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Best Company for Indian Visa Application in the UK

-International traveling requires several formalities to be completed. One of the most important things which you need to have for traveling abroad is a visa. Irrespective of the country and purpose you are traveling, you need to have an approved visa for departure. However, there are several countries where you can travel visa-free.

If you are planning to visit India soon then you have to apply for a visa as India is not included in the visa-free country. For every kind of visit, you can apply for a visa as there are various types available. There are separate visas like for a business, tourist, regular business, regular tourist, and can even apply for lifetime visa as well.

When applying for a visa the primary objective should be choosing the best company that can help you in easing the process of applying for the visa of the country you wish to visit. I know this is tough to identify, so to help you in easing the process I have personally looked for the best company that you can choose. So without any more puzzles, let’s straight away look at the company that can help you in India and its offerings with the various types of visas.

Best Company to apply for Visa for India from the UK

After looking at several companies that offer Indian visas in Manchester, we came to a conclusion and found Unique Visa Services the best. The reason why we choose UVS or the Unique Visa Services is its simple and less time-consuming process of Indian visa application from the UK.

The company aims to encourage tourism with utmost safety for the clients. It requires very less documentation as there will be no official procedure that will be carried out during your visit. If you are carrying a child below 16 years then you would have to submit some documents of parents like name, employment details along with a consent letter.

The best part about this company is you can even apply for an urgent business visa which the company can offer you in a very short period. So even if you are in a hurry Unique Visa Services got you covered.

This was just a small brief about how the company works and how well they perform in every circumstance when it comes to Indian visa applications from the UK. so now that you know about the company you can simply apply for an Indian visa from Manchester easily. But before you apply for a visa you need to understand the types of visas that match your purpose of visit, so that you don’t face any issues while proceeding. Below we have mentioned some of the categories of visas to help you understand better.

Types of Visas for India from the UK

You can easily proceed with an Indian visa application from the UK. All you need to remember is the correct time and submit the required documents. However, there are various types of visas that you can apply for depending on your visit. Some of them are:

  • Regular Indian Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Indian Business Emergency Visa
  • India Employment Visa
  • Indian Student Visa
  • India Entry Visa
  • Indian Intern Visa

Some Essential

  • Indian Conference Visa
  • Journalist Visa India
  • Indian Film / Fashion Visa
  • India_ Research Visa
  • Indian Transit Visa
  • Indian Medical Visa
  • Accompanying Medical Visa

These are some types of visas that you can apply for when you are visiting India. Apart from the type of visa, you need to submit a set of documents to the company. So in the next section, we have mentioned two visas along with the required documents for the application.

Documents Required for Indian Visa Application From the UK

We have only created a list of two Indian visas as most of the people’s preferences are covered under it.

  • Indian Tourist E-visa

This is a simple tourist visa to which you can apply for a duration of either 30days, 12 months, or 5 years. To apply for a tourist visa from the UK you need to submit a scanned copy of your passport, photograph on a plain background, and Indian E-Visa Manual form.

  • Indian Business E-visa

Similar to the tourist visa, it requires a scanned copy of passport, photograph in plain background, business visiting card, and Indian-E Visa Manual form. This visa is design-ed for people who are looking to visit India for business purposes.


With minimal documentation and effort, you can apply to proceed with the Indian visa application from the UK with the best in the business i.e., Unique Visa Services. The company will offer you all the required visas that too in very less time. You can even apply for a visa on an urgent basis and the company will look after it. So what are you waiting for, apply for an Indian visa from Manchester with Unique Visa Services now?


Hi! I am Frank Head, working as a blogger for Unique Visa Services. I share blogs which are quite helpful in getting the information about the visa processes, applications and services in various countries.

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