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What Type Of Mattress Type Is Mostly Picked By Indian Sleepers?

The Indian mattress market is fledged with many types under various brands, thus confusing buyers. If you are looking for picked the best mattress, then, of course, there are two means, online and on-store visiting. Selecting of mattress should be a wise decision-making process that needs to be done with time-taking.

Before you picked any cheap quality mattress, it is good to know your needs carefully then investigate online with mattress type pros and cons. Still, if you absolutely have no idea about mattresses, then let us give you reliable content in the blog to end all your mattress purchase challenges.

The Popular Mattress Available in Indian Market:

Coir Mattress:

This specific mattress comprises natural coconut fibers with a layer of high-quality foam or latex. Thus ensuring good comfort and bounciness. Coir mattress in the Indian market is quite popular and are found here only as suitable for hot regions of the country.

These are eco-friendly and chemical-free mattresses that give the worth of coziness and support to the body, with no risk to skin allergies. Moreover, anti-bacterial and anti-dust mattress types are costly and even sag within years of use due to body weight. Coir mattresses are even less durable than other mattress materials.

Air Bed or Mattress:

These are lightweight, making them easy to carry. It is a type of investment in mattresses with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. The storage of airbed mattresses is simple as they are highly flexible, with proper support of firmness. It even ensures no sagging as filled with air always.

If you are dealing with body aches and spine alignment issues, then, of course, not invest in airbeds mattresses; they won’t heal your body pain and stiffness in shoulders, lower back, neck, etc. In fact, the issues of airbed puncture are also there, thus making it less durable. Sleeping on an airbeds mattress will not give the body the kind of rest you want, and it doesn’t provide body sweat and absorption, thus retaining stickiness, which can be uncomfortable in summers and for hot sleepers. İstanbul evden eve nakliyat

Innerspring Mattress:

Investment in coil and spring mattresses is all-time popular in the Indian mattress market. Sleepers looking for bounciness effects during sleep and body relaxation can purchase the innerspring mattress. It even ensures with feature to exert body pressure equally on the bed, but never good to deliver motion isolation sleep.

People with heavyweight looking for bouncy support mattresses with relief in body aches can choose this innerspring mattress. These are budget-friendly mattresses, however not much durable.

Standard Foam Mattress:

Foam mattresses are most commonly picked by buyers, as they are worth giving comfort in budget. These are soft and spongy and ensure cozy sleep for years. People with body pain, especially neck, shoulders, and back, can have a high-quality foam mattress with additional padding layers.

Standard foam mattresses are not much durable in quality and even sag with time. Sleepers looking for zero disturbance in sleep with complete body rest for hours while lying on the bed should have it.

Memory Foam Mattress:

People looking for high-quality mattresses can invest in memory foam options. It gives the body maximum comfort and retains pressure points with even bodyweight distribution. The open cell structure of the memory foam mattress is a promising feature for excellent and comfortable sleep with reliable support. Memory foam is suitable for sleepers with any sleeping position that makes it perfect.

Latex Mattress:

Why not look for a latex mattress if you are not tight with the mattress investment budget. The market is occupied with two types: a natural latex mattress and a synthetic latex mattress. Both are worth giving comfort and maximum rest to the body. The difference only comes with a natural latex mattress that is 100% natural, and synthetic latex is a hybrid one with next-level durability, support, and comfort. The synthetic latex mattress is an improved version of the natural latex mattress. 

The Bottom Line:

Searching for an excellent mattress, why not visit the Sleepwell Showroom in Ghaziabad and other NCR regions. Pick a brand like Sleepwell that has been serving perfect and healthy sleep for years. The brand offers a variety of mattress options that can suit your comfort needs and budget simultaneously. Check for the Sleepwell Latex Mattress Price, and compare it with other latex mattress brands. Explore all Mattress Showroom in Ghaziabad that makes your mattress investment worth years with a comfortable sleep in the label you can afford.

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