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Rent a luxury car in Mykonos transfers

When the occasion season arrives, the address of whether to lease a car or not has come to intellect for more than one of us. What do I do, do I utilize open transport within the region or do I select to lease? Will it be cheaper for me? Should I go with Mykonos transfers in style or by public gtransportation? Will I have problems picking it up or delivering it?

Well, the advantages of renting a car when we go sightseeing are many, but not in any circumstance. Here are a few tips to know when to opt for renting and, above all, what to do and what not to do when you have finally decided to do so.

You decide when and how

Contrary to bus, train or guided tours, renting a car gives you complete freedom over your schedule. If you want to spend more time in one place and less in another, nothing is going to stop you. You can even change plans if you wish. What better than having someone to wait for you in Mykonos transfer airport to hotel.


    To make the most of the advantage that having your own means of transport gives you, the first thing you have to take into account is the type of trip you are going to do. Going on vacation to Paris is not the same as visiting the Costa de la Luz in Cádiz. You’ll have freedom, but only if you don’t have to brave traffic or keep an eye out for parking. If you can avoid these situations, you will enjoy having a rental car. No need to be aware of train or bus schedules and no queues at an airport.

    As for traffic, a simple and free way to anticipate possible problems is to use the traffic features of Google Maps or Apple Maps. If you activate it, it not only gives you the current traffic conditions in the area you want, but it can even give you information about the typical traffic conditions at a specific time and day. In a few minutes you will be better informed to make the decision whether to rent or not. And when you use it, you may be surprised to see that the traffic in some city is better than you expected.

Renting a car is easy and comfortable

Renting a car is quite simple. You just have to have your valid driving license, ID or passport and a credit card in which they will retain a deposit. Some companies also accept debit cards. Of course, most companies require a certain age (in Spain 21 years) and some time of experience behind the wheel.


    To avoid complications in a process that should be simple, make sure you receive the full deposit and return it the same, in addition to making sure that both the insurance you take out and the rental price are detailed in the contract. Remember that the car can be picked up at an office and returned to a different location.

    Rental companies offer cars with GPS to guide you, but if you have your smartphone you can save good money if you use it correctly. Moving around any country in the European zone and the US is very simple. Since June 15, 2017, roaming has disappeared for these areas, so you can use your mobile data and GPS to guide you anywhere without paying anything. If you are not going to move around these countries, you can also download the maps to your mobile to use them without an Internet connection. When you are going to use them, you will only have to activate the GPS, which is a free service anywhere in the world. If the car you rent has Android Auto or Apple Carplay, you can control it from the touch screen on the dashboard.

Low price

If you spend a few minutes comparing prices, renting a car can be very cheap. Also, sometimes there are special offers that can lend you a car for just a few euros a day.


    As usual, here the type of trip you are going to do matters a lot again. Public transport within a big city is usually very cheap, so you may not want to be tempted by car rental offers, however cheap they may be. The savings will disappear if you later have to pay in regulated parking areas or in a car park. On the contrary, if your route forces you to take buses or other means of transport between several locations, your best option may be to rent again.

    Another issue that you must take into account is the type of car that you are going to rent. When you go on vacation, the car does not have to be the protagonist of the trip, so you do not have to spend money on a premium saloon if you are not going to enjoy it. What you should not forget either, is that if you choose the wrong car, you can end up falling precisely into what you wanted to avoid. That the car ends up being the protagonist of your trip, and for worse.

In other words, if you are going to visit a beautiful port mountain with three other friends, do not choose a 70 hp urban. It might be great for driving around town, but you probably won’t enjoy the ride if you use it to drive up a twisty, hilly road. You’re better off investing a little more and selecting a car with a little more oomph for those circumstances.

Enjoy the views and why not drive

We leave this advantage for last, because we know that not everyone enjoys the act of driving as much as we do. For colorful tastes, but it is worth checking if the route you are going to travel is worth doing on the road, not only because of how much fun you have driving, but also because of the landscapes that your fellow travelers can see. .

For example, if you go to Mykonos, you should not miss the spectacular beaches. A road that crosses the rugged Mykonian mountains from which you can see impressive landscapes, while you enjoy the curves.

If you are one of those who prefers a simpler road, there are thousands of possibilities to enjoy driving. A good example is the Napoleon Route, in France, much quieter than the Transfăgărășan. The path is marked with golden statues of the French imperial eagle and passes through many forests and picturesque villages. Follow the same path that Bonaparte took to regain his throne after spending a year in exile.

You decide, but if you are one of those who prefers to go it alone and mark your own path, you should not overlook the advantages of renting a car. Simply keep these tips in mind and do not forget that you are responsible for your safety and that of the occupants, so drive carefully and, above all, enjoy yourself.

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