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Hire an iOS Programmer – 3 Tips For Finding the Right Candidate

Before you decide to hire an iOS programmer, you’ll need to consider cultural fit. While you may hire a talented, experienced programmer, they may not fit the culture of your company. Successful professionals take the time to understand the culture of their company and adhere to it. Read on to learn how to choose the right candidate for your company. If you’ve been struggling to find an iOS programmer, you’re not alone. Here are three tips for finding the right person for your needs.

Authentic Jobs

If you’re looking to hire an iOS programmer, Authentic Jobs is the site for you. This web site attracts top designers and creative developers. The majority of these professionals are also experts on other operating systems, so you’re sure to find someone skilled in the necessary skills for your project. You can find freelance developers to work on both the design and development aspects of your project through Authentic Jobs. After all, they have listings of iOS programmer positions across a variety of platforms.

In order to find an iOS programmer with the best experience, check out the qualifications of the programmer. Ensure that the candidate understands the concept of memory leakage and the retain cycle. They must also be familiar with JSONSerialization, and should mention MutableContainers, MutableLeaves, and allowFragments when discussing the nuances of this technology. Authentic Jobs also has an excellent community of developers.


Using the iOS programmer on Upwork can be a cost-effective option for developing an iOS application. This type of developer can perform traditional design tasks, including creating high-fidelity visual mockups using Photoshop. These developers also understand colors, typography, and Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Upwork rates reflect those charged by freelancers in North America with more than a thousand hours of experience and a success rate of 90% or higher.


Hiring an iOS programmer is an exciting and challenging opportunity, but you must also be aware of several factors before finalizing the decision. First and foremost, cultural fit is vital when hiring a new professional. A cultural fit can make or break a new hire’s integration into a company. Most successful professionals dedicate time and effort to understand and adhere to company values. Similarly, if there is a cultural gap, it may cause quarrels, misunderstandings, and language hurdles.

Today, iOS is a popular choice for organizations and top-level individuals. This means you should also consider creating applications for it. However, finding high-quality Ios developers is not as easy as it used to be. Here are some tips to hire iOS programmer for your next project. You can start by looking for a job posting on a job board and look through resumes of qualified individuals. Ensure that the position you’re applying for is listed as ‘iOS’ in the job description.

Consider the experience of the iOS programmer. iOS developers fall into three grade levels, depending on their expertise. Entry-level developers have less experience, but have the basics of the iOS platform. Senior iOS developers have extensive experience and are experienced in different types of assignments. Moreover, they should be familiar with openGL and Metal. These are additional factors to consider when hire iOS programmer. The more experienced iOS programmer you choose, the better your project will be.

Stack Overflow

If you’re looking for an iOS programmer, one great resource is Stack Overflow. A large community of developers and designers, it acts as a knowledge base for the entire development process. The site features a dedicated job board where you can find an iOS developer for your project. In addition to posting listings for iOS developers, the site also offers helpful advice on programming and full-suite development, including tips and tricks for debugging.

The Iphone Dev SDK community is a thriving community, with thousands of developers. There are specific tags for Swift and Objective-C languages. There are also multiple forums and help wanted forums. You can look for jobs postings, tutorials, and even subscribe to newsletters. You can also post your own job postings on the site. However, you should be aware of scammers in the community.

Another option is to seek advice from the Apple help community on iOS development. The Stack Overflow community is similar to Ask Different, but is dedicated to Apple products. While you can ask general questions about iOS development on this site, you should avoid posting specific questions. Instead, post questions pertaining to Xcode or other non-language-specific tasks. Stack Overflow and Ask Different are sister sites that share the same community.

While you may not have the budget for an iOS programmer right now, you can still find an iOS developer on Stack Overflow. There are thousands of jobs available there for those with the right skill set. By researching the industry on Stack Overflow, you can find someone who meets your needs and is willing to take your project. There are plenty of iOS developers on Stack Overflow, but only a select few stand out.


If you are looking for an iOS programmer, Arc can help you find the right developer. If you are in Canada, you can find over 1,000 developers on Arc. You can post your job on the website and get responses from the developer. Arc is free to post jobs and advertise on popular social networks, but you cannot upload multimedia or attachments to the job post. While Upwork is another popular option, it doesn’t have the same vetting process and you can’t use multimedia to market your job post.

While many recruiters can find iOS developers online, Arc is a community-based platform that can help Australian employers hire the best developers. The company’s rigorous vetting process ensures that its developers are high-quality. Only 1.1% of applicants pass its rigorous vetting process, so the company can guarantee quality developers. Arc allows you to hire the developer full-time, hourly, or permanent, but charges a fee based on the salary the employee makes in a year.

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The application process for Codementor is quite lengthy. In addition, the Arc team reviews your application. The vetting process for Arc is more rigorous than that of Codementor, with an interview and a take-home test. Only the top 1.1% of applicants will be chosen for a position, according to Arc’s website. Despite this, Arc is a great option for a temporary or permanent job.

While iOS developers need to be familiar with XCode, Interface Builder, and Instrument, they should be familiar with design patterns, REST/SOAP web services, and APIs. Their experience also must include experience with social networking platforms and source control. Aside from iOS, developers should be familiar with other frameworks, such as Cocos2d, iPhone SDK, and Core data framework. This will help ensure that your work is flawless, and that you get great feedback from your colleagues.

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