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Computers and Technology

Hybrid Event Platforms Backed With Amazing Technology And Services

Hybrid events are the talk of the town. And the reason for this is the growing popularity of hybrid events. Last year many brands and organisations organised hybrid events. istanbulun bu tarafında olan avrupa yakası escort kızlara web adresimiz vasıtasıyla erişebilirsiniz. And these were some of the most successful events of the previous year. However, this has elevated the expectations of the people for this year. 

Hybrid events – Future of event industry

Hybrid events combine live events and virtual events into one event. In other words, we can say that hybrid events are 2-in-1 events. These events serve two types of audiences, physical and virtual audiences. However, these are live events with both live and digital audiences. The goal is to provide an immersive and 3-D experience. So that both the audiences have a uniform experience. 

To host a hybrid event you need hybrid event platforms or software. These platforms act as the bridge between the event and the virtual audience. So it is crucial to get the right platform for your event. Now you must be wondering, what is the right platform? And how one can find the right platform And so. Don’t worry. We have the answer to all of your queries. 

Getting the right hybrid event platform

Often people realise that the platform they selected for their event is not right. But how can one determine which platform is right or wrong? The answer is simple. You should prepare a list of features that you need for your event. And compare that list with the features and tools offered by the platforms. You will be able to select the right platform for your hybrid event. Apart from this, you need to look at other things like the interface of the platform, engagement features, networking tools and security measures of the platform. If you are wondering why these are important, then you should know that the audience’s experience at your event depends on them. Let’s look at each of these factors closely.


The first thing with which the virtual attendees are going to interact is the interface of the platform. So this interface needs to be fast, responsive and easy to use. If the interface is laggy or is complicated. Then it will ruin the experience of the attendees. And the complicated interface will confuse the attendees. This will force the attendees to abandon the event in the mid-way. 

Engagement features

Apricot survey says those event organisers who tried to engage with the audience were likely to succeed 150% more than those who didn’t try. So you cannot afford to not engage with the audience at your event. But how can you engage with the audience at your event? Simple, use the features provided by the platform to engage with the audience. Also, while selecting the platform for your event, ask for audience engagement features. 

Some of our favourite features are gamification, leaderboard, social wall and AR photobooth, to begin with. However, you can get more engagement features like polls, surveys and chats etc. 

Networking tools 

Networking is one of the most influential factors when it comes to virtual/hybrid events. And it can be the sole reason for someone to make the choice between attending or leaving the event. So you should actively work to provide networking opportunities at your event. Also, you need to understand that it is easy to connect with people in virtual/hybrid events. And this increases the attendee’s expectations of meeting new people at virtual/hybrid events. 

While shortlisting the platform for your event, you need to look for networking tools. We would recommend tools like AI Matchmaking, B2B Meeting scheduler, 2-way interaction, live chats and so on. Also, you can provide support for third-party apps like WhatsApp and Zoom for better communications.

Security measures

Nowadays, security and privacy on the internet is a serious concern for many people. And with the rising number of cyber frauds and attacks have justified this concern. So to assure people about the safety of their privacy at your event, you need to check the security measures available on the platform. 

Basic security features like a 2-step login process and End-to-end encryption should be present on the platform. The 2-step login process adds a layer of safety. And ensures that only the authorised person can log in to the system. Whereas End-to-End Encryption assures that whatever data is shared among the users is safe. And cannot be accessed by a third person. 

These are some of the criteria to identify the right platform for your hybrid event. Now let’s look at some of the popular Hybrid event platforms that are present in the market. 

Some of the prominent Hybrid event platforms in the market


Airmeet is a virtual event platform. It was founded in 2019. And till now has hosted hundreds of events. Some of these events are Hackathons to ice-breakers, panel discussions to workshops. It offers an intuitive experience to deliver the expectations of the event organisers. Airmeet has a dedicated virtual space called Ballroom. Here all the online sessions are conducted. It acts as an auditorium at the venue of the physical event.


Keystone is a data-driven integrated sales and marketing company. Also, it acts as a platform for hosting virtual events. You can also organise Webinar, Virtual Conferences, town halls, product launches and seminars and so on. It lets you live stream your videos or schedule pre-recorded ones and enable private chat rooms etc. 


Dreamcast is the most popular and trusted virtual event platform. It has delivered many immersive & engaging webinars and virtual events. And it offers a wide range of features for organising Webinars, Virtual events, Hybrid events and Live Streams. And each of these features is dedicated to performing a specific task.

Dreamcast provides an immersive custom environment. And has features like DIY Booths and Dynamic Banners. Whereas to engage the audience at the virtual event, it offers features like Gamification, Live chats, Emoticon integrations and so on. And talking about networking features and tools it has plenty of them. AI Matchmaking, B2B Meeting Scheduler and Networking lounges, to begin with. Apart from these features it also supports third-party apps like WhatsApp and Zoom for more convenience.

Just like the virtual events, Dreamcast provides tons of features for hybrid events also. Some of these features are Business Card exchange, leaderboard, AR Photobooth and Document download etc. You can find lots of features on their website.

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