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Ideas to Find the Best Product That Sells on Amazon

It can be difficult to find the right product to sell on Amazon, given all of the niches available.

There is more competition than ever before! It is important to choose what product to sell on Amazon. You could lose a lot of time and money if you fail to sell a product that is profitable. You could lose out to the competition if you sell in a highly competitive market. Selling on Amazon is all about choosing the right product.

It is not difficult to see that product selection and research can be overwhelming and time-consuming. You might even become insane. Many Amazon sellers who wanted to be successful quit before they succeed. Don’t pay attention to the pretty packaging. Don’t pay attention to the catchy brand name. Don’t be too proud of your social media followers.

All these are important, but the most important thing to get right is what you’re going to sell.

Scratch Your Own Itch

This is what entrepreneurs and business owners have done for centuries. There’s a good chance that someone else is having the same problem as you. You can create a product to solve your problem, first for you and then for other like-minded people.

You need to find others who have the same itch. Not just one-time users who don’t want it again, but people who truly need it.


  • You are able to understand the pain of your target customers . You have experienced the pain of your customers and know what they want.
  • Your product is truly your belief. You are confident in your product’s ability to work.
  • You are familiar with the market like the backs of your hands. You are more familiar with your market than an outsider because you live in it.

Don’t Take on a Million Competitors

It is good to have competition. It validates your product and the market. Amazon has many competitors in certain product categories, which makes it difficult for new sellers trying to outsell them.

Although it may seem like every product category already has millions of buyers, there are millions of product possibilities out there. But only if you’re able to find them. You should aim to sell products with high demand and low competition. How can you do that?

Use an Amazon niche product finder. A great tool should be capable of finding product ideas, identifying new niche markets, tracking the competition, and monitoring Amazon keywords customers use to search for products.

Pick a Cheaper Product

A product that sells between $10 and $100 is the best. Although it may sound like you are making more money if you sell a product that is expensive, it is better to choose products under $100 unless you have the capital.

Think of yourself as a consumer. Are you a consumer who purchases items worth more than $100? Electronics are generally products priced over $100. This includes things like TVs, computers, and cellphones. This means you have more homework. It is important to read blogs and watch more reviews.

If you purchase something for $10 or less, you will likely save a lot of time by not doing extra research. Customers will be more inclined to search for information about expensive products. They are also less likely to purchase the product.

The flip side is that shoppers will be more likely to purchase impulsively if the price of the product is low. If the product can solve their problem, chances are that they will purchase the item without hesitation. It’s a better idea to choose simple, cheaper items if you are just beginning as an Amazon FBA seller.

Look for Low Review Counts 

Amazon reviews are crucial. Your ranking is heavily affected by your reviews. It will be obvious that listings at page one have a lot of positive reviews.

Amazon is committed to providing the best customer service, but ultimately its goal is to increase sales. This is why the products with the best reviews end up at the top in their search rankings.

You will be at a disadvantage if every item that appears on the first page for your keyword has at least 100 reviews. Although you can still earn 100 glowing reviews, it is not possible. This means that you will have to compete with established sellers who have a track record of selling on Amazon.

If you are looking for a quick way to beat the competition, then try keywords that include multiple products but have fewer reviews. The more reviews, the better!

Check for a Patent 

After you find the right product, you don’t have to stop there. To ensure you aren’t selling a product with a patent that is owned by another retailer, you will need to conduct a patent search.

You could be sued if you violate a patent. Worst case scenario, it could result in you losing all your income from that product and reducing your stock.

It can be difficult to find the right product to sell on Amazon. These tips will help you launch your product on Amazon.

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