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11 Distinct Varieties Of Lilies Plants

Whenever we imagine a lily plant in our thoughts, we constantly come up with huge, attractive white flowers succumbing to a sweet fragrance—no doubt why they make a beautiful and refreshing wing to any area or garden. However, indoor lily plants & indoor bonsai plants tend to need regular care. Hundreds of natural lily species can be seen around the world. Most of these varieties of lily are grown as plantation specimens. Various people do to get lily plants like old fashioned, but the thing is that the classes of this plant range in hundreds. These plant varieties & species can be distinguished based on their shade, shape, smell, growing conditions, etc. if you are also wondering about distinct lily plants. Check out these and buy plants online from the top leading online nursery:

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lily is one of the most famous varieties of lilies for cut flowers and potted plants. The spring bloomers, cold-hardy Asiatic lily, are the most comfortable to grow & boast the most extensive colour spectrum. Their stalks stretch 3 to 4 feet high & are covered with small (four to five-inch), unscented flowers. Asiatic lily blossoms are up to facing, outfacing, or jewellery.

Martagon Lily

Also acknowledged as Turk’s Cap lilies, Martagon lily produces short, downward-facing flowers & whorled petals. Another spring bloomer, these giant lilies grow in cool climates and colour instead of hot or humid weather. While they may have difficulty adjusting to a fresh garden, these hybrid lilies will grow once established.

Yellow Water Lily

The yellow water lily plant is thought to be pretty popular. They are generally known for their beautiful and growing flowers that grow inside ponds. The leaves of this plant are located in many variations, such as small and wide. These plants hover above water in ponds. They are considered to be the best indoor plants online to shop for the living space. 

Candidum Lily

The initial mention of lilies dates back about 4,000 years & leads to a bright white variant of the Madonna lily (L. candidum). Artefacts representing this lily have been seen in ancient cities of Crete, Greece, & Mesopotamia. Belonging to the Balkans & the eastern Mediterranean, this range comprises most European species. It blooms from late spring to the 1st summer and produces odorous white lilies with a yellow base.

Fish Lily Plant

Fish lily plants are also called peace lily plants. They are generally famous for their elegant look as well as the advantages they provide. They help in cleaning the air & make the atmosphere fresh to breathe in. Peace lilies are also thought to be the most popular type of houseplants. They are pretty straightforward to grow as well.

American Lily

American lilies are derived from wild lilies belonging to North America. They open in late spring (May to mid-June) in hot climates and summer (from June to early July) in colder climates.

Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily is a stylish cross that owns eye-catchy immense flowers. It is a lily of the oriental level. Oriental lilies are selected for their intense fragrance & bright blooming summer flowers. However, they are also pretty simple to grow or thrive.

Oriental Lily

Oriental lily is derived from crossing varieties of lilies such as L. auratum and L. speciosum. These lilies can attain heights of 5 feet & have large flowers (6 to 8 inches) with recurved leaves and full and upward-facing flowers. Their bloom time begins in late summer & can even last into the fall, although they are most glaring in August. If your soil is alkaline, then you will need to grow this lily in containers.

Dwarf Water Lily

Dwarf water lilies are the most popular species of dwarf lilies. It is a small yellow coloured hardy water lily plant. Most people don’t own a garden or that prominent area to have a pond for water lilies. Dwarf water lilies set a full stop to this problem as they can bloom in a bit of water container or a table bowl.

Longiflorum Lily

Longiflorum is generally well-known as an Easter Lily & is used for Easter illustration. This odorous lily is pure white with long (six to seven inches) trumpet-shaped flowers. It is native to Japan & Taiwan, and based on Japanese calligraphy, dates back to at least the 17th century.

Casablanca Lily

The Casablanca Lily is a highly cherished lily of Oriental Lily. The snowy white flowers with fascinating fragrance make it a classy category of a lily plant. The elegant and pleasing flowers tend to grow in the summer. They are popularly used for making wedding bouquets.

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