosting guests from outside the area and would like to showcase something different within your local area or help ease boredom in the summer months when children are not in school and are looking for excitement.

The bucket list

Every person should think about making a bucket list: an outline of everything you’d like to do during this lifetime. There is nothing too extravagant to include on this list, and there’s no set topic. It could include travel, experiences, new things to discover, and people you want to meet. Your plan, your thoughts as well as your own rules.

These lists can help you simplify your life and help you save time, and who wouldn’t want an extra bit of time and less stress?

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