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Know These 5 Simple Steps When Applying For Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

Do you plan to live in Australia permanently and work there? Then, you should apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190. With this visa, you can work in the continent Down Under as a permanent resident. To become eligible to apply for this visa, you should get the nomination from a state or territory government. In addition, you have to apply for a skilled occupation on the Skilled Occupation List or SOL set by the Australian Government. 

Making an application for the Visa 190 is not a difficult job. Only, you have to be methodical and follow some mandatory steps to make the application a successful one. Here we discuss the step-by-step application of the visa.

First Step: Choose your occupation that is listed on the SOL

While staying in Australia, you have to work in a sector so that you can earn a sufficient amount and cover all the necessary costs. We had already mentioned that you must have an occupation that is included in the Skilled Occupation List. So, you should choose your work in the first step and check if it is on the SOL.

Second Step: You should meet the eligibility criteria required for the Visa 190

Before you apply, you have to satisfy all the necessary 190 Visa eligibility requirements, which are as follows.

  1. You should sign the Australian Values Statement without any hesitation.
  2. It would be best if you did not have any outstanding debts to the Australian Government.
  3. You have to meet the essential character and health requirements.
  4. English is the working and official language in Australia. Any work you want to do will be in English. So, you must be substantially skilled in English. A competent level of English is the minimum eligibility.
  5. And most importantly, you must be under 50 years of age.
  6. And, you have to qualify for the Skills Assessment Test too. To successfully crack it, you have to obtain the desired score. This minimum score is also 65.

You must remember that this visa is points-based. So, to qualify for the skills assessment test, you should score 65 points. If your obtained score is less than 65, you will face problems in qualifying.

Third Step: Preparation of the necessary documents

We have discussed the eligibility requirements for the visa application. Concerning that, you have to submit the necessary documents to be granted the Skilled Migration Visa 190. The document list will include your identity documents, character documents, and documents pertaining to relationships. If you include your spouse or partner in the application, you have to provide their documents too. 

Your English language ability documents will be necessary as you have to communicate and work in English here. You must provide sufficient and valid documents to prove that you meet the Skills Assessment requirements and have submitted the Expression of Interest. Make sure to submit these documents within time as it will increase your chances to get selected.

Fourth Step: Lodgement of Expression of Interest or EOI

In the first step of your 190 Visa application in Australia, you must submit an EOI to the Department of Home Affairs. You have to complete the procedure via a SkillSelect authority. At this stage, the authority will ask you a number of specific questions, which will be related to your background, previous work experience, and the professional skills you have.

After the submission, the officials of the Department will review your application and see whether you meet all the Visa Subclass 190 conditions. If satisfied, the state government will select you and send you an invitation to apply for the Visa 190. Once you receive the invitation, you have to apply for the 190 Visa right away. Remember, you have to lodge the application within the period of the next 60 working days. If you lodge it after the 60-day period is over, your visa application will be readily rejected.

Fifth Step: Apply for the Visa 

Finally, you should make the application. Once you get the nomination from the government authority and have found a valid employer, you are now eligible to lodge it. To apply online, you have to go to the official website of the Department of Home Affairs and click on the right options. 

The application stage is not very difficult, but you must be pretty careful about submitting all the necessary information and documents. Before you submit the visa application, you must upload all the required documents discussed above. Make sure about the correctness of those documents. Otherwise, your application may face rejection.

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For How Long Do You Have To Wait For The Visa Outcome?

In general, the Department of Home Affairs will take several months to let you know about the final decision on your visa application. The processing time for the 190 Visa is about 12 months for 75% of the applicants, while that for 90% of the applicants is about 18 months. The more faultless applications you will submit, the faster will be the outcome. 

Once the Department of Home Affairs approves your visa, it confirms that you have successfully obtained the visa. After you get it in your hand, you can begin working in Australia with it and enjoy your stay.

What Is The Application Cost For The Visa?

At present, the visa application fee for the primary applicant is around AUD 4115. The fee will also be the same for other applicants whom you will include in the application. There may be other additional charges too. If any secondary applicant is aged 18 years or more and has less functional English, then you have to pay an additional cost, called a second installment. 

However, you do not have to pay it at the time of application. The authority will ask you to pay it when they grant you the visa. The charge for the second installment for the members of the family will be around AUD 4890.

What Can You Do With The Skilled Visa 190?

There are several benefits that you can enjoy with the 190 Visa.

  1. First of all, this visa will allow you to stay in Australia as a permanent resident.
  2. Besides working for an employer, you can also study at any Australian institute if you wish to. 
  3. You can sponsor your eligible relatives who want to come to Australia.
  4. With this visa, you can register for Medicare, Australia’s national healthcare scheme, and is granted to Australian citizens.
  5. With time, you can become eligible to apply for Australian citizenship too. 
  6. The visa will remain valid for 5 years. And as long as it remains valid, you can travel within and outside Australia whenever you wish.

Who Can Help You?

As a visa applicant, you will undoubtedly want your application to become successful. However, any visa application procedure is lengthy and takes numerous steps and documents. To make the Skilled Nominated Visa 190 application faultless, you can think of taking help from the best Immigration Consultant Perth. They can help you make your application quick and smooth.


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