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Top Unique Places To Visit In Europe

The Best top unique places to visit in Europe in 2021 – One of the most popular tourist destinations, Europe welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. A compact continent, Europe is jam-packed with gorgeous destinations, unique cultures, multiple languages, and ancestral traditions.

When you hear Europe, destinations like London., Paris, Spain, and Hungary must come to the top of your mind. The reason behind the huge popularity of these destinations is they are well-trodden places to explore Europe.

If you are a travel bug who has already visited these popular places and looking for unique places to visit in Europe. Or someone who wants to explore the unexplored places of the continent. Or, looking for unusual places to visit in Europe. Then you have landed at the right place. Read about the hidden gems places of Europe that will allow you to explore new dimensions of this magnificent continent. And will allow you to see Europe from a new perspective.

Let’s know the 6 best top unique places to visit in Europe.

Kjeragbolten at Norway

Filled with magical and picturesque sceneries, Kjeragbolten in Norway is an untouched natural beauty. This rock mountain stands proudly on the land of Rogaland Country, Norway. Ever wanted to float in the air? Walk upon the boulder tucked between two cliffs 984 meters above the ground level.

A popular destination among the local people, Kjeragbolten doesn’t witness many foreign tourists. If you have an adventurous soul that loves base jumping and hiking, then you will instantly fall in love with this place. Take climbing equipment with you if you are planning to reach the cliffs. And the sinfully gorgeous view from the top will completely pay for your hard work.

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia at Barcelona

Standing with pride in the Northern parts of the city, Basilica de la Sagrada Familia resides in Barcelona, Spain. If you share a love for skyscrapers, then you will love its 18 towers scraping the sky. This unconventional church in Europe is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Designed as a non-gothic church, this monument is built under the supervision of the most prominent architect of modern times, Antoni Gaudi. And is an example of one of the most surrealistic buildings built by him. Thus the place is often recognized as his signature.

A great sight to eyes this church was commissioned in 1883. And is a popular site among the local visitors. Take direct flights to Barcelona from US to see this amazing architectural model.

Gaint’s Causeway at Ireland

Located in the Northern region of Ireland, Giant’s Causeway is a natural reserve in Bushmills. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this place is a natural wonder and surely a one of its kind. Made up of as many as 40,000 Basalt columns with peculiar shapes, Gaint’s Causeway is a unique beauty.

Made up from the rocks that came from volcanic eruptions, this place has never failed to gather tourists’ interest.

The Black Forest in Germany

A surreal destination in the SouthWest part of Germany, the black forest is a mountainous region sharing borders with France. The magnificent land of gorgeous evergreen forests, picturesque sceneries, and mesmerizing villages, the black forest has great flora and fauna.

Looks like coming out from a beautiful fairy tale, this forest is often associated with the popular Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Spend your days exploring the forests and spend your night at elegant wooden cottages. The spas here make it a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Visit the nearby town Freiburg to witness gothic architectural designs. And spend time tasting some wine in the elegant vineyards. Also, take direct flights to Germany from USA to visit this amazing compact forest.

Tinto River at Spain

A beautiful river flowing through the southwest regions of Spain, the Tinto River flows through the city of Huelva. Looking like a surreal painting, the name of the river “Tinto” represents painted in Spanish. The bright red color at the edges of the river gives it an unrealistic beauty.

The red color comes from the mines of gold, copper, and many other metals. Although the river is sinfully beautiful, the water of the river contains a high acid quotient. This is caused because of extensive mining of iron along the banks of the river which later got dissolved into the river’s water.


An Istrian Peninsula of Croatia, Hum is the smallest town around the globe. A compact beauty was established in the 11th century. And is still in the same shape as it was centuries ago. The untouched beauty of this town provides it a unique aesthetic that is a perfect blend of different centuries. A resident place of as few as 30 people, Hum has a compilation of two streets.

Despite the compact size, Hum is popularly known for its mistletoe schnapps that is easily found here. The brandy fair held at Hum in October is a large tourist attraction. People from all across the world gather here to taste the Istrian Brandy produced here.

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