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How to Resolve AOL Mail Issues on An Android Phone?

If you regularly use your email on your phone and are an Android user, then it is quite possible that you may have come across this issue – AOL mail not working on Android, quite a lot of times. Of course, the leading cause behind this issue could be more than one. But chiefly, this happens only when there are some inappropriate mail settings or an error that could be at present when adding your AOL account to a third-party email client like Outlook. Or, it could even be on the default mobile application of your phone as well.

This article is all about guiding you through all the commonly faced issues and the various ways in which you can efficiently resolve them. Not to forget, using your AOL email account for business or personal usage will be a breeze once you have done configuring this account on your Android device. This will make it very convenient and less time-consuming for you.

In case you wish to set up your own AOL account on your Android phone, you can do so without much hassle. But first, you need to understand that why such an issue may present itself in the first place. Because once you are familiar with the root cause of the problem, you will be able to eliminate it from the bud. So without wasting much time on it, let’s dive right into it.

Reasons Behind AOL Mail Issues On Android

AOL mail login issues can arise due to a lot of reasons such as:

  • Invalid Login information of AOL account
  • Account server settings not configured correctly
  • The application may crash and hence causing AOL Mail Problems
  • Other issues related to the mail application

Now that you what cause them, you would want to ignore them. But before you do any of that, you will have to make sure that you have Google Chrome or the Chrome browser preinstalled on your Android. This will help you to sign in. Then, after you have confirmed the same, you would be ready for troubleshooting methods.

Methods For Fixing AOL Mail Issues On Android

Here, we have brought you various ways to help you get rid of all these AOL mail issues on your Android devices. All you’d need to do is go through all the instructions described below carefully. You don’t have to have to try out every single method given in the list. Just try as you go, and whichever fits and solves your issue would be the one for you. Post that, you will not need to continue with the rest.

Method 1: Update Your Device Software

You may not know this, but AOL mail has an automatic update option. So you could be sure that whenever it launches a new feature or the latest version at the time, the application will automatically update itself. But if you don’t update your device, then it will definitely make your device incompatible. This will subsequently throw all your AOL Mail Issues On Android.

For this reason, therefore, you must always make sure that you update your software. Of course, it would help if you did this every time you receive a notification message to update your application. However, that being said, the Settings app on your Android can also easily update your device. If you wish, you could also follow the manual approach so that you can update your software easily.

  • Firstly, you will need to open your Android device. After that, you will have to go to Settings.
  • Under Settings, you would find the ‘About.’ You’d need to choose the About and then, subsequently, the Version Update option as well.
  • When you are done, you would need to wait for some time. This will be to check if any further version updates are available at that given point in time.
  • If you find that there are any available updates, you would have to click on them. Soon after, you will see that it will start updating your Android device.

Method 2: Delete the AOL mail app and install it back

Another method to resolve your mail issues is by removing the AOL mail application from your Android device and then reinstalling it again. If you wish to put this method to practice, then you would have to go to your Android device’s home screen. After that, you would have to look for the AOL Mail application. Continuing with the process in the further steps, you would have to keep pressing on the app until you see the “Delete” option appearing. Once you see that, then you will have to give a tap on it. Moving further, you would have to try to reinstall the Google Play App Store application and then access the AOL mail service. This method should take care of your problem to a large extent. However, if you continue to face the same issue, then you should move on to the following method.

  • You will need to hit the Home button on your Android device.
  • After that, you will have to select the AOL mail app and then click on the Uninstall option.
  • By doing this, you will see that your AOL app will get deleted from your Android phone.
  • Once that happens, you will have to go to the Playstore and install it back again. After reinstalling, you will need to try to access your AOL account.

Method 3: Force stop the application 

In case you encounter AOL mail issues, then you have to force stop your AOL application. After that, try to restart the app again. These are the steps you should take to force quit the AOL application on your Android device.

  • Firstly, you’ll have to click on the Settings option and then choose the Apps.
  • From the Apps menu, you would have to then click on the AOL mail app.
  • After that, you will have to tap on the Force Stop button. If you get notified, you will have to hit the Force Stop button again to confirm it.
  • Next, you will have to relaunch your AOL app and give another attempt to log in to your account.

Method 4: Make Sure Valid Username And Password

If you wish to use your AOL Mail account on your Android phone, then, in that case, you must first check the username and password of such account. You must know that incorrect credentials will not permit you to have any access to it. Therefore, you should always ensure that you always enter the correct username and password to log in to AOL. If, by chance, your password is incorrect, and unfortunately, you are unable to remember the right one, then you must reset your password. The sooner you’d do this, the sooner you’ll be able to take care of all the AOL Mail Issues on your Android gadgetIf your issue remains still unsolved, then use the following method.

Method 5: Configure Incoming And Outgoing Mail Server Settings Correctly

If all the ways mentioned above have failed and despite doing everything in your power, your AOL issues are still persistent on your Android device, then this method will definitely work out in your favor. Then, all you’d need to do is try to configure the AOL Mail Settings for Android correctly. We have given you the following guide so that you can configure your mail server settings appropriately:

  • POP Mail Server Settings
  • Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
  • Port Settings: POP3- 995- SSL.
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
  • Port Configuration: SMTP- 465- SSL.
  • IMAP Mail Server Settings
  • Incoming Mail Server (IMAP):
  • Port Settings: IMAP- 993- SSL.
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
  • Port Configuration: SMTP- 465- SSL.

Once you are able to configure your AOL Mail’s server settings, there is a high possibility that you might not face any AOL mail issues on Android any further.

Grab Pocket-friendly Solution Via Helpline Number

Unfortunately, if you are still receiving the AOL mail issues on Android even after having appropriately gone through the above-written instructions, then you would have to seek assistance from well-qualified technicians. However, you could get in touch with them by simply giving them a single ring on a 24/7 helpline number. We hope that we are able to be of your help. Best of luck!

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