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Merry Designs: Best Floral Ideas For December

For one, there are common flower ideas that are always popping up every Christmas. So for this seasonal cheer, make sure to add a little spice to achieve the best floral ideas and stand out!

Christmas florals can range from vibrant red bouquets to crisp white centerpieces, and everything in between. Whether they are for walking down the aisle or taking center stage on your holiday tables cape.

But it wouldn’t quite be the holidays without the Christmas flowers—the poinsettia, amaryllis, and paperwhite arrangements that round out the seasonal color palette. A happy part of the Christmas ritual since the 19th century, these flowers forge a strong foothold in traditional celebrations every year. In most parts of the country, these flowers do not bloom outside in winter.

Don’t be shy, overflow with flowers!

Flowers over flowers are in, and it is nice to look at when arranged properly. At the center of your holiday dinner party, this arrangement of greenery, ranunculus, hanging amaranthus, and roses will be the star of the show.

Amaranths, a common decoration for this occasion, are both strikingly ornamental and practical. Leaves of some species. Blooms come in richly saturated harvest hues, and they hold their colors and shapes even when dry (hence their name, from the Greek word for “unfading”). 

Classic Christmas red

This classic color combined with the best floral ideas, green, gets a joyous take on this pretty bouquet of succulents: dahlias, ball dahlias, roses, Amaranthus, dusty miller, and eucalyptus. Snowberries lend even more of a seasonal touch. 

For example, we’re sharing our best Christmas flower arrangement ideas. The queen of the Christmas plants, a poinsettia plant is a must for your holiday décor. The Ice Punch variety has white-and-silver leaves, or get a variegated look by adding silver spray paint to a red poinsettia. 

Paperwhite with twigs

Go French country vintage with stark-white paperwhites and slender twigs arching and add flowing sprigs of cedar along the base of your pots to create the perfect display for any mantel, shelf, or sofa table. With all the red, green, and glitter that proliferates in December, it’s a happy complement to see clusters of paperwhites on tabletops and sideboards. Attribute their appeal to the element of freshness and elegance they bring without a lot of fuss. 

Paperwhites are part of the narcissus family but are a more modest and smaller flower than their showier cousin, the daffodil. The narcissus symbolizes rebirth and renewal because it’s one of the earliest bulbs to sprout, signaling the arrival of spring. 

Experiment with different colors of poinsettias

Between the deep, saturated, traditional red and burgundy or the more subtle shades of white and pink, the poinsettia’s bracts or modified leaves with their wide-open faces virtually announce their relevance in the panoply of Christmas flowers. Masses of the plants arrive at the grocery store or nursery with their plastic pots swathed in metallic foil. 

The colors of poinsettias are generally beautiful and very saturated. It would have to take vast creativity to decorate this on a specific occasion. However, floral designers in all their brilliance bring out the best in poinsettias, trimming the stems, cauterizing them with a flame, and then building lush arrangements to celebrate their liveliness and innate beauty.

Amaryllis arrangement

Nothing ever screams Christmas other than merry red amaryllis. These beautiful floral are actually spring flowers that bloom when forced with the help of sunlight and water just in time for Christmas. All meaningful, they are stalwart decorations that have come to symbolize the season.

Simple arrangements of red amaryllis, tulips, and winterberries look beautiful on your Christmas mantel. Drape pretty ornaments from the winterberries. Keep it in bright light as much as possible. 

Key takeaway

Other than decorating the tree, Christmas flowers are another great centerpiece for the home. While red and white with green foliage is a typical combination, you can find equally festive Christmas bouquets with a vibrant mix of oranges, pinks, and yellows.

Whether you want to add an elegant touch to your own home, or you want to send flowers to a friend or loved one for the festive season, these beautiful Christmas flowers – all sprinkled with a touch of festive cheer – will do just the job.

What are your favorite best floral ideas to decorate with? If you’ve got something you do to kick the Christmas blues we’d love to know! We’ve been trying different things this year to keep the spirit up and so far so good. It’s amazing how far more exercise and a balanced schedule can go. We hope you are all doing just as well. 

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