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Where to Go if You Rent a Car in Maryland?

Small in size, one of the most extreme states on the East Coast, and the progenitor of rebels and revolutionaries – it’s about Maryland in the United States. This state is very interesting from a travel point of view. With major coastal resorts, many historical and architectural city attractions, it offers many interesting things for everyone. And if you pick up car rental Maryland, the list of amazing places you can visit will be even wider. 

Yes, a rental car gives you unlimited travel opportunities for a cheap price. Beach lovers can go to Ocean City. Baltimore will surprise you with its marine character and many iconic sights around. At the same time, the fans of nature can take a rental car and go to the nearest park. 

Planning a road trip to Maryland? Here’s a list of the most popular places to go by rental car.


Baltimore is the largest city in the state and its main port. It’s also the birthplace of Edgar Poe. You will even find the writer’s former home there. 

Baltimore’s major hallmark is the Inner Harbor. An entire fleet of ships is moored at the piers, and many of them are open for excursions. However, the harbor is interesting for tourists, first of all, because it’s the city’s major shopping and entertainment area full of iconic sights. The docks and streets around the harbor are teeming with museums, restaurants, shops. 

Also, be sure to visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore. For just $39.95/ person, you will see a show with dolphins, and admire a huge collection of marine life including 10 thousand different species. From the harbor, you can take a water taxi to the Little Italy area of ​​Baltimore. This place is still home to a large Italian community, which is why the restaurants and cafes in the area serve authentic Italian cuisine.

National Electronics Museum 

15 minutes drive from Baltimore you will find another must-see place in Maryland, which is the National Electronics Museum. Robert Dwight, an engineer at Baltimore’s Westinghouse, founded it as an opportunity to showcase his best engineering findings. 

Throughout its almost 40-year-long history, the museum has continually expanded its collection of examples of the most impressive and breakthrough technologies. 

The National Electronics Museum currently houses over 10,000 items, including radars and sonars, equipment for telecommunications, radio, and television, coding and breaking codes, as well as vacuum tubes and Cold War paraphernalia. The Museum fulfills its mission with dignity, so it pays tribute to the achievements of the true engineering pioneers.

Ocean City 

This resort town attracts thousands of tourists every year to enjoy the magnificent beaches and swim in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The 15-mile long sandy beach is the main pride of this small resort town. 

The local population doesn’t exceed 8 thousand persons, although in summer about 350 thousand people live here! The beaches and ocean attract travelers with children, thus making Ocean City a top-notch family resort. 

Here you will find all the possibilities for water sports while your children enjoy the local amusement parks. Another wonderful Ocean City attraction is the boardwalk, a 3-mile-long pedestrian promenade with many cafes and restaurants serving excellent seafood.


Drive your rental car south of Baltimore for 30 miles and you’ll reach Annapolis, the state capital. Now it’s a quiet place with well-preserved 18th-19th-century buildings. The hallmark of the capital is the US Naval Academy, which is the pride of the country’s naval forces. It shows the rich history of the entire American navy. 

The nearby US Naval Academy Museum was opened in 1845, and its expositions are devoted to the history of the fleet, as well as the training of naval specialists, including marines. Entrance to the museum is completely free and is open to visitors Monday through Saturday from 9 am till 5 pm. 

Also, travelers come to Annapolis to admire the Chesapeake Bay, which covers approximately 11,600 square kilometers of the coastal area.

Deep Creek Lake 

Located in Garrett County, Deep Creek Lake is a natural complex with everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. You can go boating, stay for a few days in a lakeside house, go fishing and just admire the magnificent nature. 

As a rule, travelers stay in campsites, the cost of living in which may vary depending on the exact location. The average cost of living is from $30 to $60 per night, plus an average parking fee of $10 per car. If you stay in houses with full service, then the cost accordingly rises to $80-200, depending on the accommodation options available.

The Awakening

If you like unique pieces of art, then you should definitely explore this man-made creation. The Awakening sculpture is located in National Harbor, Maryland. It’s a composition depicting a giant waking up after a century of sleep and trying to get out of the ground. 

The author of the statue is the American realist sculptor John Steward Johnson. The Awakening is one of his most striking and impressive creations. John Johnson became famous for his works far beyond the borders of the country, as you may also find his bronze statues in museums of Canada, Asia, and Europe.

How to rent a car in Maryland?

The easiest and fastest way is to book a rental car online. The best time to do this is 2-3 weeks before your trip. You can also pick up a car on the spot, but try not to rely on last-minute car rental during periods of high demand, as you risk not having the required car available.

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