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Peru, luxury experience in the land of the Incas

What is special about Peru?

Today we will talk about Peru, an amazing country with an incredible heritage dating back to Chavin, Nazca, Chimu, Moche civilizations, but first of all famous as the land of the Incas.

If you are passionate about the culture and traditions of the Inca civilization which disappeared after the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, you should travel to Peru at least once in your life.

Machu Picchu, the symbol of Inca Empire

Certainly the main goal of many travelers going to Peru is to discover the lost city of the Incas, the marvelous Machu Picchu, which is actually one of the World’s Wonders. During the visit with a private guide, you will be able to reveal many secrets of this mystical architectural gem, as well as to learn more about the Incas in general. To get to the monument you will take a train from Cusco, the onetime capital of the Incas, or Ollantaytambo, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Other wonders of Peru

However, Peru is home to many other marvels as well.

One of the greatest enigmas dating back to Nazca civilization (5th century BC to 5th century AC) are the famous Nazca lines. These huge and mystical geoglyphs still remain an important subject of archaeological studies. Once you travel to Peru, don’t miss the chance to fly over these well-known lines. Your guide will be happy to give you all necessary explanations.

Other archeological marvels that you can admire in Peru are located mainly in the North part of the country. For that, you will need to visit, for example, the city of Chiclayo. Here you will explore different pre-Inca archeological sites, as well as discover some mummies. Another option is the city of Trujillo and especially its surroundings. By exploring the ancient city of Chan-Chan, you will learn about the local life at time of Chimu civilization. By visiting the famous Huaca del Sol y de la Luna, you will learn about the different religious rituals at time of Moche civilization.

For nature lovers, we suggest the one day trekking to the Rainbow Mountain. It will be an exceptional discovery of the beaten path. This natural wonder will surprise you with its incredible colors of natural origin.

And if you would like to enjoy the beach and the well-being, you can get to Mancora. It’s a great place to relax far from mass tourism.

Luxury travel to Peru

We are glad to inform you that the agency Peru Exclusive offers an exceptional possibility to all those who are searching an authentic luxury travel to Peru. From our personal experience, we can state that it’s a serious and reliable travel company who knows his job. Every detail is taken into account during the preparation of the trip. Continuous follow-up during the trip until our homebound flight. A very pleasant surprise at the end of the tour! Excellent private guide and great accommodations.

We wish to everyone a wonderful trip in the land of the Incas!

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