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Establish Reliability – Embed Google Reviews On Website

What does an established business with a decent customer base need to increase sales or win new customers? The answer is simple – credibility. And the most effective way to build credibility is through reviews.

While customers want to be heard and provide their feedback about a product or service, the potential customers want to listen to the reviews to make their purchase decision. This is where Google reviews jump in – a platform for the customers to provide feedback and reviews related to business. 

One can say collecting reviews are essential, and that is true. But showing the reviews is as important as collecting. This is where the strategy to embed Google reviews on the website jumps in – a smart way to showcase reviews to your website visitors and convert them into your customers.

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What are Google Reviews?

how to embed google reviews

In this competitive market, reviews have emerged as an essential part of any business or customer. For customers, it helps them make their purchase decisions, while for businesses, it is an effective way to gain reliability in the market. 

And because of such relevance and need for reviews, there are ample review platforms on the internet. But not every platform is reliable as there are complaints where users have found reviews are either fake or spam. For consumers, it misleads them, and for businesses, it hampers their reputation in the market.

And this is where Google reviews come to the rescue; according to Bizrate Insights, Google reviews are the most popular online review platform as 59% of consumers use it to read reviews. It is a platform where customers share their opinion related to any particular business. Also, it only allows authenticated users to post their reviews; hence it stands as a trustworthy platform.

While it helps customers in their buying decisions, businesses can utilize it by showcasing them on their websites. You can embed Google reviews on your website with ease, it wouldn’t take more than a minute for you to display reviews on your website.

How to Embed Google Reviews on Website?

As mentioned above, showing Google reviews to your consumers is as important as collecting reviews. Or else, what will be the point of collecting reviews if you cannot utilize it, right? Furthermore, people might find it challenging to find authentic reviews related to your business. Hence, by providing them with the Google reviews on the website, you build trust and draw traffic to your website.

With the help of social media aggregators, you can easily collect reviews from your Google My Business account and display them with ease. Social media aggregators provide a dedicated Google review widget that helps you showcase reviews on your website to your visitors.

You can easily find these widgets for various social media aggregators like Tagembed, EmbedSocial, Curator.io. But for your ease, we have mentioned the best widget that helps you for the cause: the Tagembed widget.

Tagembed Widget – The Best Tool To Display Google Reviews on the Website

Tagembed is a well-renowned social media aggregator tool. It provides you with a Google review widget that displays Google reviews on your website. You can easily embed the widget on your website. Even if you are from a non-technical background or do not have any coding skills or knowledge, you can still operate the app like a pro.

Besides making the embedding process easy, it also provides you with various other features such as customization, which allows you to personalize your widget by changing its theme, layout, font size, font style, and more to match it with your style website. 

The widget provides you with complete control over your feed, which means you can filter out all unwanted reviews from your website. Because people often mention ofter brand’s name on their reviews, so through this feature, you can remove such reviews and keep your widget related to your brand only.

Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On Website:

So, now you know about google reviews and how you can embed them on your website. The thought that might be troubling you right now would be – what benefits can it provide. And that is a justified doubt. So, to clear the cloud of your doubts, here are some major benefits of the business.

  1. Boosts the credibility of your business: the reviews help businesses to build credibility in front of consumers. Reviews proofs that a particular business is genuine or not. And we all know how important it is to build trust for any business to survive and attain more sales.
  2. Builds a review circle: As there will be more reviews, more chances will be to build reliability and attain more sales. Therefore, you need smart ways to capture more reviews. When a consumer sees reviews on your website, it will encourage them to write reviews for your website and eventually help you build reliability for your business.
  3. Holds visitors to your website: People often surf various websites searching for reviews and end up buying products from other websites. So Google review widgets hold the visitors on your website as they get to read all the reviews in one place, and as long they stay on the website, they are more likely to buy from your brand.

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Summing It Up

Reviews – an important part for any business, it not only builds the credibility of the business and provide information about the particular product to consumers. By opting for the strategy to embed Google reviews on the website, you add more significant value. As mentioned above, you can easily find Google reviews widget on the website and win the trust of your visitors.

Daisy Smith

I’m Daisy - a digital marketer that has a passion for writing and exploring new marketing trends and innovations. My interest lies in social media platforms, tools (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reviews Widget and etc.), and digital marketing trends.

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