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Tips to Maintain & Clean Exhaust Fans In the Kitchen

Over time, the exhaust fans start accumulating grease, dust particles, and ickiness, which blocks their effectiveness and efficiency in improving air quality.

Thankfully, cleaning them periodically can keep your home safe from germs, bacteria, and fire hazards.

The basic function of a kitchen exhaust fan is to remove steam, odours and contaminated air. Other than this, it reserves stability and keeps the air free of smoke and other harmful things. However, they also require proper maintenance. Grease and grime start building up on the exhaust fans due to constant use. And, neglecting to clean it leads to a grease fire in the kitchen. That’s why it’s necessary to give your kitchen fan some regular care and avoid creating bigger problems.

Let’s find out – how to maintain and clean exhaust fans in the kitchen!

What Do Kitchen Exhaust Fans Do?

Even a kitchen exhaust fan has the same primary function – to eliminate the dust particles and throw them outside. In the kitchen, exhaust fans are placed either as part of an above-range microwave assembly or in a hood above the stove. It draws away steam from pots of cooking food or boiling water. So, the humid air doesn’t start accumulating and wearing out your kitchen. Additionally, it also pulls out that strong cooking odours remove smoke and grease to clean cooktops. The tool also works well for expelling warm air while using during the summer.

How to Clean Exhaust Fans?

Exhaust fans can’t only control humidity but also keep the air fresh. How? These amazing tools can suck up the accumulated particles that collect on the blades and motors. If you fail to remove the dirty buildups or reach a thorough cleaning procedure, it won’t only negatively affect the fan’s capacity but also lower its lifespan. That’s the reason need a kitchen exhaust fan.

Here are the following steps for exhaust fan maintenance.

Remove the Filters of Exhaust Fans

The foremost thing to do is to separate the filters of a kitchen exhaust fan. However, you must first unplug it and stand on a sturdy ladder or step stool to remove the exhaust fan cover and its filters. After removing the filters, dip them into warm water. Following this will help in loosening off the dirt particles and the grease which gets accumulated on the filter.

Vacuum Out Dust

Once you successfully remove the exhaust fans’ cover and its filters, the fan blades and motor are exposed. By using a vacuum cleaner, it’s time to remove all accumulated dust from it. This will keep the exhaust fan’s components in proper condition at the time of functioning.

Clean the Filters

It’s time to clean the filters thoroughly. So, place the filters into a mixture of warm water and a cleaning solution. Letting filters soak into a solution for about 1 hour. Now, take out the filters and start scrubbing them off properly with a bristle brush to remove the hard dusty particles. Don’t forget to dip the filter frames into the solution.

Clean the Kitchen Exhaust Fan

After thoroughly cleaning the filters and their frames, it’s time to jump to the next step for cleaning the fans. Fan blades play a significant role when it comes to throwing out the greasy and smoky air from the kitchen. So, create a mixture of warm water, ammonia, and baking soda and put the blades into the solution for a while. Now, scrub the fan blades from the front and backside. Let them dry with paper towels or cotton clothes to eliminate the excess solution and water from the blades. This procedure will remove the grease and tough dust particles from the fan.

Install the Exhaust Fan

Before installing or placing the exhaust fan, take a dry cotton cloth to remove the remaining water and dust from internal components. The damp cloth also works well for eliminating stubborn dirt. Now, install the cover and fans back it to its position. Following this procedure will help in saving time and money.

Follow the General Maintenance Tips

Despite following the regular cleaning procedure, every homeowner also needs to think about this appliance maintenance for obtaining the maximum benefits. How? Follow the cleaning procedure for at least three months and a thorough cleaning twice a year. The other best solution is to hire professionals for keeping the fan functioning properly.

Wrap Up!

Always remember that regular cleaning won’t only extend the life of the kitchen exhaust ducting system but also let fresh air flow inside the kitchen. As we mentioned above, if you fail to reach the desired result, you must consider taking assistance from professionals for performing maintenance.

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