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Visit The Beaches in Gokarna!



Was your wish list for a long time of rippling waves, sparkling blue water, and glimmering sandy beaches? Then visit Gokarna’s family beaches. It is on the Konkan coastline and is a religious and seaside town of Karnataka. Perfect for a lover of the water, an amateur of adventure, yoga, and a devotee. The little city of Gokarna is surrounded on one side by hills, and on another by the endless sea, which offers every tourist a holistic, enjoyable, and relaxing experience.

Gokarna is a Sanskrit term that means literally “cow’s ear.” It was once, not in a mainstream travel list, a famous religious town of Karnataka. This holy city has, however, become famous over the years because of its pristine, clean beaches. Gokarna should be a traveler for you if you want to see how it looked like beaches decades ago.


To visit the Top 9 Gokarna Beaches


1. Om Strand


In more ways than you can imagine, nature can surprise you. It is known as Gokarna’s best beach. You should visit Om Beach if you want to explore nature at its finest and wonder at its creations. The beach is in the form of Om, a coincidence. So you should find this lovely coincidence first as soon as you hit this beach, and click on yourself.


You would certainly have this kind of beach from spellbinding. Even the setting is very fun. You can instantly enjoy the view of the hill and the beach. Therefore you can access the camera with an unused data storage card, as it fills up easily.


2. Beach of Half Moon


Half Moon One is another beach with a traditional name. The form of this beach is also its name. Yes, try to decode the type when you enter it. It looks obviously like a half-moon. When you understand the type, click on a photo and then follow the endless selfies.


On one side there is also a dense forest and on the other, there is an endless stretch of the Arabian Sea. It is actually one of the beaches that can hike across all of Gokarna’s five famous beaches. In addition, this tour is truly picturesque and special. So certainly you should try it.


3. Playa Gokarna


Naturally, this beach is named after the city and is the main beach. It is well known amongst pilgrims because this beach is near the Temple of Mahabaleshwar. Many of the pilgrims come to the beach first, then go to the temple for a tour.


Lord Shiva is dedicated to Mahabaleshwar Templo, and many devotees of Lord Shiva are going to visit this beach. It is one of the busiest beaches in the region. However, you will have the best experience on this beach by coming here in the morning. On this beach, you should be planning a stroll in the morning and prepared for the morning.


It’s also one of India’s surfing beaches. At this beach, you can also see plenty of trekking and yoga enthusiasts. You can schedule a beautiful trek from here to 5 of Gokarna’s most popular beaches, within a 10-km radius. These include Half Moon Beach, Om Beach, Kudle Beach, Climbing rock, and visiting the Dolphin stage.


4. Playa Kudle


You must go to this beach in Gokarna if you’re looking for consolation. It lies on a secluded stretch and is a blessing for nature enthusiasts. This beach is cut off from the tourist community and most tourists come to the beach for a relaxing time.


You will normally come and spend some time with foreign visitors and backpackers. It’s actually supposed to be safe for swimming on this beach too. If you just want to be at the beach for a day, swim, and relax, visit the beach of Kudle. No water sports and no loud crowds are available here. However, please be sure and responsible if you are going to take a dip.


5. Beach Paradise


A motorboat from Om Beach to Half Moon Beach can be reached from the beach. You can walk to Paradise Beach from any of the beaches. It is also known as the Full Moon Beach, which is well-known for its beauty.


This beach is approximately 150 meters long and is an excellent place to swim and relax.


6. Beach of Baada


Bienvenue to Gokarna’s cleanest beach. It is easy to remember when you walk from Kirki to Gokarna. One of the best beaches in the family, it’s an unavoidable visit because you won’t even feel at a beach in India.


On both sides of the beach are hilltops. In the center, there are still several rocks. It’s ideal for a relaxing time. Otherwise, beach volleyball, badminton, or boat trips would also be possible.


7. Playa Nirvana


If you are looking for a beach experience of its type, visiting Nirvana is a must. You have an impression of surrealism. It has a wonderful atmosphere and is among the popular sunshine points on one of Gokarna’s offbeat beaches.


On Nirvana Beach, you won’t notice a lot of people. There are also no huts, facilities for food and water. Therefore, some food and water should be brought along.


8. Little bright beach


It’s another beach worth exploring. When you visit Gokarna it needs to be on your bucket list. It is smooth, relaxed, and provides an overall experience.


You will be amazed by the clear, blue, and golden water stretch of the beach. It is entirely untouched and unknown to visitors. Here you can come and stroll, camp and swim. There are some enjoyable activities on the beach to enjoy.


9. Beleken Beach


It’s one of Gokarna’s farthest beaches and you’ll need to get to it on a boat trip. From Gokarna Beach to Beleken Beach there are frequent ships. You can even expect a few dolphins when you’re on the cruise.


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