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Strike Big In Content Subscription by Launching an Only Fans Clone

Content subscription got a fresh lease of life after the launch of a platform in London. OnlyFans took the tech world by storm in November 2016. While instant messaging apps and social media platforms made massive revenue out of user data, things have changed now for performing artists. They can monetize their photos and videos now with ease and charge a price flexibly. Followers will pay a specific amount for watching the exclusive content. Can entrepreneurs fall behind? No, they can launch an OnlyFans clone and move ahead in the Internet era.

How is Only Fans turning the heat in 2021?

  • The London-based OnlyFans has more than 130 million users and 2 million performing artists.
  • Undoubtedly, posting content on a platform as popular as OnlyFans leads to more traffic. Likewise, since the British’s platform emergence 5 years ago, creators have pocketed $5 billion in cumulative earnings.
  • On average, artists on OnlyFans earn around $180 per month. This gives them abundant advantages like personal branding tools, protection against copyright infringement, duplication of content, and intellectual property violation, and social media login options.
  • OnlyFans (OF) has entered the live streaming industry now. OFTV has helped content creators to directly connect with famous personalities. The speciality is that users can view the content on Android and iOS powered smartphones. Moreover, the number of downloads on the Google Play Store has crossed 100,000.

What are the attractive features of the Only Fans Clone Platform? 

  • Digital storefront – Techpreneurs can tap an extra source of revenue by launching an OnlyFans like platform. They can introduce an e-commerce store and sell branded merchandise. Customers can buy caps, coffee mugs, home accessories, hoodies, sweatshirts, tracks, and yoga leggings at competitive prices. After checking the availability, prices, and reviews, they can process payments via credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking accounts, and wire transfers.
  • Archive panel – Previous stories uploaded by artists will be backed up on the archive section. Artists can save their unique snaps and videos by tapping the Highlight Reel button. Eventually, content creators get more freedom as they can categorize their stories differently. Further, subscribers of artists can see these photos and videos in the future anytime.
  • Story Upload button – Content creators can become an overnight sensation in no time by publishing stories. They must tap the Add to Story button and include details of their photos and videos. Artists will get more impressions and views by talking about current events and trending news. Their content will be displayed on the feed.
  • Crowdfunding campaigns – Artists can also support various social causes on the OnlyFans clone, Wonder how? They can organize small and large-scale crowdfunding efforts. Stakeholders of the creator economy have to include details of the maximum target, preferred options where users enter the minimum amount, and a description for their post. Can exposure be maximized? Yes, of course, users can tap the pin post button and attach the file to their profile image. This will lead to a greater inflow of funds from donors.
  • Go Live – Despite the popularity of recorded content, live streaming receives more attention. Creators can showcase themselves authentically and genuinely. Above all, they can interact with their fans and followers directly after switching on their camera and microphone.
  • Co-Streaming of content – The power of two is more than one. Artists can partner with another host while streaming their videos. Accordingly, they can share the proceeds with their collaborator or partner. They will receive advantages like flexible streaming settings, real-time generation of statistics, and a higher number of views from users.
  • Multilingual watch mechanism – Creators and cybernauts can view updates in numerous languages. For instance, OnlyFans offers options like Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish etc.
  • Referral Program – Artists can recommend other talented content developers on the OnlyFans like platform. They can share the unique referral code with them and get a certain commission. Besides that, there are no restrictions related to the number of referrals and total earnings.
  • Help Centre – Content creators along with subscribed members will receive 24×7 technical assistance on the OnlyFans like platform. They can tap the Help Desk and sort out problems related to data protection, privacy, processing of transactions, renewal of subscriptions, and security measures. Entrepreneurs can increase the number of active users as well as retain the existing membership.

Explore the tech stack behind creating an Only Fans like Platform

Programming languages – Node.js, Kotlin, and Swift are the 3 programming languages used for developing the OnlyFans clone. It gives advantages like a friendly user interface and multi-platform compatibility.

Robust Frameworks – Flutter and JQuery are the open-source frameworks used for OnlyFans like platform development. It offers benefits such as the absence of downtime and interruption-free functioning.

Database management systems – Apart from streaming and distributing the content, safeguarding the information of content creators and users are essential. An array of cloud-compatible platforms like MySQL and PostgreSQL are used for maintaining the database of users. This assures high reliability, robust technical infrastructure, scalability of the live streaming platform, and multilayer security measures.

Wrapping Up

Above all, Only Fans is a leader in the content subscription service industry. It is the top choice for actors, actresses, and models to showcase their photos and videos. It will also get additional revenue from its live-streaming venture. OFTV is providing a lot of benefits like ultra-fast speeds, real-time chatting with artists, and the absence of advertisements.

Entrepreneurs can get traction in the market now. Hire an app development company now, get hold of an OnlyFans clone, and race ahead in the Internet era.

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