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How to Create a Clutter-Free Bedroom

The best part about coming home from an exhausting day at work is a luxurious yet clean and clutter-free bedroom, away from the bustle of the outside world. This idea, armed with cleaning supplies, a free weekend and good music, is attainable. You can transform your bedroom into the haven of your dreams in no time.

Here are some guidelines you can keep in mind for a clutter-free bedroom. 

Mindset is Key

It is vital to have the right mindset and believe that you can do a particular task. Take a moment to visualize what your ideal bedroom is- clutter-free, and soothing. Imagine your bed – well made and inviting; your floor – clothes-free and vacuumed; your wardrobe organized and your space in general, clutter-free and calming. With that image in mind, ground yourself with a steady breath and start the process of decluttering.

It Begins in the Wardrobe

A large part of clutter is usually concentrated in one’s wardrobe, making it a good place to start. Unpack every piece of clothing, shoe, accessory, bag and other miscellaneous items you own from your wardrobe to the floor. Look through everything you own and separate them into three boxes. The first box will hold everything that you use regularly, the second will be the items that are to be donated, thrifted, or thrown away and the last box will contain all the items you’re not sure about. While reorganizing, ensure that every item has its own place in your wardrobe. The things that you’re unsure of put them in at the back of the wardrobe, and if you don’t find yourself reaching for it in the next 6 months, it’s time to let it go.

Clear the Surfaces

Keep the surfaces of a room as empty as possible creates a calm and inviting ambience. This means, folding the laundry, filing strewn papers, giving extra chargers and miscellaneous items a designated place in a drawer, arranging book and DVD shelves, clearing the top of cupboards and showcases, etc. on a daily or weekly basis. In addition, wiping down and disinfecting surfaces, doors and windows, changing the sheets and pillow covers, etc. regularly will get you in the habit of tidying up your space, keeping it clutter and germ-free. 

Deep Clean

Work your way down from the ceiling, take some time to deep clean all the nooks and crannies of your bedroom. Rid it of cobwebs, clean the air conditioner or the ceiling fan, dust and disinfect your furniture, change your sheets, pillow covers and curtains, turn your mattress over, vacuum your carpet and floor. Remove everything from your storage units, and sort through it as you did with your wardrobe, keeping only what is necessary. Make sure to wipe down and disinfect the insides of all your storage units before organizing your things.

Move Things Around

Rearrange your furniture to create a fresh atmosphere in your room. Get creative with your room accessories, paints (if you have the time) and lighting. Give yourself the freedom to express yourself unabashedly because this is your space and a reflection of who you truly are. Consider a statement wall, a painting or a rug to add character to your room. Similarly, look for bedspreads and mirrors that appeal to you. Frame a photograph of yourself or your loved one/s for your dresser. Bring nature into your room with a flower vase, succulent or a potted plant. Do what makes you smile.

This is Only the Beginning

Now that you’ve begun your decluttering journey, you must stay on it. Set time aside in your schedule every week, if not daily, to do a surface clean up. This would include clearing and disinfecting surfaces, doing your laundry, changing your sheets, vacuuming the floor and rugs to maintain a clutter-free bedroom. At least once a month, attempt a deep clean of your room. This includes sorting your wardrobe, storage units and even the space under your bed. 

Decluttering does not have to be a mundane task. Invite a friend or loved one to help you through this, or you can take a weekend off to yourself, turn off social media and your social life, and use this as a form of meditation.

Take a Step Back

You can take a calming breath and relax now that your task has been completed. You’ve recreated the bedroom of your dreams. Reward yourself with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and enjoy a relaxing day. With the best amenities and smart storage solutions, at a Kasu Homes in Goa, you can be assured of plenty of relaxing time as your decluttering will be done seamlessly and in no time. Enjoy a clutter-free bedroom always!


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