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Tips to Publish Your App on the Google Play and App Store

All apps should be developed as per the requirements that the Apple App Store and Google Play Store provide. If you desire your application submission to get smoothly done, you should follow these statements. In case you don’t, your app could get rejected. It’s important to get familiar with the information on why apps get rejected with the aim to secure your development and to stay away from app rejection. Best App Development Companies Toronto can serve you best to do the same.

How much time does it need to publish an app?

In order to get your app published, app owners require to make either Individual (Small Business) or Enterprise accounts. You need to pay a certain fee to keep the account in both stores. An account for Google costs $25, and an account for apple costs $99. In case your submission is not made, the time of review may be extra delayed, or your application may get rejected. When your application has been reviewed, the status will get updated & you will get a notification. The process of publishing requires around 1 or 2 business days. When you have submitted your application for review, you can see the status in the My Apps section.

You must always bear in mind holidays as well as maintenance days, as they can knowingly delay the app launch. If you don’t receive a response, you can always check the Google Play Console or go to Apple services at the Apple developer site. Best App Development Companies Canada can serve you the best for this.

Reasons behind the rejection of your application at the Apple Store

You must make yourself acquainted with possible causes for rejection to ensure that you create your platform with the right content, technical, and design criteria. Here, we have taken the most general issues due to which apps get rejected to assist you in getting set for reviewing your developed application.

Content is not Relevant. 

Your application will not get approved if text and images haven’t been completed. Apps that contain placeholder content and are still in progress will not be approved.

Bugs and Crashes

The store will reject any app that crashes or which has bugs. Test your product on devices & fix all bugs prior to the submission.

Information is Incomplete

Ensure that you enter all thorough information required in the App Review Info section of iTunes Connect. If your app features need signing in, grant a valid demo account with having username & password. In case there are different configurations to set, contain the specifics. If your developed application has a hard-to-imitate environment, you will necessitate giving a demo video. Apart from that, you need to make your contact information up-to-date and complete.

Broken links

If internal links of the application don’t work perfectly, it can raise the possibility of rejection. Your application can also get rejected in case there is no link for user support or if contact details are out of date. If you provide free subscriptions or auto-renewable or your app is featured in Kids Category, you should give a link to your privacy policy.

Poor User Interface 

Apple needs to make sure that every interface of your app is clear & user-friendly, and they highpoint their expectations in their UI Design Dos & Don’ts and design guidelines. In case you fail to match interface requirements, you would get a rejection through Apple.

You can get assistance from Best App Development Companiesfor better help.

Inaccurate descriptions

If your screenshots and description don’t evidently explain the functionality of the application, it will be hard for users to know what your platform actually does, and your application will get rejected.


Check out whether your application shows ads properly over all devices. They will ask if your application utilizes the Advertising Identifier (IDFA). If you specify that your application uses IDFA, but it doesn’t display ads appropriately or doesn’t have ad functionality, your application won’t get approved. Likewise, your product will be assigned the Unacceptable Binary status in case you hide that it does utilize IDFA.

Misleading users 

If you assure certain functionality and features in your advertising & don’t provide what is promised, you will not get support from Apple either.

Web content

Apple anticipates the most effective use of exclusive iOS features when talking about web content, websites, and web interactions. Your application shouldn’t be very useful, responsive, and engaging to get accepted.

Lack of value

If an application doesn’t provide adequate content or functionality or only smears to a tiny niche market, it might also not be accepted. Have a look at the applications in your class on the App Store and think about how you can offer a better UX.

Similar applications

Suppose you are submitting two similar apps, which may be cause for rejection. Think about combining your applications into one if they don’t get approval on their own.

General Causes Behind app rejection by Google Store

In the year 2017, over 700,000 applications despoiled Google Play policies. Then Play store removed these bad applications. In actual fact, 99% of applications with offensive content were identified as well as rejected. This was feasible through substantial enhancements in Google’s ability to distinguish abuse by new machine learning techniques and models. One hundred thousand apps were also put down. This has made it harder for bad individuals to make new accounts and try to publish another set of bad applications.

Restricted content

Your application will get rejected if it includes:

  • Sexually unambiguous content
  • Things that possibly harm children
  • Applications that promote self-harm, eating disorders, suicide, choking games and other acts that may cause death or injury.
  • Graphic descriptions or depictions of viciousness or violent threats to any animal or person.
  • Instructions on the way to involve in violent activities such as weapon or bomb-making.
  • Harassment and bullying
  • reference to sensitive events such as disaster, conflict, atrocity, and death gambling
  • hate speech
  • unsuitable user-generated content
  • illegal activities

Neglecting security and privacy

Google is dedicated to securing user privacy. They offer a safe & secure environment for customers. Applications that are malicious, deceptive, or intended to misuse or abuse any device, network or personal data are severely prohibited.


Google never allow applications to use other entities or the app’s brand, title, name or logo in a way that may mislead consumers. Impersonation can take place even if there is not any thought to deceive. Be cautious when endorsing any brands that are not relevant to you. This also applies if that product doesn’t yet available on Google Play. In brief, don’t steal anybody’s intellectual assets. Always try to be one of a kind.


Applications that have in-app or in-store purchases must abide by the Google Play In-app Billing instructions. Applications that don’t evidently state certain or additional charges to use definite features in their descriptions will not get approved.

Broken or Spam functionality

Apps that force close, crash, freeze, or show other behaviour not reliable with a flawless user experience generally get rejected. Applications that spam Google Play or users with unwanted messages and duplicate & low-quality apps also get rejected, particularly when they are unable to install, install but unable to load, or load but not much responsive.


Google Play never allow ads that are disruptive or deceptive. Ads should only be displayed under the application serving them and are measured as part of the app. The advertisements shown in your application should be obedient to all Google policies.

Submission of your application

If you desire to get your application published, you require to follow the guidelines which the app stores give. This set of instructions isn’t designed to confine you but instead to help you make an application that results in returning clients. These requirements enable stores to find out whether apps are reliable & do as expected. If you keep these requirements to the core, they will allow you to make a digital solution that will be approved swiftly. Keep in mind that those avoiding heretical requirements are all the time better than trying to revise your application to match them after the fact. But you shouldn’t get dispirited if you face rejection because there is always the chance to fix errors & submit your application again.


Google and Apple moderate submissions and occasionally reject applications on the first review. They generally send an email that describes the violation. Afterwards, you require to delete the old one and load a new one that fixes the problems mentioned in your rejection letter. Once this is done, Google or Apple will review the app again and grant you a reply in two business days. Moreover, you can raise a ticket in the resolution centre in case you feel there was a misinterpretation of your Android app. If we talk about Apple, you can make a comment over the Apple developer iTunes Connect site. In case the mistake is from the app store, your app will get approved when the concern is resolved.

There are so many App Development Companies Toronto that follows these tips to get their app approved at the store. If you’re searching for an expert development team from App Development Companies to create your app with, contact iQlance. We will be pleased to make a frictionless user experience for your potential audience that adheres to Apple’s and Google’s policies. Have a look at our portfolio to know much about our expertise.

Julia Johnson

iQlance is a reputed name when it comes to Mobile App Development Canada. We have a team of dedicated app developers in Toronto who have sheer expertise and experience in developing high-quality, feature-rich and user-friendly mobile apps that are well-received by the users. After carefully evaluating your business type and requirements, our Top app developers Toronto will design the app that serves the core purpose. Services: We offer android app development, iOS app development, Apple Watch app development, Augmented Reality app development, Swift App development and many more. If you are looking for the best mobile App Developers in Toronto, all you need to do is to call us now. Our representatives would love to hear from you.

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