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How one can avoid viruses and malware on Facebook?

Facebook is very much in trend, there are so many other social media platforms also that are available. But none has seen such boons like this one. The service is in the market for more than a decade now and from then till now it has proved its worth. The best way in the present times to connect with a long-lost contact pr a friend is through Facebook. But just as everything has its advantage as well as disadvantage same thing goes with Facebook.

As Facebook is a service that mass people use , so it is the favorite target always for hackers and other such unwanted elements. So, yes it is very important to shower extra care on each and every aspect of Facebook. It is really very important to keep your account safe against all sorts of viruses and malware attacks. So here further in the blog, we will see the process through which one can easily avoid viruses and malware on Facebook

Best way to avoid viruses and malware on Facebook

Well, the best way for avoiding any viruses or malware from anywhere, not just Facebook is to use an advanced and updated software program. There are so many technical software programs available in the market to choose from. You can choose anyone to install it and then use it to fight against viruses and malware.

Free antivirus tools-

There are some free antivirus tools that are given  by Facebook itself, you can use them and thus you can keep yourself protected against malware and also viruses. But these all are just tools and also because they are available free of cost so you cannot really rely on these. So, it would be better for you to use a proper comprehensive software program instead of using these tools.

The list of Facebook-friendly antivirus software programs is as given below

  • BullGuard Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Total Security
  • Norton 360 Deluxe
  • Avast free antivirus

Why BullGuard internet security is good for Facebook?

One can answer this in very simple words if you are using Facebook on your browser, then for you, it is very much essential to be using a proper safe and secure browser. In order to help you with that, BullGuard’s Internet security has this secure browser feature for you. If you will browse your Facebook through this you can then keep all your data very well protected and you can also then easily maintain your privacy.

Why one should use Kaspersky Total Security for Facebook safety?

There are some key features associated with the software program

  • Best firewall to work against network attacks
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Parental controls
  • Efficient password manager
  • Webcam protection

These are all the features that make this software program an efficient choice for of people, for the safety of their Facebook accounts.

What makes Norton 360 deluxe usable for Facebook protection?

It is mainly because of the features, that people should consider using Norton 360 deluxe, for Facebook protection-

  • It provides protection under one subscription for multiple devices, so this would be useful if you use the Facebook account on various devices.
  • Quick management feature is also there
  • Provides special scanner for social networking website
  • There is special Antispyware and also Anti-malware protection available

What is special for Facebook protection in Avast Free antivirus?

This, software program is known for using advanced AI and also updated machine learning, for real-time protection.  So, Avast free antivirus can be a reliable choice for you to make for the protection of your Facebook account.

Having any of the above-discussed antivirus software programs installed on the computer is the best thing to have. That is the easiest thing to do and also the most reliable source to use. Other than this there are many other programs also and there are many other sources as well that one can use to efficiently deal with the Facebook account safety measures.

Some of the basic security practices to conduct after Facebook account hacking are as follows

  • Change the account password
  • Change password on Facebook connected services as well
  • Uninstall every unsecure app or suspicious apps
  • Also, log out hacked Facebook account from all the devices
  • Also, it is your duty to inform your friends regarding the same thing


So, this is how, you can avoid malware attacks on your Facebook account, and you can thus keep it well protected. You should just go through all that is given here and should follow the steps just in the right manner.   There is nothing more that you need to do for this, reading this is really going to help you a lot in a lot of ways If your Facebook account is troubling you in many manner then for help go to the experts at Facebook contact number UK.

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