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Top 7 Japanese Dramas You Should Watch

The Japanese series is slightly smothered by its Korean counterparts, which are more well-known dramas. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s not a lot of notable ones you need to consider giving a shot. 

Actually, Japanese cinema has always been a juggernaut from the beginning of Akira Kurosawa, the prime of Japanese horror, to the stunningly beautiful animated films by Hayao Miyazaki. The same greatness extends to the dramas on Netflix. We are fortunate that Netflix has lots to provide. Using an online japanese name generator and god name generator, you can generate various names, give them a shot.

While the majority of them tend to be inspired by manga (Japanese comics) series, it doesn’t mean that they’re not worthy of your attention. Since they’re made from popular material it is only appropriate to see them made into a show. Japanese dramas are on the rise due to recent successes like Alice in Borderland topping Netflix charts. They’ve already signed up for a new season. Then there’s The Naked Director which just launched the new episode of its avcılar escort season.

Are you looking for the top Japanese dramas to catch? From thrillers, romances, to fantasy, we have compiled our top choices to catch in 2021.

1. Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland reclaimed the popularity of Japanese dramas, and when it came out, it landed the top place on the charts in Hong Kong. The film, inspired by a manga series, is set in post-modern Tokyo and follows a hapless and unruly gamer, Ryohei Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) who discovers the once-bustling city abandoned after a meeting with his buddies at Shibuya station. A voice guides him to play a game that they’re obliged to play, but it’s not like another game, it’s an actual game that they must take part in to be able to survive.

Despite the grim and bleak survival setup, The show is filled with thrills and excitement and maybe that’s what we all need when we are in the quarantine. Because of its popularity, the possibility of a sequel has been announced and could be something we can look at in the near year.

2. Giri/Haji

The show is actually an English-produced drama, however, considering that a large portion of the story takes place in Tokyo with the majority of the actors Japanese in addition to speaking Japanese It’s an excellent addition to the list. 

The cross-cultural story is about Kenzo Mori (Takehiro Hira) , a Tokyo detective who goes to London to find the brother of Yuto (Yosuke Kubozuka) whom he thought was dead. Yuto is in hiding because he is accused of killing the nephew of a Yakuza (gang) member. Kenzo’s quest for his brother has strained his family in Tokyo and has also led him into London’s criminal underground.

The film, titled Giri/Haji or Duty/Shame English received critical acclaim as a superb crime thriller that doesn’t shy from displaying a sense of humor. The cross-cultural character of the film is refreshing, combining elements of the story from Tokyo in Japan and London.

3. Erased

Erased is the premise of the popular manga-fantasy series with the same name that also inspired an animated series and a live-action feature. The story revolves around Satoru Fujinuma (Yuki Furukawa) who is able to travel back in time in order to help others. 

He awakes 18 years back in the past, and is given the chance to save his mother and father, and also to prevent the kidnapping and kidnapping of an innocent girl who lives nearby.

This Netflix drama is the most faithful representation of the original source material, which is why it’s the most authentic and authentic viewing experience from all of the adaptations. Erased tackles serious issues like child abuse. It is also a coming-of-age story about a young Satoru who has the lives of others in his.

4. Million Yen Women

Another adaptation of manga can be found in Million Yen Women starring the leader of the renowned Japanese group, Radwimps, Yoji Noda in his first role of the character which five women are pinning on. Shin Mishima (Noda) is an unemployed novelist who lives with five women who are mysteriously living in the same home. 

Each woman is required to pay Shin one million yen each month to cover living and rent expenses. In exchange, the house is governed by certain rules in the home. And questions regarding the lives of the women are not allowed. However, Shin soon discovers they aren’t the women they appear to be.

Million Yen Women is part mystery and part romance. You could be on the edge trying to discover the identities of these women. But still waiting for Shin to become an acclaimed bestseller. The 12-episode arc is certainly an exciting journey.

5. Switched

The body-switching scene could bring us back to the days of Freaky Friday, but Switched isn’t an amusing comedy. Another adaptation from manga, Switched revolves around Zenko Umine (Miu Tomita) A high-school student who appears to commit suicide.

A fellow student Ayumi (Kaya Kiyohara) observes this and then collapses in shock. When Ayumi awakes and realizes that she’s not in her body, but rather in Umine’s. The story unfolds from there, including the reasons Umine “commits suicide” and the reasons why they switched bodies in the first place.

Switched brings the idea of body-switching on the big screen. We’ve seen it in the cult animated film Your Name, albeit the gender differences. The series doesn’t just explore the themes of depression and social anxiety but also lays out an intriguing fantasy concept.

6. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories is a great way to satisfy your desire for Japanese food in the present time when travel is put on hold. The show focuses on Meshiya, an upscale late-night eatery located in Shinjuku managed by a cryptic chef who is only known as Master. 

Each episode centers around one customer who relates their story. Master offers to help them. gives some advice or advice…alongside food. The food is somehow linked to the story, and more often, is the most-loved dish of the persona.

The show’s episodic nature is an instant hit in Japan and around the world. The heartwarming stories about food are the type of comfort stories (and the food) of which all require. Master’s advice might be important to a specific character, however, it’s something viewers can learn from and connect with.

7. Good Morning Call

For those who are in need of an action-packed romantic comedy take a look at Good Morning Call. The drama was inspired by a manga featuring Nao Yoshikawa (Haruka Fukuhara). Who moved into her own apartment in the city. 

However, to her delight, her old classmate Hisashi Uehara (Shunya Shiraishi) has also relocated to the exact same place. They agreed to live in the same house so that they could pay rent. The living arrangement sparks an affair between the two.

A playful watch that spanned through two seasons with the fourth one still under discussion. Good Morning Call is a delightful and enjoyable watch.

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