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The Ultimate Guide to Air Blue Flights

Many of the travelers want to know about the best airlines in the country. Before travelling so that they can have the best travelling experience. Travelers seek an airline that not only is affordable but also provides comfort and relief. There are many airlines in Pakistan trying their best to be at the top. Air blue ticket costs are very low cost to all price range tiers on all air flight schedule flights. when you are reserving for home or international flights from Islamabad, we can offer you best flight price tag fee rate.

Pakistan International Airline

Some of the major mentions include Pakistan International Airline (PIA which is the largest airline of Pakistan), Air Blue, Serene Air, and Air Sial.

Each airline is known and chose for its various pros but here we are going to elaborate the ultimate guide to Air Blue; an airline with many pluses and least minuses.

Finest airlines in the country

One of the finest airlines in the country, is a private airline establish in 2003 and had been working amazingly in the country.

Largest airline of Pakistan

Air Blue is the second largest airline of Pakistan after Pakistan International Airline that has been contributing a lot to the country’s air travelling market. The airline has been endeavoring domestic as well as international flights, mainly to the Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Protocol for Customers

So makes sure that its customers  always treat with respect and protocol. Their aircrafts designed in a way that endeavor maximum comfort and ease. The airline proffers amazing services that compel the travelers to choose Air Blue.

Some of the major services offered by Air Blue include;


Usually, airlines offer three different seating classes including economy class, business class and first class but Air Blue has only one class or cabin that is the economy cabin.

Air Blue aircrafts have a 3 x 3 layout in all of their economy cabins. Seat are extremely comfortable with extra legroom, assuring your comfort. Overhead video screens allow passengers to make their journey fun and enjoy latest movies, seasons, songs and shows of their choice.


The aircrafts’ crew remains always eager to endeavor the best to the passengers. Multilingual staff with great hospitality makes sure that the passengers feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their voyage.


The food offered by Air Blue is of top-notched quality. The airline offers gusto meals using fresh ingredients. Travelers can order the cuisine of their choice including Pakistani, Continental, Chinese, or any other cuisines from all around the world. The elite chefs are the part of Air Blue’s crew making it sure that your meals are always tasty, fresh, and warm.


in this era of advancement and technology, Air Blue offers the service of eTicketing. In fact, Air Blue was the first airlines in the country that had introduced the concept of E Ticketing in Pakistan. Air Blue bestows many online services including eTicketing, self-check-in, wireless check-in and Sabre which is a ticket distribution system.

Frequent Flyer Program

For regular passengers, there is the frequent flyer program by Air Blue known as ‘Blue Miles’. Passengers starts from the base level where the sign up is free an once the traveler has scored or earner enough points, they added to the Blue Card.

More credit converts Blue Card into Platinum Card which gives you many discounts and offers, making your journeys more affordable.


Air blue has two top-notched aircrafts; Air Blue Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321neo, and Airbus A321-200. These three aircrafts offer extreme comfort to the passengers, other than these aircrafts. Air Blue is also involve in active negotiations with an Irish company to buy another aircraft named A380.

Cargo Operations

Air Blue cargo operation has broadened the base of cargo in Pakistan from others countries.it also offers the eCargo facility, catering air freight markets of Pakistan, United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates.

Airblue international flights

Airblue international flights cover a large range of international cities.it including popular tourist destinations such as Sharjah, Muscat, Riyadh and Dubai. Daily direct flights from Pakistan to international cities with low fares.

Airblue has a loyalty program

Through this frequent flyer club they praise their clients with reductions and special gives. As a member, the extra you tour, the greater miles you earn and the more miles are introduced for your account. as soon as you have got reached 6,000 Miles, you may redeem improvementsreductions or unique offers.

So don’t fear on your on line reserving & reservation, we take care for all of your needswhilst you are developing reservation or online reserving make certain to go into accurate data.

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