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Why You Should Not Store Your RV Outside During Winter

RV is an expensive vehicle and we should take care of them to use them for a long. Failing to do the maintenance and proper care will lead to damage to your vehicle. The icy-cold winter season can wreak havoc on your RV. Therefore, you should store it in the proper place like RV storage Daphne AL. Never store your RV outside during the winter season and the reasons are described below:

  1. Potential Damage From The Elements

The elements will cause damage to the exterior of your RV. Rain, snow, sun, and wind can all wreak havoc on your RV’s exterior. The rain and snow can cause your roof to leak and windshield wiper fluid to freeze which makes it unable to clean the windshield. The sun causes paint to fade, fiberglass to crack and plastic pieces (trim, cup holders, etc.) to become brittle. Wind will cause tree branches or anything else not tied down near your RV to fall on it causing more damage. Therefore, you should store your RV in closed units like RV storage Daphne AL. 

While these things may seem like they are easy fixes like replacing the tree branches that fell or caulk around the windows and caulking could be a simple fix but with time those leaks can lead to rot in the wood of your RV which only gets worse because once the wood is wet you have less than a week before mold starts growing inside of it. This adds another costly repair on top of fixing the leaky window itself.

  1. Critters And Pests

Even if you’re storing your RV indoors, then pests like mice and squirrels could still find their way in and cause damage. They can do damage to your water lines, plumbing, wiring, and even upholstery. If you store your vehicle outside it won’t take long for a pest to decide to make your RV home.

If their presence is left unchecked, they can chew through wiring and insulation like butter, which will cost thousands of dollars to replace or repair once the problem is identified. This can also lead to fires from exposed wires. They’ll also tear up upholstery in search of warmth. You don’t want an army of rodents and insects making a home for themselves inside your RV during the winter months!

  1. Barren Tires

If you store your RV outside for the winter, you will often run into a problem with dry rotting tires. This is due to the temperature fluctuations that RVers experience during the winter season.

The issue of dry rot occurs in RVs stored outside because of the constant expansion and contraction of materials due to fluctuating temperatures. The more drastic these changes are, the greater chance you have of damaging your RV tires. So, it is a good idea to store your vehicle in indoor units like storage units Daphne AL.

It is also important to make sure that your RV tires are inflated properly before storing them outside for an extended period. You will want to inflate the tires to their maximum pressure as indicated on their sidewalls.

First, check if there are any signs of damage or wear on your RV tires before storing them outside for a long period. In some cases, a tire may be losing air over time and you may need to replace it before storing it away for months at a time.

It is also important that you understand what could cause problems when storing your RV tires outdoors during colder months with high amounts of moisture in the air such as frost and snow. Make sure there is adequate ventilation around your vehicle so that excess moisture does not condense inside its interior components – this can lead to mold growth which may then damage parts like electrical wiring harnesses or other soft metals such as copper wire insulation?

  1. Damage Due To Frozen Water

The biggest risk of storing your RV outside during the winter is the probability of bursting pipes. If water is left in your RV, the low ambient temperature will lead to the freezing of water. Frozen water will exert pressure on pipes and lead to damage. Sometimes, it can lead to the bursting of pipe. Thus, you should avoid storing your vehicle outside.

Final Words

RVs are meant to be driven, not stored. So when you’re not using your RV, always store it in an enclosed storage space with climate control features. RVs are indeed built to withstand the elements. However, they aren’t meant to be exposed to them for extended periods. The fact is, RVs are built to be driven, not stored. In other words, when you’re not using your RV, it’s best to store it in an enclosed storage space like RV storage Daphne AL with climate control features. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your beloved vehicle will be ready when you want to hit the road next time.

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