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What is a Building Management Software and How to Choose the Best One

It is mandatory for a company to have a building management system installed if they want things to go smoother. Building management systems help in controlling as well as monitoring the electrical equipment, fire, and protection systems. The mechanics and the responsible authorities can monitor and mitigate problems in these systems remotely without entering the space. The CCTV, lifts, air conditioning, fire and smoke detectors, and even the shading devices can be controlled by building management software. There are plenty of management software available and if you are looking for the best choice, here are a few to choose from.

1. Computerized Maintenance Management Software

CMMS as it’s shortly called centralizes the information regarding the maintenance and facilitates the maintenance works. It is widely used in the oil and gas industry where physical labour is risky and critical. The workers including janitors, maintenance workers, and managers can control and facilitate maintenance easily using the software. It will help in the quick resolving of the issue. Using CMMS, one can assess work calls, give and monitor work calls, do the paperwork and also plan preventive maintenance work. It is the perfect solution for running things smoothly inside a company.

2. Facility Management Software

One might find the facility management software quite similar to that of CMMS. But even then, facility management software has got many unique features that make it distinctive from CMMS. Apart from all the tasks that can be done through CMMS, facility management software enables and expands the application and its benefits to the entire organization. It also comes with additional features which are not available in the CMMS. For instance, using facility management software one has the possibility to control and monitor the following departmental processes. They are asset management, location-based asset mapping, preventive maintenance management, etc.

3. Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Software

CAFM helps users to plan and execute maintenance plans in the building. This software is one step ahead of the facility management software. This enables us to manage and control space management in a building, make room reservations and manage assets. It is a one-stop solution for all management-related concerns as well as customer-centered services. If you are a manager and you own a bigger workplace, you can take the help of CAFM software to get the bigger picture. Also, evaluate the optimization and usage of various spaces and assets and make necessary changes according to that. The software can help you optimize the office space for better productivity and results. It blends facility management and real estate processes into a single platform making it a cakewalk. To stand out from the crowd, CAFM supports CAD drawings which makes space management more effective and easier. This is sure to boost the productivity of the company and also improve efficiency.

4. Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

It helps in optimizing the workplace resources to leverage the best out of them. It helps in better management and makes it easy and seamless. IWMS is an end-to-end solution for all maintenance tasks as it enables every stage of the process starting from scheduling maintenance to tracking capital projects and even reducing energy use. It is ideal for managing an organization’s real estate portfolio and assets. Using IWMS, one can constantly monitor the information and also share it instantly with all the other stakeholders. Using IWMS can benefit you if you want to monitor real estate management, space management, project management, and lease management.

How You Can Choose the Best Building Management Software

Look for ease in implementing. Some software might be a bit complicated and the codes might be a hard nut to crack. So choose the software that is easy to implement. Some might contain facilities which you may not actually need, so pick the one that goes in line with your requirements. Always think about future needs. You cannot be investing in software every once in a while. It is not ideal or convenient to change it every now and then, so calculate all the future needs, consider all the requirements and choose a software that is budget-friendly.

Building management software systems such as CAFM, IWMS, EAM, and CMMS help your business flourish by providing efficiency, easy maintenance, and accurate reports. Automation, in any case, is hailed as the future of efficiency, and with software solutions like these on the horizon, progress will be more swift and smooth. An integrated building management system has a number of advantages. Reduces operational expenses, provides important data insights, enhances tenant experiences, and raises property values, among other benefits.

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