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Ultimate Guide on Amazon Listing Hijacking

Amazon hijacking refers to a third-party seller offering a fake version of your product at a lower price or quality.

The knockoff is then purchased by the customer. If the product does not work, they will leave a negative review.

What is Amazon listing hijacking?

When another seller offers a fake version of your product in your listing then it is called amazon listing hijacking. This can reduce your sales and decrease your number of positive reviews.

These counterfeit products are placed in your product listing’s Buy Box, or appear under the “Other Sellers Amazon” section.

What makes Amazon hijackers different from Amazon resellers?

Don’t panic if you see offers in the “Other Sellers Amazon” section of your listing.

Amazon resellers are different from Amazon hijackers. A person who purchases your product then decides to resell the product is not a hijacker. They are a reseller.

The difference between hijackers and genuine sellers is that they sell counterfeit versions of your product, much like resellers.

How can I tell if Amazon has hijacked my listing?

These signs will help you spot an Amazon seller who has hijacked your listing:

  • Your list is being sold to someone who isn’t your company or a licensed reseller
  • Someone claimed the Buy Box for your listing
  • Your listing is vulnerable to negative reviews from customers.

Amazon hijackers are not able to take over every business, but some things can increase your vulnerability.

  • Stockout
  • Monitor product listings at shorter intervals than those of the weekly or monthly type.
  • Promoting products with steeply discounted prices
  • Skip the Amazon Brand Registry Program

Most sellers will offer your product for a lower price if they take over your Amazon listing. If you sell your product at $50, they might offer it at $25. This price difference can help you identify an Amazon reseller or a hijacker.

How to get rid of hijackers in your Amazon listing

When someone takes over your Amazon listing, speed is crucial. These tips will help you remove hijackers from Amazon listings.

Send an Amazon hijacker a cease-and-desist letter

A cease and desist letter is the fastest way for your company to take action.

These steps will help you get your cease-and-desist letter to your Amazon hijacker.

  • To visit the Amazon seller’s page, click on their username (from your product description).
  • Click the Ask A Question button.
  • Select “An item for Sale”
  • Select “Question about the product”
  • Enter the text of your cease-and-desist letter
  • Submit your letter

Amazon: Report your stolen product

Send a letter in addition to the original.

You will need a trademark registered for your product to use this tactic. The trademark must be registered in the country where it was violated.

Amazon Anti-Counterfeit Programs – Add your product

You can also join the following programs to combat Amazon hijackers.

Amazon Transparency Program

Amazon Transparency program allows you to buy 2D UPC codes for your business, which will be included with every product unit.

These codes will be verified by Amazon before shipment takes place (regardless of whether you use Amazon or another third-party). This is to prevent counterfeits.

Read the “What is Amazon Transparency Program?” blog from SellerApp. To know how the Amazon Transparency Program works. 

Amazon Project Zero Program:

Amazon Brand Registry members have the option to use Project Zero to access the Amazon Transparency Program and remove counterfeit listings.

These two strategies can be used even if they aren’t immediately applicable to you. It’s worth taking the time and joining these programs. This will help you prevent any future Amazon listing hijacking and save your company a lot of time, money, and effort.

Report the counterfeit product you have purchased 

You can also report the counterfeit product to your business by purchasing it and reporting it. This strategy for Amazon listing hijacking will yield the best results. 

You should purchase the product before you take any other actions, such as submitting a trademark infringement complaint or sending a cease-and-desist letter. It’s less likely that the hijacker will fulfill your order if you do the test after rather than before.

These steps will help you take the necessary action.

  • Buy the product on the Amazon hijacker
  • Photograph the counterfeit product with your product
  • Make a list of the differences between these products

You can submit either one or both of these forms depending on the information you find.

  • If the product uses your logo and brand name, you can report infringement.
  • Violation form for products that use a different brand under your product listing

These forms should include the following:

  • Hacking the Amazon seller’s username
  • Hijacking Amazon seller page URL
  • ASIN for product listing
  • Product title for your product listing
  • Amazon marketplace, where the violation occurred
  • For your purchase of the counterfeit product, order ID
  • Counterfeit and legitimate product images

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