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What is the China imazing car jump starter

What is the China imazing car jump starter

How many times have you stood outside your car, flashing lights going, because you’ve left the engine running and drained out your battery? One to know in advance is a problem that man.

The answer is simple, just carry a new imazing car jump starter! China has imazing many different models of portable mobile car battery power supply Boxes, it can be installed directly into the cigarette lighter socket on the cruise control vehicles (such as most of today’s cars), and then connected to other equipment (cell phones or DVD players) charge or use.

It works like this: Cold engine start method is cranking charged by compression cylinder decompression crank; hot start start after vehicle power starter drive through crank rotating shaft up, tire rim rotation produced by the friction material start into the engine flywheel rotation, then through the power of exhaust generated by fuel combustion engine starting. When a car battery off after, please make sure that the product’s USB and DC output port are all disconnected; Reduce the need for cold cranking process (if possible), shortening charging time.

How to use a China imazing car jump starter

  1. The first step is to warm the engine. The car does not need to run at a fast speed, warmed up can go directly to the next step.
  2. Insert the DC plug into the cigarette lighter socket and put in your mobile power supply (phone or other hand-held equipment).
  3. Turn on switch three seconds later, if everything is normal at this time you will hear a sound device.
  4. When starting vehicles just press down on the black button for more than 5 seconds. It should be able to start immediately after out of gear; An alternative way craigslist starter can also be used alternately while pressing down on the red button (a total of 10~20 times), usually takes 2 minutes will be able to start.
  5. After the car starts, turn off the switch at once. After stopping, please also shut off the switch and remove the DC plug from cigarette lighter socket before leaving the vehicle immediately!

Pros and cons of using a China imazing car jump starter

In terms of features, this imazing portable power supply BOX dual USB ports + 12V DC output 3.1A. Thus enabling mobile power supply (mobile phone and other hand-held device) at the same time. For a long period of continuous use, charging speed will slow down slightly but with its high capacity polymer lithium battery 10000mAh capacity can work for more than four hours! The product has three safety control design protection circuits: Imax input voltage protection circuit; Overcharge / over discharge protection circuit; Shortcircuit protection circuit.

While in terms of using it is quite simple and convenient, it meets the needs of most users daily travel needs, even exceeding those portability you want more emergency equipment such as car jump starter.

Where can you buy this product ?

If you are interested in this product, please click on the link below to buy it. You can find the latest and best quality of China imazing car jump starter with low price at our store.

This is one of the best sellers home improvement products now. I”ts reputation is very good among the people all around the world.

The company that makes this product have been working on this field for more than 10 years, they are known as one of leading such kind of business in their branch in many countries . They also care about their customers and try to help them solve any problem if something wrong happens with their products or delivery process . If you want to know more information about Chinese company – Ningbo Mingliang Technology Co., Ltd, you can visit their official website .

Do I need to purchase anything else with this product?

No, you don’t need to purchase anything else with this product. The company has thought about everything and they provide you with every possible thing that may be needed during the process of using their product. You can easily start working with it right after you receive your package.

It is also very safe to use. Because there’s a big storage battery inside which make sure that electricity won’t flow into your car before the two connect properly.

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