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What Is BSE And How It Works

The answer to the question of what is BSE can be understood as follows-

When it comes to the name of the oldest stock exchange, then everyone knows it’s the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). And among every stock exchange, it holds the 11th position with the largest market capitalization. The founder of the Bombay Stock Exchange is Premchand Roychand. Under BSE, there are 6000 companies list in it. 

Investing in listed companies under BSE is easy for every investor. To gain knowledge about the art of investing and making money out of the fluctuations of share prices and to achieve significant long-term gains. For this, you can visit a Best Stock Market Institute In Delhi. You can learn this essential art of investing through the best Share Market Course In Delhi

How Does Bombay Stock Exchange Work

After understanding what is BSE , we must know how it works.

In 1995, the open floor system was followed by BSE. After that, they change their approach to electronic trading, which was use by the New York Stock Exchange and Masada. Better efficiency and faster execution is the best advantage of electronic trading. 

Because of electronic trading, there is no need for any external specialist. One can get direct access to the market quickly. All the direction is shift to the total number of transactions of a day from the buyers and sellers. 

Through T+2 rolling statements, transactions have been made by BSE, although it means all the transactions are processed in two days. And for the regulation of stock exchange SEBI (Security Board of Exchange) is responsible. However, it continuously updates its rules and regulations to make the process and operations smooth. 

To learn more about what is BSE, continue reading.

Advantage of Listing in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

A company enjoys several benefits if it is list in BSE. Let’s look at them. 

Hassle-Free Capital Generation 

Gaining the trust of all kinds of investors becomes easy if the company is list under BSE. Regarding budding business, it separates the knowledge. Also, it allows every investor to analyze the imminent position and condition of such companies, which helps every investor to invest accordingly or based on analysis., 

Only when a company is list with the prevalent stock exchange of the country then at that time paid-up capital can only be raise. 

Once the company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, it is easy to sell the securities in the financial market. 

Supervised By SEBI

The companies listed on the BSE have to comply with specific mandatory regulations. There are certain policies in SEBI for, which are update on fix time of interval. These policies are to be follow by all the companies list on BSE. This is done so that an eye can be kept on all the companies and follow all the guidelines laid down by SEBI.

This regulation is also essential to stop any fraudulent company from registering with BSE. The investors get benefit from this as losses save them due to dishonest actions of the companies. This builds investors’ trust in the securities market. 

Publishment Of Correct Information Regularly

All the companies listed on the BSE have to provide correct information about revenue generation and investment strategies. The companies also declare dividends and bonuses. The company discloses all this and more data. Transparency and bond of trust has been create between investor and companies. 

Real Value Pricing Of Shares

The prices of shares of companies listed on the BSE determine how much demand they generate in the market and how much supply is available. The primary benefit of this is that the investors can know about the actual value of shares at any given moment.

Act As Collateral Guarantee For Loans

The shares and other securities which people purchase can be used as collateral guarantees when they wish to procure a loan from banks or other financial institutions. Thus, they serve double benefits. They provide higher returns as well as are helpful as a collateral guarantee at the time of procuring loans.

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Various Financial Instruments For Investors

Trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange may be done as primary trading or secondary trading. Direct trading can be easily performed by financial institution and register  broking agency. The transactions in primary trading will be made in a considerable amount. But, if you are an individual, a retail investor, you can only perform secondary trading relying on a stockbroker registered with the Bombay Stock Exchange or a registered platform that allows you to trade directly. To perform secondary trading, one must have a Demat account in a bank or with a registered stockbroking platform. All the dematerialise securities can be hold in that account.

Given below are some of the various investment methods which the investors can go with-

1 Equity

The shares issued by a company to raise the require capital from the public are called equity. The first time a company gives shares to the public in bulk is an Initial Public Offering. This allows investors of the primary market to purchase shares and invest in equity. These shares can further be trade in the secondary market. Raising funds by equity dilutes the ownership of a company

2 Debt and government securities

When any company wants to raise funds from the public but at the same time it doesn’t want to dilute or transfer its ownership to the investors, it uses debentures to raise money. Like government bonds and fixed return securities, debentures are also fixed return security involving lesser risk than that equity investing. Due to less risk, the returns are also less than equity returns.

3 Indices

Do many people wonder what is BSE index? Also there are benchmark indices for every stock exchange. The benchmark index for the Bombay Stock Exchange is SENSEX. It shows the average return of the top 30 companies base on market capitalization, which comes under the Bombay Stock Exchange. This index is used to check and monitor the fluctuation of the price of shares and the company’s performance compared to the overall average performance of the stock market.

 S&P BSE Auto, S&P BSE Capital Goods, S&P BSE Bankex are some sectoral indices. BSE also provides them.


However, Bombay Stock Exchange, being the oldest stock exchange in India, plays a significant role in regulating India’s financial markets and security market. For monitoring the performance of Indian Stock Market benchmark indices is use. Hope this article will help you to clear the understanding about what is bse and it’s features 

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