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Resources for learning the Quran online

There are many resources available to learn the Quran online. One has to decide how one wants to learn Quran online. In fact, the scope of the Qur’an is much wider. Therefore, it is very natural that there are many things here, which fall into the category of Quranic teachings.

Al-Maeda [5: 4] They ask you what they are allowed to do. Say: Good things give to you, and you have taught the beasts and birds to hunt what you have taught them – you have taught them what Allah has taught them – so they will eat whatever they catch for you and mention Allah’s name on it; And be careful of (your duty to) Allah; surely Allah is Swift in reckoning.

Learning Quran online, one can consider one of the following resources.

  1. Website for Tajwids
  2. Freelance tutor for Tajweed
  3. Quran search engine with translation in different languages
  4. A website with the interpretation of the Quran
  5. Islamic Center website
  6. Website of Islamic Scholars
  7. Islamic videos on YouTube

All the above-mentioned resources are just great for anyone who wants to learn Quran online. For inspiration to learn the Quran online or offline, one can consider the following two verses.

He did before your fathers Abraham and Isaac; surely your Lord is Knowing, Wise.

Al-Baqara [2: 129] Our Lord! And raise up among them a Messenger from among them who shall recite to them Your communications and teach them the Scripture and wisdom, and purify them; surely Thou art the Mighty, the Wise.

Of course, learning Quran online is very easy because there are so many resources available

However, for all those who want to learn the Qur’an online, one thing that is very important is the authentication of any given resource. In fact, it is a serious problem for most people who want to learn the Qur’an online.

In addition to many good resources, there are some resources online that contain false, fabricated, unauthorized, or incomplete information. For many who want to learn the Qur’an online, it is a great nuisance and even a source of misguidance. If someone comes across an unauthorized website, one must report the website.

In general, it is not easy for an average Internet user to remove an unauthorized website. However, if more people report the website, its rankings drop and the authorities do something about it soon. Similarly, promoting websites with proven information is also a good idea.

If you want to read more articles about Islam and the Quran, you can find them all here: Read the Quran is an online Islamic school, learn online Quran teaching services online. The school teaches reading the Quran with recitation and translation of the Holy Quran.

Online Holy Quran with Tajweed

The Holy Qur’an states:

Well, the Holy Qur’an speaks of the desert. Some of its images describe the desert but it also speaks of the sea, the stars, life, and the mountains. The Qur’an is the last revealed word of God and the main source of Islamic teachings and law.

The Qur’an works on the basis of religion, morality, and the history of humanity, worship, knowledge, wisdom, God-man relationship, and human relationship in all fields. Comprehensive education, on the basis of which the sound system of social justice, economics, politics, law, jurisprudence, law, and international relations can be built. Is an important subject of the Qur’an. Hadith, sayings, and deeds of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Carefully reported and collected by his loyal companions. He explained and explained the verses of the Qur’an in detail.

The interesting attitude that the Qur’an has is repeatedly related to its advice to the reader

The Qur’an informs the reader about various facts and then gives them advice. The Qur’an is a miracle of prophecy, language, style, and scientific revelation. The Holy Qur’an is not just a miracle. This is a miracle actor. It brings out the miracle of transforming a highly ignorant and backward society into a guardian of knowledge and education.

If you want to know more about this or if you doubt what has been said then you should ask those who have knowledge. This is an amazing attitude. It is not normal to get a book from someone without training in geography, biology, etc. who discusses the subject and then advises the reader to ask the wise if he has any doubts.

Yet in every age, there are some Muslims who have followed the advice of the Qur’an and made a wonderful discovery. If one looks at the work of Muslim scientists many centuries ago. One will find them full of quotations from the Qur’an. Their work said they had done research in some places, looking for something.

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