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Penny stocks to invest in India 2022

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Stocks with low share prices definitely look like bargains. Buying penny stocks may be an attractive way to try and grow your money in a brief time span. Penny stocks have a reputation for taking investors by surprise. It is indeed possible to achieve strong returns by investing in small valuation companies or depressed stock prices. Generally, it is wiser to invest only in less speculative valuation companies. Penny stocks to invest in India 2022 are cheap, with strong potential. 

Can you make a living on penny stocks? 

It is indeed possible to make a living on penny stocks. Investors concentrate on the potential for their stock pics, irrespective of price, to gain long term value. 

There are lots of good reasons to invest in small companies. First, investors buying shares in small but rising companies grab hold of a lot of share price upside compared to investors waiting to buy the stock until the companies grow into bigger versions.  adapazarı escort

You have to exercise caution, however, because things are never as simple as they are projected to be. For a very good reason, Penny stocks to invest in India 2022 are cheaply priced. No penny stock company can claim it has proved itself in the market on the strength of its performance. Their prospects and possibilities regarding future success are sketchy at best. There are stories out there, too, telling you of con artists who use such instruments to fool investors.  sapanca escort

There is some truth in the opinion that penny stocks are traded so cheaply since the businesses behind them are worth only that much. Rather than take up a simplistic view of Penny stocks to invest in India 2022, we have to take a broader view. A company’s valuation, or market capitalization, is decided by two factors: 

  • The stock price; 
  • The number of shares outstanding. 

The second factor is important since how many shares to issue is wholly up to the company to decide. Ten lakh shares outstanding at Rs 7000 per share is worth exactly as much as 1.10 crore shares outstanding at Rs 70 per share. What’s more, a company with a Rs 7000 share price very likely has stronger growth potential compared to a company with a Rs 70 share price.   

Penny stocks to invest in India 2022: perk up with the Pros Or Can you make millions on penny stocks? Or Are penny stocks worth holding?

There are diverse good companies trading for tiny sums. They could well have excellent fundamentals. There’s no ground for the unfair bias that such companies cannot have great leaders and teams, reliable, climbing financial positions and ratios, and creativity reflected in Industry-dominating products and services. 

  •  Penny stocks to invest in India 2022: the thrill is in the chase 

Have you ever made 5% on an investment in a year? You surely know that the thrill that comes with big gains – and losses – among penny stocks. Joyrides are not for the faint-hearted!

  • Watching a tiny budget grow: Penny stocks to invest in India 2022

The majority of penny stock investors have tiny amounts with which to begin. What’s wrong with looking for more bang for your buck? söğütlü escort

  • Speedy gains 

The best penny stocks have the potential for major price movements within days. 

Penny stocks to invest in India 2022: guts & glory!

  • Suzlon Energy

On the monthly chart, Suzlon Energy’s share has given a five-month breakout. It remained above the previous high of Rs 9.45 reached in July 2021. The data comes with a trend reversal indication. What’s more, the price has managed to stay above the upper Bollinger Band formation, implying bullish strength. The volume activity has been steadily growing the past two months.  

  • IFCI

IFCI share has given six months’ consolidation breakout on a monthly basis and moved above the previous high of Rs 16.4 levels in June 2021. The stock has been appreciating steadily with Higher Highs and Higher Lows formation on a weekly time frame. What’s more, the stock has shown Bullish flag pattern breakout with huge volume. 

  • Vodafone Idea

On a monthly chart, the stock has shown a strong resistance level breakout to the tune of Rs 13.50 levels, keeping above the same, indicating strength. The trend is positive and therefore promising. Naturally, this is accompanied by a bullish trend reversal indication. 


Penny stocks could be companies that are temporarily sick. Other investors have signalled that they have doubts regarding such companies’ worth. That’s why the share prices are so low. It is , however, both fair and wise to give such companies the benefit of the doubt. taraklı escort

There’s good reason, at least in a number of cases, to believe in the resilience of the leadership of penny stock companies. Fundamentals are strong, and they are down – but not out. Eventually, Penny stocks to invest in India 2022 shall break out of the ‘penny stock’ category. Investby guides you to profitable share trading. 

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