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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet and Different Options to Choose From

 Problems you can face when your Toilet need to replace

The toilet is an essential fixture in every bathroom. The bathroom is incomplete without it. Perhaps, it is the most used utility. However, when it comes to makeover, it is considered the least important. However, one sure thing is that ignoring it while planning for a new bathroom may not only cost you comfort and satisfaction but money as well. If you buy a toilet that does not fit well in the space available or is not suitable for the type of bathroom you have, then sooner or later you will have to think about its replacement. 

Are you Planning to Buy a toilet?Although toilets have a long life span of around 20 years. It is possible you may need to replace them soon. But how do you know that it’s time for a replacement? Well, there are hard and fast rules to predict that there are signs that show that you should now replace the toilet.

In this article, we are going to explain different signs to look out for in a lavatory. But first, we will explain the options available for the new one. 

Different Options for The Toilet Replacement.

Generally, there are three main types that you can install for the replacement of the toilet. We have discussed as follows.

  • Close Coupled Toilet:  These are the most common and popular type that is found in most of homes in the UK.  As the name suggests, it is a type where your cistern and bowl closely join together to form a single unit. Perhaps, the toilet sits on the cistern and is closely attached to one another. It is easier to install and maintain, nor does it cost too much.  It is available in both contemporary and traditional designs. 
  • Back to Wall Toilet: These are upgraded versions, where the cistern remains hidden inside the wall or in a WC unit. While the bowl sits directly on the floor. Both bowl and cistern are separate parts that you can buy as per your choice. These offer a cleaner and minimalist look. The installation of these is a bit complicated, and it will significantly cost you more than the close-coupled style. 
  • Wall Hung Toilet:  The modern design, where the cistern remains completely hidden from eyes, while pan hung on the wall in the floating positions. So, there is no occupancy of space on the floor. It is the most minimalist design that is a great option for a small bathroom. In addition to that, it offers an aesthetically pleasing design. Its installation is complicated and should only be done by a professional. 

Sings That You Need to Replace the Toilet

There are several signs that indicate that you need to replace the toilet.  We explain them here

1-Cracks. If you see the leaking water from the bottom, it may be a sign of a crack in the bowl or flush tank. Such leaks can be damaging to the floor; therefore, you will need to take quick action for them. Repairing may not last long. Therefore, you should consider a replacement.

2-Flushing Problems. In case you notice that the flushing is not working properly. Then it may indicate a problem in the flushing mechanism. If possible, you can check it by opening the cistern; however, you will need to call a plumber for it if it is inside the wall. However, calling a plumber may even cost you as much as your new toilet costs. In some cases, it may be the pan that will require complete replacement rather than repair.

3-Wobbling. If it wobbles while you use it, then it may be a sign that the screws are losing up, and you need to tighten them up. Otherwise, it may be a sign of a serious problem that requires a complete replacement.

4-Out of style.  Nowadays, there is a variety of aesthetically pleasing toilets available in the market. If yours don’t match the bathroom’s overall style or design, you may consider replacing it with a modern toilet. It will increase not only the aesthetics but also your satisfaction and comfort. 

Are you Planning to Buy a toilet?

In this article, we have explained few options that you can consider for toilet replacement. In addition to that, we have also discussed few signs that indicate that it’s time to buy a newer one. At Royal Bathrooms UK online store, we all styles and designs of toilets available at reasonable prices. You can visit our website and make a purchase online. 

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