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How To Make Most Out of Your Basin Mixer Taps?

Basin Mixer taps are the need of any bathroom sink. They are among the most famous tap options. No doubt that you will have multiple choices while looking for suitable taps for your bathroom. But how would you decide to pick one appropriate option from various of them? Well, it’s a challenge for the ones who don’t have enough knowledge about mixer taps. This article has everything you need to know about mixer taps and will help you find the right one considering your basin type. So, let’s start. 

What Are Basin Mixer Taps? 

Basin Mixer taps are an advanced version of bathroom sink taps that lets you have mixed temperature water. It consists of two water inlets, one for the hot water and the other for the cold. Both hot and cold water flows into the basin from a single outlet. So, this was a brief intro to mixer taps lets have a look at the thing to consider before installing mixer taps. 

Why Choosing the Right Basin Taps is Important? 

Making the right choice of basin taps is important for two main reasons. It offers direct control over water temperature. A small lever is available to turn the water on and off. In addition, that it allows the mixing of both water temperature water as well. Moreover, the second important function of these faucets is aesthetics. Where these toilets provide a highly functional facility to keep good control over water. It is also important to make your bathroom look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. For example, these taps are available in contemporary and traditional ranges. So, if you are looking for modern taps set, then there are various choices available. Due to their prominent location over the sink, these play a highly important role in improving the bathroom’s overall look. 

What To Consider Before Installing Mixer Taps 

Making the right choice for Basin Mixer Taps is not easy as you might think. The more things you consider, the better. Most of the time, you will need to know the following things

As mixer taps require a single-hole sink, they should be installed in bathrooms with a single-hole basin. If you are building a new bathroom, you must remember to buy the versatile basin with mixer bath taps

If you have a traditional old bathroom with three holes basin, installing mixer taps would look a bit odd. Two of the three holes will be unused and give an ugly appeal to the overall bathroom. So, replace the basin with taps as well. 

Mixer taps come in various colours depending on the bathroom’s colour scheme. So always choose the option that’s versatile with the bathroom’s theme.

Most Popular Basin Mixer Taps Options

As stated above, mixer taps come in a variety of options, but all of them are based on the two main types listed below:

Standard Bath Mixer Taps

This is the most standard option in bath mixer taps. We can also say that mixer taps came into the existing in the form of traditional mixer taps. They consist of a single outlet with two faucets on the sides. The chromium finish shines bright and gives a sleek outlook to the fixtures. Mixer taps are duly practical and eased our life from the struggle of having optimum temperature water. Presently, mixer taps are available in various shapes. The ones who like a contemporary bathroom can install rectangular mixer taps. 

Mono Basin Mixer Tap

A significant advancement to the standard mixer taps is the modern monobloc mixer taps. They have a fancier single faucet that slides right to left to flow hot and cold water, respectively. They are more practical than a standard mono basin mixer tap, where you can have the desired water temperature by sliding the faucet. Overall, it’s an excellent edition for modern bathrooms. 

Final Thoughts

The basin faucets are a popular trend these days. And with this complete guide, you can visit any online bathroom store confidently make the best purchase. 

Basin Mixer TapsDifferent Types of Bath Taps

Let’s talk about some of the types of bathtub taps!

  • Deck Mounted Bathtub Tap. This tap comes with a removable shower head and is suitable for you if you want to enjoy the bath as well as shower yourself with water. 
  • Bath Mixer Taps. Mixer Taps are the most common type of taps. They are at almost every possible place in our homes.  These are also found in many washrooms, and they are the most reliable type of tap.
  • Wall Mounted Bathtub Tap. Wall Mounted Bathtub Taps are installed on the wall above a bath are arched. This makes them the best taps for great water pressure. Your bathtub fills more quickly with these taps.
  • Freestanding Bathtub Tap. If you want to make your bathtub a luxury, a freestanding bathtub tap is best for you. These are popular since the Victorian age, and they give your bathtub a whole chic look. They are fairly easy to install, and you don’t have to spend extra time on their fixture and repair.

Getting High-Quality Basin Mixer Taps.

In this article, we discuss basin mixer taps. The choices we have discussed will help you in getting the best out of your purchase. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have a range of all the leading taps brands like Premier, Kartell, and Hudson Reed available at lower prices.

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