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Travel and Leisure

Rajasthan and Varanasi

I don’t know from where to start to describe you our marvelous India travel experience…

We made an amazing trip to India in 2017 but still remember each day of our tour.

We were planning to visit this incredible country since 2015. We were well informed about all possible scams on the spot (airport scams, shops and commissions…), about the local lifestyle etc. We made many researches before to plan our trip in details.

Private driver in India

For that, our first goal was to find a reliable private driver. To have a reliable private driver in India is something very important and even essential.

We made many requests to different local companies and our choice stopped at Drivers-India. We don’t regret to have chosen this agency who provided us not only an excellent driver but organized our overall trip. It’s not really easy when you travel to India for the first time…

Thus, we met our driver Sunder at the international airport of Delhi upon our arrival and we felt that everything will be great with him. We were right. It was an excellent driver, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and always on time. And, of course, the most important thing in India is to have a guide who will drive you safely in the local chaotic traffic. Sunder knows perfectly all places in Rajasthan, he also took us often of the beaten path. He recommended us different good restaurants for our dinners and we are very grateful, as it’s not something easy in India to find good non vegetarian restaurants.

By the way, our agency provided us local phone with sim card and we were easily in touch with our driver when we wanted any advice or something else. It was also an important thing we appreciated a lot.

Our best hotels

The hotels in India are all so different… You can find there very simple but nice options of accommodations and at the same time very luxury, high-end properties. The hotels selected by our agency were of comfort category, however we made an exception in Bikaner by spending the overnight in Laxmi Niwas luxury maharaja palace. An awesome experience and, certainly, the best one…

Besides the Laxmi Niwas, here are some hotels we enjoyed a lot.

The Madore Guest House in Jodhpur was an authentic option of accommodation. The staff was very nice and the rooms were simple but comfortable.

The hotel Mahendra Prakash in Udaipur was another nice traditional hotel.

The Radhika haveli in Mandawa, an excellent example of haveli, where you can spend the overnight in a charming atmosphere.

These 3 hotels were our preferred ones. However all the other hotels where we stayed were also good and clean (an important criteria).

Our best activities

We remember very well the cooking class we made in the city of Jodhpur. We still prepare the dishes we made there)

The visit of Elephantastic in Jaipur was another great experience…

We could make a longer history about our tour, but you need to live it yourself to understand everything, to immerse yourself in this unique world of culture, traditions and beliefs…

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