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3 WordPress tips for Bloggers, and Brands to raise tariff by 45%

Is your website on WordPress? Or looking for WordPress Tips? No? Start using online publishing software- WordPress – to boost your website to maximum potential. WordPress is reviewed as one of the top third websites for SEO content management systems.

WordPress has evolved remarkably over the years for its flexible features. It is used by John James Jacoby, Chris Lema, Yoast for their blog and social network. Web Development Companies and brands like BBC America, The New Yorker, and Variety also use WordPress.

3 most desirable WordPress tips and tricks:

WordPress draws tariffs, websites on WordPress get 24 billion page views every month. With such popularity and demand, it calls for WordPress tips- a productive solution for every online business.  You can optimize your content by following simple hacks and WordPress tips.

1.Mobile Adaptive WordPress Theme:

Did you know Google loves mobile-friendly SEO?

WordPress provides a plethora of free engaging and charismatic themes, plugins that are of high quality and surely bring more tariff. Make sure you choose a theme that is Responsive, and Lightweight; your theme should suit and reformat independently on mobile, tablet, and desktops. Make sure your website loading page speed is as fast as light.

For more clicks on your website follow mobile SEO tips.  Mobile is the largest source for browsing and accounts for more than 60 % of website tariffs. Therefore, your website should be mobile-friendly SEO and truly optimized.

Colorlib by WordPress provides free functioning mobile-optimized themes. Follow these WordPress tips for high social rank. Find below!


2. Encrypt with SSL Certificate:

Do your website visitors feel safe while browsing?

Secure Socket Layer is a Google identified protected technology that legalizes encrypted conversation between a web crawler and a web server. If your website is SSL certified then your URL will look like this “https.yoursite.com”- it indicates security and increases the web browser’s trust and decreases bounce rate.

To secure your information, ownership, and prioritize your website on Google SERP ranking, SSL certificate is a must. Google has termed websites without an SSL certificate as unsecured site and alarming warning sign.

FLYWHEEL hosted by WordPress is a go day-to-day free SSL certificate for every web server. Follow these WordPress tips to improve SEO. Look at the picture below.


3. XML Sitemaps in WordPress:

Did you know Google uses your XML sitemap as a clue to rank you? 

Google search engine indexes your website by observing your Sitemaps. XML Sitemaps provides a roadmap to all web crawlers informing them about the content features like updated time, location, page, and all URL details. Whenever you post a new blog on your site or make updates on old ones, it will be notified to Google, it will rank you accordingly.

XML Sitemaps in WordPress is obviously a reward for every webserver to keep track of their indexed page. Remember always to use an optimized plugin like this, to top the social rank.

WordPress SEO plugin like Google XML Sitemap Generator is compatible with everyone. Here is the example stated below:


Download Today!

If you want to optimize the performance of your WordPress site like finely tuned then I recommend making certain changes to boost your website on SERP. Follow these painless WordPress tips and hack- like changing templates, and plugins to socialize and earn profit.

WordPress can handle everything including SEO, Content Writing Services, Website optimization, landing page, social media sharing, and a lot more. Always use plugins that are top-rated, updated, and well-reviewed.


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