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Enjoy Adventure in the Desert With a Desert Safari in Dubai

A desert safari is an ultimate travel experience. A five star hotel can be booked in Dubai, which offers the best desert safari. The trip comprises the exciting activities such as Belly Dancing, Dune Bashing, Sand boarding, Tanning, Camel Riding and Horse Riding. Not just that but the palate is also well taken care of, delicious BBQ dinner is served to you during your Evening Desert Safari Tour, mouth watering BBQ cuisine is additionally provided for your palate. And if you are a little adventurous, you can take the trip to the Sinai and the Damal Mountains. The trip provides you with the opportunity to view some of the most amazing scenery in the world.

Your Dubai desert safari will include a visit to the Sharjah National Park where you will have the chance to view sand dunes and view camel safaris. There are also desert safari Jeep tours that take you deep into the oases where the camels feed in the morning. These excursions provide you with the opportunity to view the wild animals and go on one of the many treks through the oases. You will get a chance to see the different species of birds such as the Red Junglefowl, Black Headed Bantam, White Stockingfoot and Grey Junglefowl etc.

Another very interesting desert safari in Dubai is a Bike Rides where you will get the thrill of a lifetime. Bike riding through the sand dunes gives you the feel of total freedom. On a hot summer day, you can have your breakfast along the dune bushes and enjoy the beautiful sunset. During your Dubai wildlife safari, you will also view the Great Indian Desert, which is a home to a number of tribes. Your Dubai wildlife safari will take you to the Al-Udeida Mountains where you can camp and have a comfortable camping feel.

Desert Safari Dubai

The desert safari Dubai tours will take you to the Al Abu Dhabi. Here, you can have thrilling adventure activities such as climbing the sheer cliffs. Trekking the sand dunes or trekking the palace. The Al Abu Dhabi is a must see for all adventure enthusiasts. One can go through the adventure activities of camel safari. Trekking or mountain biking while enjoying the beauty of the city.

If you like water activities. the overnight desert safari in Dubai gives you the option of camping in a camel safari camp. You can choose to camp in a self catering tent or the luxurious camping site in the desert. There are many camp sites with water, electricity and the necessary amenities to make your stay in the desert comfortable.

The camel riding adventure in the desert is one of the best ways to enjoy the adventure sports in Dubai. Tourists who visit Dubai often like to spend their time in the desert. So, Dubai hosts several camel safaris to entertain the visitors. The adventure sports arranged for the guests include trekking, desert safari, hot air ballooning and the hot air ballooning.

Desert Safari in Dubai

On the second day of the desert safari starts the cultural activities. There are traditional dances performed by local Bedouins and tribespeople. The desert environment provides the perfect setting for these cultural activities. This desert safari starts from Al-Gabel Camp and the journey takes visitors to the Gabel Camp. Where there are traditional Bedouin village where the people speak a dialect of Arabic.

After the cultural activities, guests can have a number of camel rides on the sand dunes of Al-Gabel. The best time to visit this desert safari in Dubai is between the months of June and August. Visitors can also enjoy the hot air ballooning over the desert. And enjoy the desert safari in Dubai by enjoying the camel rides in the desert. This desert safari in Dubai offers the visitor to see the wildlife of the area which is not found anywhere else in the world.

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