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Pardot vs Plezi

Hubspot, Eloqua, Plezi, Pardot… It can be difficult to choose between the many marketing automation solutions on the market. To help you, we have made a comparison between two well-known tools. On the one hand, Pardot belongs to the suite of tools developed by Salesforce and oriented BtoB. On the other, Plezi, a 100% solution geared towards startups and SMEs.

To compare them, we evaluated them based on 4 main criteria:

  • User experience
  • Functionalities
  • Integration of external tools
  • The rates

Now let’s see how Pardot and Plezi can meet your needs.



In terms of ergonomics, we clearly feel the paw and experience of Salesforce, a well-known and recognized CRM. Clean and modern, Pardot’s interface plays on the variations of blue to facilitate the identification of the different elements. Very complete, it is also very easy to use.


Ergonomics is, without a doubt, one of Plezi’s strong points. The solution offers a clean and modern interface with a design that is both clean and colorful. The user experience is excellent: the handling is simple and pleasant and the navigation really intuitive. The interface is regularly updated to take user feedback into account.

Pardot and Plezi functionality


This offers all the essential features to generate marketing automation campaigns:

  • Personalized emailings: Creation of campaigns and follow-up of impact via dedicated reporting. The tool also allows you to quickly produce all types of emails.
  • Landing pages: quick and easy creation of landing pages and integration of conversion forms. It is also possible to perform A / B testing.
  • Post scheduling: make it easy to determine when and what to post.
  • Automatic workflows: to maintain the relationship with prospects more simply.
  • Data visualization tools: quick and easy reading and analysis of reports. Possibility of integrating Google AdWords and Analytics.
  • Automatic lead management: Pardot analyzes prospect activity with your business and generates alerts for salespeople to help them take action at the right time.

Most :

One of the definite advantages of Pardot is the integration with Salesforce. The solution thus makes it possible to go even further in management and relations with customers and prospects.

  • Complete marketing automation solution coupled with Salesforce CRM
  • Integrated artificial intelligence for marketing and sales
  • High personalization of e-mailing campaigns
  • Ability to manage leads from A to Z
  • Accurate performance monitoring with advanced analyzes and reports
  • Analysis of target interactions with the company ( lead scoring ) and alert salespeople to hot leads
  • LinkedIn connector to search for B2B profiles and leads

The lessers :

Some features may lack accessibility. The personalization of landing pages requires in particular to have specific technical skills.


Focused on simplicity, Plezi is a solution that also offers many features.

  • Smart campaigns,
  • Lead scoring,
  • Personalized workflows,
  • Automatic synchronization with the CRM,
  • Monitoring of advertising campaigns
  • Automatic newsletters,
  • Animation of social networks,
  • Content management,
  • Dynamic and intelligent forms,
  • Creation of landing pages,
  • Data analysis (content, emails, channels, conversion), etc.


  • Lead nurturing made easy: Plezi allows you to create intelligent campaigns that simplify the implementation of lead nurturing. The solution has a unique feature on the market: the automatic sending of relevant content to prospects based on the data collected about them.
  • Quick and easy visualization of performance: the tool lets you know at a glance the performance of content.
  • A very available support team.
  • Tutorials, videos, and tips are available on the Plezi website.

The lessers

  • The marketing calendar does not allow you to view the planned actions. This functionality is however being improved.

Integration with external tools


One of the great benefits of Pardot is the ability to integrate with other Salesforce tools. The solution can be coupled with CRM and Business Intelligence solutions like Einstein, which makes it an extremely powerful and comprehensive tool.

In addition to the Salesforce tools, Pardot also allows you to link Google Adwords, Twitter, Facebook, and especially LinkedIn. Other tools can also be integrated such as:

  • Vidyard: the creation of videos, hosting, and data analysis.
  • Vision-e: scanning business cards. The solution automatically creates a contact card from the data collected.
  • Send 360: This makes it easier to send letters, gifts, and kits by post.


Plezi has two-way integrations with many CRMs on the market such as Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Zoho, Sellsy, Vtiger, C4C, or even Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This type of integration makes it possible to synchronize leads between Plezi and the CRM and to enrich the information available on one or the other. In the event of a modification, the data is thus automatically updated on the CRM and on Plezi.

Via Zappier, it is also possible to integrate other tools with Plezi, around 1,500 in total: Slack, GoToWebinar, Google Sheets, SugarCRM, Linked In, etc.



Pardot offers 4 pricing packages :

  • Growth formula from $ 1,250 / month for the standard solution
  • Formula Plus from $ 2,500 / month for the advanced solution
  • Advanced plan from $ 4,000 / month for the personalized solution
  • Premium plan from $ 15,000 / month for the premium solution


Plezi also offers 3 formulas, in annual or quarterly payment:

  • Stark plan at $ 299 / month: limited to 1,000 contacts, this plan includes all functionalities excluding marketing automation (smart campaigns, workflow builder, etc.).
  • Iron plan at $ 499 / month: with 1,000 contacts included, this plan gives access to all of Plezi’s functionalities, including marketing automation and drip marketing (automatic emails).
  • Enterprise formula, on request.

Our opinion

On Plezi:

Plezi definitely stands out with its very intuitive interface. It is particularly aimed at SMEs / VSEs who want a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool. The tool has all the functionalities that companies need to ensure lead nurturing. Plezi thus offers the best quality/price ratio on the market.

On Pardot:

If you already have Salesforce, Pardot is the tool for you. Indeed, the communication between the tools is very simple and allows to feed Pardot via the information contained in Salesforce. However, its price is primarily intended for companies with a large marketing budget.

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