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Computers and Technology

Installation Process of the Speedefy AC2100 Wireless router

The Speedefy AC2100 Wireless router is a dual-band wifi router with three Gigabit ports. Also, it ensures that you get a stable and secure network connection whether it is a wired connection or a wireless connection. It supports security protocols WPA/WPA2-PSK hybrid network protection with a guaranteed network connection. Moreover, the installation of the Speedefy router brings some advanced features like parental control which can manage the network access, and the AP mode which can manage in expanding the wifi coverage among all the hidden corners of your house. Also, the guest network helps to create a separate wifi network for the users of the guest network mode.

The speedefywifi enabled outstanding wireless performance with a powerful signal speed. Its 4 x 4 MU-MIMO delivers strong and wonderful speed. It is also helpful in eliminating the dead zone area. At the same time, it supports at least twenty fives of wireless devices that can connect to the wireless router and provides a seamless connection.

Installation of the Speedefy AC2100 Wireless router

The Speedefy wireless router offers you smart and powerful wifi access that delivers a wonderful performance. The router can cover long distances with simple installation and easy configuration steps. As it also offers web interface management or the Speedy WiFi app that brings more convenience to the setup process. With the smart control techniques, you can create a different space for internet access creates an isolated guest wireless zone for the security of the home network connection

Install the wireless router

Firstly, unhook the modem’s power cable and then check the modem’s cable connection from the WAN port of the device. After waiting for two minutes, now restart the power of the router. Henceforth connect the device with the power adapter and plug the device into the power outlet.

Set up the wireless router (WEB BROWSER)

You can do the setup with the wen management interface by connecting to the system wired or wirelessly. The default SSID name of the device will get up from the label on the wireless router. Along with that, you get more information about your devices such as the MAC address, serial number, or PIN number of the Speedefy wifi router. Consequently, you need to connect your device with your computer or laptop and enable the WLAN function. Afterward, join the default SSID name that displays on your web screen.

For establishing the wired connection, use an ethernet cable that can be connected to the wired device and then to the LAN port of the router.

Setup the WiFi router (Speedy WiFi App)

Install the Speedy wifi app and connect your mobile device to the default SSID name printed on the label of the wifi router. Then, Open the app on your smartphone. Henceforth, the app will automatically detect the connection type without entering it and connect to it. When you open the wifi app then follow the instruction to set up the Speedefy router manually.

The Speedefy router setup (Access point mode)

The access point mode you can also use in the wired connection. It also helps to extend the wifi range connection. Now connect the connection of the speedefy router. And you can use the LAN or WAN port of the existing router of the ethernet port. Afterward, connect your client device with the Speedefy wifi router. Moreover, you can also use an Ethernet cable or join the wireless SSID network name that is printed on the label.

After that, you can log in to the wifi router by using the http://speedefywifi.com web page in the address bar. Hence enable the AP mode from the internet settings of the wireless router and wait for the device to complete the reboot process. Now you can set your device into AP mode.

How to Login into Speedefy AC2100 Wireless router?

In the Speedefy ac2100 wifi router login, you need to launch the web page of the router. For that, open a secure web page on your computer or laptop. Now type in the search box http://speedefywifi.com or default IP address of the router. When the login page is displayed enter your SSID name and the default password carefully. AS it is case sensitive so do it with proper care.

Now choose the connection type for your wireless router. Sometimes the router can automatically detect the connection type. But if it fails to detect the device then you have to enter the address manually. After that connect your device to the stable internet connection by following step-by-step instructions.

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