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SEO Friendly Permalink | 4 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Permalink

Permalinks are also called slugs and getting it perfect is a very important part of on-page SEO. I will also tell you some tips on writing SEO friendly permalink so that you can fully optimize your slugs. And, you will also know how to convert any old post into a permanent link so that its SEO does not get affected. So let’s go, what is a permanent link and how to write it.

How is Permalink Important for SEO?

Permalinks are an important part of any website or blog. The lies of both the search engine and the visitors, you have to know the importance of the slug. Search engines use lies to index links and visitors to know the topic or information of the post.

  • The kind of link you use, the same Anushka search engine, and visitors will see your site and give value. Because whenever you share your post, you use only one content, that is the link i.e. your link or slug.
  • If the slug or link will be related to the post content, then just by looking at the link, it will be understood in which topic the post is written.
  • The same thing is also with the search engines, it searches the keywords in the post title, slugs, and links related to the post.
  • When common words i.e. keywords are found everywhere, then the search engine understands what is the keyword and what is the topic covered in the post. And it will help search engines to easily rank the post.

A URL that contains a lot of meaningless characters or words, a link is a hallmark of negative SEO. In comparison, a short and simple meaningful URL is SEO friendly permalink and the blog benefits more from this. I’m going to show you here some examples of slugs or links which represent different types of permalinks.

link Structure

https://www.nextgeducation.com/?p=123          Negative SEO

https://www.nextgeducation.com/2018/08/09/digital-marketing/  Negative SEO

https://www.nextgeducation.com/archives/123       Negative SEO

https://www.nextgeducation.com/digital-marketing/   Positive SEO

Now you must have understood one thing that which is the most simple and meaningful link. And some of these slugs or links have post names but also include the date before them. If you use such structures, then their length will be more. Which will not show in the search result. If you have taken an SEO course in Delhi that you must know about these …

4 Tips to Write SEO Optimized Permalink

You already know that permalinks are an important part of on-page SEO. It becomes very important that how to write the slug or link perfectly. Search engines crawl a post’s content thoroughly before ranking it. Search engines also check the distribution of keywords.

The keywords are searched by post title, content as well as a slug or link me. This gives them an idea that every information related to the keyword has been included in the post. In this way, search engines give a good ranking to the post. I will tell you the tips to write SEO friendly permalink or slugs, by following which you can easily SEO optimized the post.

1. Use Focus Keyword 

Search engines need focus keywords from which the post has to rank. For this, you have to use your focus keyword, with a density of 2.5% in the content. Posts also include keywords in the title. Along with this, it is equally important to use the focus keyword in the slug as in the content and post title.

Search engines search for keywords in content, post titles, and links. And it is easy for it to give a good rank to the post.

My focus keyword for the post is permalink. So I will write the link in a below-mentioned way.

https://www.nextgeducation.com/what-is-permalink-in-seo/   (Positive SEO)

You must use the Focus keyword in the permalink of your post. There are many bloggers especially beginners who do not know the importance of link setting, they don’t understand its importance and do not edit the link, but use default permalinks that do not include the focus keyword. In this case, it is not SEO friendly permalink.

2. Short URL

You have to shorten the slug and URL. In which the extra words have to be removed. In this, add only relevant words and focus keywords from the post content. Short URL is SEO-friendly. Due to the shortening of this URL, it shows complete in the SERP and is easy for your users to read and understand.

  • Having a long URL will only show incomplete in the search engine. Users will not be able to clarify what the content is about.
  • Post title, permalinks, and meta description are all displayed in the search engine results page. Users can understand by looking at these details whether the post contains the information that they are searching for.
  • That is why it is very important that you keep your link short and simple. See the link to this post is short and easy. Which also has the focus keyword as well as indicates the content.

what-is-permalink-in-seo/    Postive SEO

3. Delete Meaningless Slug

WordPress has a default permalinks structure set, it is not SEO friendly permalink. It has this type of default structure.

https://www.wordpress.com/?p=101  Negative SEO

In this, the number you see after the domain name is the article number of WordPress. WordPress uses this as the default structure.

Now think and see that when a visitor sees such a URL in the search result, then what will he understand related to the post. Apart from this, when you share this link on Facebook, WhatsApp, or even submit it in any forum, then it will look irrelevant. No visitor will be interested in this because the link or slug is meaningless. These are so important things taught in the SEO course at the digital marketing institute in Delhi

4.   Don’t Use Stop Words

For SEO, it is important that you do not use link me stop words at all. Stop words such as “a”, “the”, “on”, “and” affect the search ranking of the post.

So Friends, if you liked this post. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also share it with your blogger friends. If you are facing any problem in setting custom slug or link then you can ask by commenting.

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