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What Is an eSIM? What Makes It Better Than Traditional SIM Cards?

It’s been around for a long time now, but eSIM technology is still evolving.  This technology has gained world-wide traction and recognition since it was introduced with the iPhone XS / XS Max / XR back in 2018. With eSIMs, users will benefit from instant connectivity, customizability, remote provisioning, and more. We will discuss exactly what an eSIM is and how it differs from a physical SIM in this article. 

What is an eSim?

Our previous phones have SIM cards we have to remove and insert into our new devices to get wireless service. However, things are changing. A few years ago, ESIM was referred to as a new vector of mobile communication for consumers and IoT devices around the world.  An embedded SIM or eSIM is a SIM card that is built into the motherboard of the phone.

How do eSIMs work?

With physical SIM cards, carrier data is stored on the physical SIM card itself, and devices require that data in order to communicate. eSIMs are essentially SIM cards installed and embedded in devices that have empty data slots. To connect to a network, a carrier can instead send the data through the internet, which the eSIM can use to connect. 

When the eSIM is installed, the device uses the stored data in the slot just as it would a conventional SIM card. However, eSIMs have the advantage of storing SIM data from multiple carriers, as opposed to physical SIMs that allow access to only one carrier. 

What are the benefits of eSIMs?

The service can at the very least reduce the hassle of changing networks, plans, and devices. It will no longer be necessary to obtain a PAC code, get a new SIM card, and update your device. Having your SIM card automatically configured for your new service or plan is all it takes to request the move.

You don’t have to worry about the various different sizes of SIM cards we have today if you buy a new device. When you register that device to your account, it will automatically be set up using your previous number and information.

Although in practice mobile networks still lock us into contracts most of the time. This would theoretically mean the freedom to change networks at any time.

Additionally, more than one number can be stored on an eSIM, allowing you to have multiple networks and numbers. A local number could be useful if you’re traveling abroad and want to avoid roaming fees, or if you want a work and personal number on the same phone.

Furthermore, by removing the SIM card slot, smartphone manufacturers can save a little bit of space, as an eSIM does not need a SIM tray and an ejection mechanism (to remove it from the phone), and it is smaller than a nano SIM. Therefore, space is available for other components or a slightly larger battery. These savings are modest, but many other smartphone components are too.

If that space were saved, a device could be made smaller. In either case, this could be even more beneficial for smaller devices like smartwatches, where eSIMs are also beginning to appear. Another advantage of these devices is that since they don’t have a physical SIM card, they will be less likely to be targeted by thieves since they can’t remove the SIM card from the phone.

What are the disadvantages of an eSIM?

An eSIM is less convenient when switching phones. SIM cards are not interchangeable between devices. Testing becomes more challenging as well. If you experience connection or signal problems. You can test by sticking your SIM card into a different phone to see. If the issue is with your network or device. This wouldn’t be possible with an eSIM.

There is also the fact that new technologies take time to become mainstream. The availability and support of eSIM are still limited. But this will likely change as Apple, Samsung, and Google support eSIM. Most of the standard major devices, such as iPhones, Pixels, and Galaxy series. eSIMs must adhere to the GSMA standards. However, for the sake of transparency. We will not cover a small portion of devices that do not adhere to GSMA standards. 

So we can say that eSIMs are another sign of the times. Where technology can improve our lives despite some side effects. You can also check out government schemes in india and other news.

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