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A Basic Guide on Inbound Marketing

New marketing trends, strategies and techniques constantly appear in the business market. Inbound marketing in Australia is one of them. Even though it is comparatively new, it has become a prime marketing technique used in almost every type of industry or sector, be it finance, sales, technology, etc. Here is a complete guide on inbound marketing, its objectives, strategies and the business problems it can help solve.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a very famous marketing strategy used to help potential buyers find your company or brand. It begins even before the customer is ready to make a purchase. The main aim of contacting the customers beforehand is to create brand preference. So, when the customer wants to buy the products, he should come to your company. It leads to an increase in sales and then revenue. An inbound marketing agency in Australia can help you with the best inbound marketing strategies.

If performed in the right way, inbound marketing can deliver exceptional results compared to traditional marketing strategies. It is because instead of renting attention, inbound marketing focuses on creating visibility so that the buyers come to your company by themselves. It aims at building trustworthy customer-business relationships with the clients by creating brand awareness and generating leads. The best part of inbound marketing is that the majority of the generated leads are organic.

Objectives of Inbound marketing

All the brand marketing services have objectives or steps that help the brand achieve its marketing goals. Inbound marketing generally has four steps that can help them in sustaining momentum.

  • Attraction– It involves using various digital means to attract a particular customer base towards the brand.

  • Engagement– Engagement is when the customers are attracted to your products and engage during the entire buying process.

  • Action– This step is the purchase decision made by the customer.

  • Satisfaction– This step takes place after the purchase decision when the customer transitions from a customer to a product advocate if he is satisfied with his purchase.

Problems that inbound marketing can solve

Inbound marketing is like a long term investment for your business. It works on different areas and aspects of your business and ultimately increases its revenue. Here are some problems that inbound marketing can solve.

No brand awareness– More than ninety per cent of business searches start with an online search. Top ranking in the search results and appearances in socials networks of the searcher can increase the brand’s awareness. Inbound marketing works majorly because of the power that organic search holds. SEO is a crucial aspect of the inbound marketing strategy and is also responsible for a successful strategy. Inbound marketing agencies in Australia have the best plans of action that can help you create brand awareness.

Want improved brand preference– Inbound marketing includes educating, informing and making the client familiar with your product before he even makes a purchase. It helps in building trust that makes the customer likely to buy your product. Being a familiar face for your customers can be highly beneficial for your company.

Want more leads but have less capital to invest –As mentioned above, inbound marketing is like a long term investment. It builds on and works wonderfully with time. The results will always be better than the last time as your company will get more efficient at creating and curating content. It will then naturally help in generating new leads without spending much.

What are the benefits of inbound marketing?

Outbound marketing involves putting commercials on the television, cold calling by the salesman, etc. It consumes time, money and a way lot of effort. Inbound marketing is the complete opposite of outbound marketing. It helps in achieving effective results that are not possible in the case of outbound marketing. Let us talk about some of the benefits of inbound marketing.

Cost-effective– Inbound marketing is a cost-effective and efficient marketing option as compared to its other alternatives. Inbound marketing is perfect for all business types, even the small ones that do not have a big budget. It gives the worth of every money they spend in marketing their brand.

Qualified leads– If your business gains visibility and brand awareness, attracting customers and leads towards your site will be unchallenging. Once they visit your website, they will probably stay and turn into potential buyers only if they find the content worthy. But the thing to note here is the more content you produce more will be leads generated. That is why you must keep your website ready with a call to action button. Without a call to action button, you might lose the leads as the visitors will not know what they need to do in the next stage.

Customer-business relationship–

When a customer follows you on your social media account or subscribes to your newsletter, you can consider them to be a loyal brand follower. Inbound marketing enables you to form cordial relationships with your customers based on this loyalty. If you continue to deliver high-quality content, good quality products and services, customers will always stick to your brand.

As your loyal customers are your followers, they will always get to know about the new products earlier than the others. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and also leads to brand recognition. That is how brand marketing services work.

Access to analytics– With the advancement in technology, we can now get a lot of information about the leads generated. You can learn about the bounce rates, crawl rates and click-through conversions. The data collected speak a lot about how your marketing strategy is going. It helps make changes and customizations in the landing pages so that you can get better and effective results the next time.


Not all marketing agencies are worth your money. Thoroughly research the services offered and experience of the inbound marketing agencies in Australia before finally hiring them. Evolv Design is one of the most experienced and trustworthy branding, rebranding and marketing agencies.

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