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Top 9 Places to Visit in Spain

Are you planning a vacation to Spain? Do you know about the top 9 places to visit in Spain? Well, don’t worry, get to know about everything and be ready for an everlasting experience.

Spain is home to gorgeous beaches, cathedrals, museums, botanical gardens, and stunning attractions. Moreover, the places represent fascinating history, culture, art, and exquisite beauty. Every year millions of visitors visit the country to witness the unparalleled beauty and charm of fascinating landmarks. 

Get to know about the top nine places to visit in Spain.

The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens of Granada

The Alhambra is a grand palace of the Nasrid dynasty, which looks drop-dead gorgeous even from a distance. It features numerous attractions, towers, royal gardens, walls, and a mosque. Moreover, Andalucia represents the symbol of culture and the European Middle Ages civilization. 

El Centro Granada is a commercial property offering a mind-blowing stay in modern hotels. Furthermore, tourists can explore Generalife’s lush green gardens, providing a peaceful serene and reflecting the era’s royalty. Avail talk to a person at Frontier Airlines facility and request them to tell you about the ongoing deals. 

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

The marvellous cathedral of Santiago or St. James was built to honour the saint’s relics. Moreover, the site is among the outstanding monuments of Early incredible architecture. The beautiful cathedral was built within 1060 and 1211. However, the exterior’s transformation from the 16th to 18thc centuries is of the finest design and style.

While you are here, move inside the Portico de la Gloria, a part of an old west front facade. The interior’s focal point is the adorned Capilla Mayor established over the Apostle’s tomb. In addition, the cathedral is the largest and most luxurious collection of Romanesque sculptures in the entire world. 

Toledo’s Old City

Toledo’s Old City belongs to Moorish, Renaissance, and Gothic architecture. Moreover, it was captured in one of the notable paintings. A deep gorge of the Tagus River surrounds the granite hill and offers an eye-pleasing serene. In addition, the town’s layout reflects the Moorish past and the architecture of the Christian period. 

The Gothic Cathedral looks extremely beautiful, and its interior is fully-decorated. While you are in that quarter, don’t forget to watch the church of San Tome and its El Greco gem. 

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia and Gaudi Sites

It is also famous as Art Nouveau, and Antoni Gaudi lay hold of its architectural style. Moreover, the building lies in Barcelona and features stunning landmarks of Catalan City. But the Sagrada Familia Church ranks the best and is officially the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. It is one of the unconventional churches of Europe; therefore, you must see it. 

Parc Guell overlooks the beautiful city from dramatic hillsides and offers breathtaking scenery framed by wonderful creatures. It includes fish, salamanders, and an octopus. Children find the building appealing because of its classic architecture. 

The Prado and Paseo del Artes, Madrid

The Prado ranks as the top-rated museum and art gallery in Spain. Moreover, the site is widely famous for exhibiting the richest collection. The Sofia Art Museum and the CaixaForumshares the highest group of precious art treasures. Therefore, it is also popular as Paseo Arte-Boulevard of the Arts. After an expansion in 2007, the site enlarged the exhibition space, including 12 art galleries from 2009. 

Additionally, the Prado demonstrates the largest cluster of Spanish art globally, a special continuum from the 12th century. Highlights include the medieval murals, retablos, artifacts by Flemish and Dutch artists, and Italian art (Tintoretto, Titian, Correggio, and Raphael. 

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain

San Lorenzo de El Escorial lies 45 kilometers in the northwest region of Madrid’s capital. Initially, the site was home to the mighty kings of Spain. Moreover, the construction work began in 1563, including a monastery church, grand palace, library, mausoleum, and museum. Consequently, spot a collection of amazing sites made around 16 courtyards, structures, and rooms connected by 16 km. 

The highlight is Herrera’s retablo, made of jasper and red stone and approached by a flight of 17 steps. The Pantheon de Los Reyes and the library, a grand room adorned by Tibaldi frescoes, are equally significant. Most importantly, see the Bourbon Suite, decorated apartments of Charles IV with rare furnishings and 338 tapestries. 

Seville Cathedral and Alcazar, Spain 

One of the other wonderful places to explore in Spain is Seville Cathedral and Alcazar. Moreover, the tower is a gem of Almohad classic architecture as per UNESCO. More space than St. Peter’s in Rome and a main altar of carved statues dipped in gold. 

The tomb of Christopher Columbus is held aloft by a quartet. However, the Alcazar opposite was initiated by the Moors in 712. Later it continued after the Christian re-conquest by King Pedro in the 1300s, called Mudejar. Santa Cruz lies in the neighborhood of whitewashed homes, flower-filled courtyards, and balconies. The outlook of rooms and salons looks surreal, and they make the best place for strolling. 

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

The Plaza Mayor is the heart and soul of the vibrant capital of Madrid. Moreover, it has played a significant role in people’s lives since the beginning of the 16th century. When Philip II entrusted designing and styling his close one architect, Juan de Herrera. He was the builder of the Escorial. 

In addition, the site has served as the stage for special programs. It includes the proclamation of a new king, the burning of heretics, and the canonization of saints. Reach out to the cafes and restaurants under the arcades, and they are the popular meeting places for Masrilenos. 

Plaza de Espana and Parque de Maria Luisa, Spain

Built for the Ibero-American Explication of 1929, the site celebrates the regions of Spain, the Espana. Moreover, there are beautiful panels of colorful tiles demonstrating provinces of the country, overlooking the big pool. In short, it is a famous spot for strolling, or you can rent a boat around the pool. 

In addition, the Plaza de Espana is the main point of the Parque de Maria Luisa. Tourists can spot the massive trees, flower beds, pools, gazebos, and artificial rock mountains with a beautiful waterfall. Get hand-to-hand assistance, get in touch with Frontier Airlines customer service, and enjoy a seamless booking experience. 

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