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How can employee engagement videos benefit your team productivity?

So to help you understand how video for employee engagement works, this blog lists the top 10 ways employee engagement can be enhanced via live videos.

Top 10 Tips To Boost Employee Engagement In 2022

1. Increase internal engagements with live videos

The pandemic has led all businesses to continue operating from different locations. While this could be a concern, especially when employee engagement is being regarded, thankfully, internal communication eliminated this issue. Remote work video made it easier for employee engagement to get back on track. 

Employees worldwide could still conduct meetings and engage with anyone from the team whilst opting for face-to-face communication. In case of employees miss out on these meetings, the option to save or record these engagements via remote video works too

2. Uninterrupted meetings & information distribution

With the pandemic still in place, it becomes difficult to travel long distances to engage with clients. Thus live engagements do the job. Employees can engage with anyone without any geographical restriction. In fact, important updates or announcements can be conducted in live video form and then saved to share with employees in your team.

3. Better training ability

When you start a business, it doesn’t become tedious to train a team or a new member. But as your company continues to scale, it becomes difficult to train every new member that enters the organization. The reasons could be multiple such as maybe you’re busy in a meeting or not in town, etc. But this shouldn’t stop the training from happening, should it?

Thus here is when internal company work. When you have a training session, the same live streaming can be recorded and saved so that it can be used for the next training session. Since the video recorded will be in detail, it becomes easier for employees to refer to the same resource as and when needed. 

4. Retain human touch

One of the negatives that the pandemic brought in was the inability to retain the human touch. While the online platform work wonders to connect one employee to another over a good internet connection, the feel of human touch is still lacking. This issue too is eliminated.

With live videos, businesses can still get in touch with anyone, be it the employees or top clients. Face-to-face communication via video works well to retain the maximum amount of human touch required. There are moments where it will be difficult to engage with others on a complex topic which is why live video sessions prove to enhance such communication. 

5. Exhibits product demos

What is the best way to capture your user’s attention? Tapping them with an innovative solution. How many times have your users walked off or showed no interest in your product demos? The reason for this action is your users have nothing to retain their attention against. So what would happen if they could witness product demos in a more visual manner? Do you believe it would make a difference?

Yes, it would. The thing about visuals is they work well to retain attention. So instead of sending long texts or presentations about your product demos, switch to a more attractive platform such as live videos. Recording these live videos will also help you share the content online and amongst your team so next time any of your employees engage with a potential client, these internal comms will assist them better.

6. Encourages better team work

Are you confident that your sales team is aware of what your content team is doing? The best way to encourage teamwork is to allow all teams to contribute in all sectors. This opens room to new ideas and helps you enhance your product and service better. The use of live video makes it easier to communicate and engage with a larger group. 

7. Record videos

Recording live video sessions benefit your employees in two ways, catching up on what is being missed out, on and sharing crucial knowledge that can benefit their current skills and workstyle. There would be moments where you believe that this session or webinar can benefit one of your teams, isn’t it? Thus when you record your business live video sessions, you can use these video for employee engagement.

8. Cost-effective solution

Investing in an enterprise streaming solution is a wise decision. Did you know that an investment in a streaming solution proves to be much cheaper when compared to an investment in multiple apps? Imagine paying for so many apps that offer different video features. But what if we told you that you can just invest in one platform and reap the benefits of accessing all video features?

There are multiple enterprise streaming solutions available in the market, they help you set up such an application that helps you do more than just record videos. 

9. Track employee engagement

What is the best way to track your employee engagement? The suitable answer is tracking the performance of the engagements. With analytics, you can get the answer to multiple questions such as how many internal communication videos are being accessed?, what employee engagement videos are being viewed more? etc.

10. Conduct more employee engagement actions

Live video is not limited to just engagement, there is so much that can be done such as to conduct product releases, having conferences, exhibiting presentations, etc. 


Having an internal communications video strategy allows you to use the above-listed top 10 tips well. But to make this process easier, investing in a reliable enterprise streaming solution provider is preferred. So tell us which tip will you get started with first?

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